May 29, 2023

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Today’s video is about tramanol withdrawal now triamine is a controlled substance that is sometimes prescribed for issues like chronic back pain and it’s considered a synthetic opioid unlike other controlled substances it’s much weaker it’s a much weaker form of a pain medication but there’s still that potential for it to become habit-forming and an individual

Can actually develop a tolerance to this medication in other words they may need more and more when an individual is trying to discontinue trauma it is extremely important to avoid abrupt cessation of this medication instead taper down slowly depending on how much the and how long the patient has been on this medication so let’s jump right into the 11 things you

Need to know about tramadol withdrawal number 11 a major something that individuals often complain of is that you feel very foggy-headed that they can’t seem to concentrate or focus on whatever they’re doing and this usually happens within the first couple of days i’m sometimes into the second week but definitely this feeling of just not feeling like yourself

And you really just can’t focus on the task at hand whatever you’re doing this feeling of lack of concentration happens more often when there’s a bigger percentage of a decrease suddenly um it does obviously affect the brain and nervous system in multiple different ways and so this can definitely cause issues with your the way that you think and concentration and

Just your focus in general this is important because like with most medications that individuals need to taper off of for whatever reason the slower that you taper the less withdrawal symptoms that you’ll likely experience and so this can be done depending on how long you’ve been on the medication this can be done over even months sometimes if you don’t want to

Experience those symptoms but definitely the slower that you taper the less withdrawal symptoms that you’ll experience discuss this with your primary care provider to find a plan that’s right for you one of the most common reported symptoms from withdrawal is flu-like symptoms this usually happens early on in the first week after coming off the medication to

Lessen these symptoms the individual should taper down slower because it can feel like the individual has the flu they may feel very achy they may feel very they may feel almost feverish and even report things like chills and just overall feeling of just not feeling well hi i’m al i don’t feel very good i think i’ve got the flu but i don’t think it’s the flu i

Actually think i’m just withdrawing from trauma but i don’t know what do you think hi al doctor here yes i do believe that this is actually your teraminol withdrawal symptoms that are developing it’s very common to develop flu-like symptoms after stopping your tramadol for a certain period of time it’s extremely important to talk with your primary care provider

When trying to come up with a tapering plan um it depends on a lot of different things like how long you’ve been on the medication what your doses that you’re taking it for and if you’re someone who has kind of uh more of an addictive personality or someone that um tends to go through more of the withdrawal symptoms you may consider doing a five to ten percent

Decrease each week and so that’s definitely something you want to talk with your primary care provider but um that is typically what is recommended hi it’s al again um i was on 50 milligrams three times a day and i dropped it down to just once a day is that okay to do hi al that is a bit of a drastic drop in one day it does depend on how long you’ve been on your

Medication so you might want to go a little slower than that and not such a drastic drop decrease in the dosage that you’re taking for a day this will help you to experience less side effects withdrawal symptoms if we do a little slower than this exercise may actually help with terminal withdrawal symptoms exercise affects serotonin levels in a positive way as

It can naturally increase serotonin levels in the body travel also affects serotonin levels by inhibiting the reuptake of serotonin in the cns in other words it helps to keep the serotonin around longer we often think of serotonin as the feel-good neurotransmitter as one would expect when an individual decreases tramadol use this can drastically affect serotonin

Levels this is often why individuals feel anxious and agitated during withdrawal from tram at all as you’re coming off of tram at all a lot of times that serotonin is affected and so that’s why exercising can really actually help a lot with the withdrawal symptoms when individuals start terminal often the side effect of terminal is that they an individual becomes

Constipated and so naturally a lot of times what happens is the stools actually become looser so the individual may notice feel like they’re having diarrhea or just often having frequent loose stools so it is something that individuals may notice when they’re coming off of terminal because tramanol can’t affect neurotransmitters in the brain individuals as they’re

Withdrawing from terminal often feel anxiety and agitation this is definitely something that is experienced with tremendous withdrawal hi it’s all again i’m getting a little bit anxious since i stopped my medication is this normal yes al this is normal and we can decrease this side effect if we go a little bit slower with a drop in the dosage amount per a week

As when withdrawing from other opioids the individual when they’re coming down off or withdrawing from tramadol they may feel very sweaty they may feel hot all the time they may even get some chills almost feeling like they’re just the temperatures unregulated individuals who are withdrawing from terminal may feel very restless and have difficulty sleeping and

Staying asleep so they may wake up several times during the night this may happen over a course of a few weeks to a month or so but definitely this is something that is often experienced with withdrawal symptoms can start as early as 6 to 24 hours after your last dosed and it can last for 4 to 10 days on average i have seen some individuals who however who have

Lasted longer than 10 days and this depends on the dose they were on and also how many years that they were on it individuals sometimes report that they when they’re withdrawing that they feel like their skin is crawling or that they don’t like certain things touching their skin and they might even get some goose bumps as well this is typically going to be more

In the early phases of the withdrawal it’s important to understand about withdrawing from channel is that everyone is different what one person may experience another person may not experience at all and vice versa that is the 11 different informational tips about tramadol withdrawal and here is a brief list of some of the other signs and symptoms of tramadol

Withdrawal it’s important to note that some people may have one or two withdrawal symptoms and then other people may have multiple so it’s really important to discuss with your primary care about what to expect and what your plan is going to be this video once again does not serve as a substitute for medical advice definitely make sure to seek advice from your

Primary care provider let’s see what you learned from this video today let’s see how many of these questions you can get right when do terminal withdrawal symptoms begin after the last dose a three hours b 30 hours c six hours or d one week what’s your answer if you guess c you are correct question what is an ideal terminal percentage to decrease each week when

Trying to taper down a 50 b 5 or c 20 what’s your answer if you guessed b five percent you are correct and the final question this is a true or false question when an individual tapers off of traminol they often develop constipation true or false if you answered false you are correct individuals typically will develop diarrhea over constipation be sure to comment

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