December 9, 2022

Is Tramadol a performance enhancing drug in endurance cycling? Scientists at Kent University are carrying out a study to find out if it is, and I have volunteered to help them find out.

Hello and welcome so here i am today at the university of kent and i volunteered to take part in a cycling study and into the effects of tramadol basically to to determine if it is a performance-enhancing drug or not so um the study is in three parts the first visit i’m doing a vo2 max test which is today and then the two subsequent visits i do a 25 mile time

Trial best effort and i’m either taking a placebo or the tramadol i don’t know which at the time it’s a blind study or blind trial if you like so today’s visit is the vo2 max test which is just a baseline test there’s no drugs involved with this one or placebos so what i’ll be doing is riding on a bike in the lab um and the power will be gradually increased on

A predetermined ramp until i can’t pedal anymore basically until i expire so it’s pretty much grinding up the infinite hill of doom until i either turn into a pile of dust or explode not really sure which one i’m going to do yet so let’s crack on with it and see what happens so here we go i’m off on the warm-up which was 100 watts for 10 minutes fully masked

Up as you can see so you can measure the gases i’m breathing out a couple of things to note as you’ll see i’m on rim brakes this is the great rim break the disc brake argument and in this instance i’ll walk this with room breakers i think there’ll be a performance advantage there of course and as you can see christopher stanley research students are in full

Coverage ppe as this was done during lockdown two in the uk but the study was given to go ahead due to the protect precautionary measures that they’re taking during the test i’ll be asked to give a number as you can see from the chart as to my um perceived exertion uh graded between six and twenty so off we go on the test properly we start at 150 watts and

The power increases by 30 watts per minute or one watt every two seconds until i can’t go any more so just easing into it now so i’ve been going for about five minutes here um it’s about 300 watts i think so my rpe there was 14 and a half as you can see looks like i’m putting a bit of f in but fairly under control we go the next this is seven minutes in about 360

Watts and again my rpe 15 and a half still not looking too bad at this point that’s about 390 watts again on the scale of doom i think i was somewhere around 16 coming in starting to hurt now so just over 400 watts now and you can see i’m starting to rock and roll a lot more a lot of tension in the arms it’s getting starting to really really hurt now i’m getting

Started predicted i think this must be around 420 watts and it’s harder and harder and harder now as you can see i’m rocking around from side to side um probably closing highs there at the moment as well trying to blend out the paint keep going the cadence has dropped once i’m ready but i’ve managed to get back on top of his eyes are lactate accumulation has

Gone parabolic so everything is screaming i get more and more exhausted the power just keeps climbing and i think if i was riding on the road by an hour that’s it so i didn’t explode and i didn’t crumble i just kind of expired with a hufflepuff who i am where i am and what i’m doing and why did i sign up for this so i’ve not got official results yet but i can

Add them to the description if people are interested let me know in the comments below and that’s 461 watts thanks so much for watching please give a thumbs up if you liked it and i should be doing the follow-up videos for the two-time trials so if you want to see those make sure you hit the subscribe button and click the notification bell and you’ll get notified

When i post the videos up so until then cheerio and hopefully i’ll see you in the lab soon well that was fun

Transcribed from video
Tramadol Study Part 1. VO2 max test By Jolly Moller