January 27, 2023

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Hey guys welcome back to meds made easy my name is children rubber hotel fare especially pharmacy today we’re gonna talk about tramadol tramadol has really gotten popular over the last few years you may have actually kind of noticed it in the news as well it’s kind of a byproduct of like the opioid crisis going on so i kind of get into a little bit of history

Hydrocodones became scheduled out as a narcotic ac2 which is why they have to put them on that triplicates i’m talking about texas center about every other state but point is a lot of doctors are now kind of getting deterred from riding hydrocodones oxycodones things like that again due to the opioid epidemic so they’re kind of dispensing tramadol or they’re

Writing for trim at all which is a control but it’s not a narcotic the difference being it’s not as potent it’s not as life-threatening it’s not as overall dangerous as hydrocodone and oxycodone can be taken in large amounts not to say that this is still not a very dangerous drug it still is but the risk factor is just a lot less than hydrocodone is and so let’s

Get into it it’s it’s for pain pain of anything cancer pain surgery pain etc etc etc it’s just a really great substitute for hydrocodone if oxycodone is up here in terms of potency and effectiveness then hydrocodone is here and then tramadol is like down here so it just it works a lot better i won’t go over dosing schedules just because depending on what you’re

Taking it for the dosing could be you know you’ve taken three pills a day to like 20 pills a day it’s just dosed out so differently depending on what you have can you od on it yes you can which is why it’s very important make sure that your doctrine has knows about your higher medical history before they’re dispensing this stuff because it is dangerous you can’t

Have kids stumble into this stuff because they will get into trouble i’ll talk about that a little bit later other than that but in terms of actually taking the medication it’s a preferred a benign you can you can numb and it’s easy to take you can take it without without food you just take it with a glass of water whenever you need usually kicks in in about an

Hour around the extended-release this takes a little bit longer to kick in and lasts a little bit longer but it’s generally very short acting drug they’ll kick in an hour and it’ll i think it reaches its peak concentration if i’m not mistaken at around three hours and then i’m kind of weaned off so most people tend to take it every i think six hours i believe it

Is every four to six hours depending on what you’re dosing schedule is for any women that are pregnant you really should not take this drug again and this is i have to defer this to the doctors but there are instances of like neonatal withdrawal syndrome because tramadol can cross the placenta and get into the baby which that all of that is scary and it could be

Very life-threatening so again talk to a doctor but usually you do not take tram at all if you were on if you are expecting you generally don’t worry about it if you have a paddock issues liver issues or renal issues again it’s you know kind of good in that respect you don’t need to tweak the dosages it does have a black box warning respiratory depression meaning

If you take too much it’ll slow down your breathing to the point where causes problems and of course addiction so addiction is very complicated in terms of how it works this drug back in the day never really had that connotation of being an addiction potential medication really to it because that’s what hydrocodone oxycodone is did but now in practice we are

Starting to see people that are addicted to tramadol and i think a lot of that has to do with addictive personalities rather than the actual mechanism of addiction people that are addicted can be addicted to anything right if you take them off of one drug you put the you may have heard about like suboxone the same thing a lot of people that are with are going

Through withdrawal symptoms and are in rehab from hydrocodone and opioids looking on suboxone and then they get hooked on suboxone too which is a medication to help wean you off of hydrocodone then you get addicted to the next thing and so tramadol we’re kind of starting to see that it’s not i would say huge and so prevalent yet but yes it can’t cause addiction

A lot of that has to do with the individual that we’re talking about so if you do have that kind of addictive personality you do get addicted to pills and then you know you could very well see that problem here as well again you don’t want to take more than you need to you should only take it as for how much your doctor needs you to take it and make sure you kids

Don’t get into this stuff because this is very very difficult especially for developing children if they get their hands on this stuff start taking it really stunts a lot of growth it causes a lot of like issues in terms of the respiratory depression but i was talking about earlier but doesn’t that it’s for pain purposes if you just taken it for a couple of days

Because you just had oral surgery or leg surgery whatever a pretty good pain option it does a really good job and as long as you’re kind of weary about that then it’s good now you generally don’t get woozy as well but that’s also a maybe because that also depends on everyone and and your own body types but generally you don’t get drowsy you don’t get groggy you

Usually can drive on this stuff but it depends on your body take it see how you feel at night and then if you feel like you know that you can drive this is not causing any sort of haziness then you’re okay to do it but it always kind of comes with that caveat because everyone’s body’s so different guys i think that’s about it again we try to make these as quick

And easy as simplified as possible if you have any questions concerns about the medication leave it down below in the comments otherwise thanks for tuning in subscribe to the channel we’re gonna keep coming up with great more content on you know a lot of other drugs coming out guys this is meds made easy we’ll see you next time bye

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