June 4, 2023

What are the side effects of Tramadol?

So what are the side effects of tramadol forget that five page list you just found on google i’m here to clearly and quickly explain what side effects you can expect when you start taking tramadol guys this isn’t rocket science. forget the factoids. let’s get to hey guys i’m, dr. bradley fossier and i created post script because i was tired of my patients finding long

Convoluted articles about their prescription which just left them confused and scared about what they were taking one of the categories that people get really afraid about is side-effects you go online and google the medicine you were given and you’ll find a list of hundreds of symptoms it’ll be anywhere from nausea, chest pain, shortness of breath, depression, anxiety

Insomnia, the list will go on and on in almost any medicine that you put into google you’re gonna find a similar list and so you’re left thinking what can i actually expect to experience when i take this medicine? here’s the secret when your doctor prescribed you in medicine, they think in their head, how does that medicine work? and there’s two or three main side effects

That make sense to them that because this medicine works in this way you are probably most at risk for these main side effects. and so tramadol first misconception. it is not an over-the-counter so pain medicines basically come in the same things as you get from taco bell hot sauces you go and eat a chalupa or you’re down in your soft taco straight down the goozle the hot

Sauce selection at taco bell is mild hot and fire and pain medicines are similar not quite the most intense pain medicine, but not tylenol and advil over-the-counter it is not to be taken lightly is still a narcotic pain medicine. it’s very similar to oxycodone or norco hydrocodone these big-name narcotic pain medicines and big-name medicines carry big-name side-effects let’s

Look at a situation. i’m in the kitchen making some chocolate chip pancakes maybe banana pancakes a la jack johnson and i just burned my finger the electric signal goes up my nerves relays a message to my spine that i’m in pain the spine tells my brain. i’m in a ping they go to those nerve communication sites and it stops the nerves from communicating pain to each other so

Overall the net effect of narcotic pain medicines that i think will help you understand the side effects is that it’s slowing down nerve signaling. what are the side effects that come from that mechanism? think about it. the number one side effect that tramadol causes is really bad constipation and it makes sense. once again, you’re slowing down those nerve signals and the

Same thing is happening in the belly slowing down the movement through the belly. so things back up. they’re not coming out the other end so they’re stopped in your belly and you have severe constipation it continues backing up and get nausea to because it’s not moving forward. so it’s going the other way so that’s the main side effect is constipation and nausea now think of

What happens when you slow down the neurons that are in your brain more centrally you can you can slow things down to where you get tired. and then the more serious or blackbox warning that comes with tramadol and if you take too much or you overdose on the medicine? you can actually stop breathing and you can die or pass out and that’s one of the more serious complications

Of these pain medicines mechanism that comes along with trim at all that you don’t get with oxycodone. hi code etc pramad all in addition to be a narcotic pain medicine also increases serotonin and micro adrenaline in your brain. so this is very similar to medicine like cymbalta effexor zoloft prozac now that’s kind of cool with pain because if you increase micro adrenaline

Think about it if if you run into a bear in the woods your adrenaline increases and that increase in adrenaline and now that you’re getting that rush you probably don’t feel the new pain that you were having before you saw that there and then serotonin is known to regulate the ups and downs of your mood and so tramadol can actually regulate some of those mood symptoms that

Go along with having severe pain but here’s something to be aware of when you increase those chemicals in your brain what happens if you increase them too much something called serotonin? syndrome you’re taking tram at all which increases serotonin and maybe you’re taking some other medicine a cold medicine and a depression medicine and that also is increasing the serotonin

To the point where it’s too much for your brain, and you can actually get so much serotonin that your heart rate speeds up. you start getting warm and feverish and your muscles can actually tighten up and that can be a very serious complication called serotonin syndrome a few more major warnings with tramadol that are black box warnings since it’s slowing down that central

Area that affects your breathing anything that also does a similar thing like they also slow down your breathing center. so you don’t want to take those medicines with tram at all the baby can get used to having tramadol in its system and then when it comes out, it can actually experience withdrawal from the tramadol when it’s no longer in its system so if you’re pregnant

Or plan on getting pregnant think about that if you’re going to take tram at all you can develop tolerance to them if you take tramadol over an extended period of time your body we’ll need more and more of it to get the same level of pain relief that it was previously getting and you need higher doses and when you don’t have that dose in your system, you can experience

Withdrawal symptoms you can feel really bad and you feel like you need more and more this medicine to stay even keel and that can lead to if you’re gonna take tram at all take it short term the lowest dose possible and the shortest period of time that you can make do with get off of it as soon as you can and hopefully you won’t have any of those troubles. be aware though

Question of the day what side effects were you particularly worried about when you got prescribed or started taking tram at all? did i mention them comment below and tell me what you were worried about? i’d love to hear from you to help me give my patients feedback. i click the like button check out more videos and let me know what medicines you want to see on post script

That i can easily and simply explain for you so that you know what you’re putting in your body. thanks for watching

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