June 1, 2023

100 mg of Trazodone for sleep

Hey what up everybody it’s me tony so i’m gonna do this video i mentioned to someone named natalia that i would um i would do a review on i don’t want to give too much of my personal information but trazadone all right so this is a hundred milligrams and trazadone for me i’ve been taking it i for about the last five six months all right so i’ve been on sleep meds

For a while all right and there’s nothing that’s gonna cure my sleep as far as meditation um what’s the other stuff uh melatonin or it is it’s okay let’s say someone who has a problem with their weight right and you and someone says have you ever tried no carbs i’m sure they have tried it or someone had you know i had that acne when i when i was a teenager and

Someone people would say like you wash your face of course i do all right so so someone that deals with insomnia the last thing they want to hear is have you tried melatonin or have you tried the sleepy time tea or there’s stuff going on where the brain the body the mind it doesn’t want you to sleep all right so um something what had something to do with it was

When i was in the military i was up all night a lot too many times account right i remember even when i wasn’t deployed or i was on a base somewhere they literally would say single people you’re working nights the married people get to work during the day so you got punished for being single not married without any children right but all that took me being up

All night for so many years um that was one that’s one reason that it took it’s it’s there was there was after effects because of that all right so don’t compare to let’s say ambien the hypnotic stuff lunestra or the benzoy this is not as addicting and it’s not a controlled substance so it should be pretty easy you get a prescription it’s not going to be um

They can give you i’m taking 100 milligrams i’m going to ask the doctor maybe if they want to go up um but i have i am sleeping well with this this is the only this is the the this the trisodone is the only thing that’s actually worked for a long period of time all right so the benz would with the benzoic stuff like with the clanazepam or tenazipam those things

Like that and the the other the hypnotic stuff like ambient they’re gonna give you that that sedated feel-good feeling and and and what happens is sometimes if you can’t go to sleep then people start taking them um for those other effects just you know the the benzoys you know you pop one and you’re just like i can just rely you know or something like that and

Then they don’t even people don’t even go to sleep they just like to be relaxed and stay up and and that that sedative um uh euphoria like right the ambient can be dangerous because when you take it it can it can cause weird blackouts weird blackouts and from my experience taking the ambient and then taking uh i think tenazepam or clonazepam or whatever um it

Didn’t it would it might put you out but by two or three hours later i would so it didn’t help me um stay asleep this helps me fall asleep and the trousers don’t help me stay asleep okay so back to the addicting side right once you need sleep medication to sleep like your body your brain’s a certain way it could be brain damage it could be um trauma physically or

Or psychology there’s a lot of reasons why you’re not going to sleep right but once you’re you’re kind of see it doesn’t it it’s not worth getting finding the the exact reason why you’re the solution what you’re trying to do is you trying to go to sleep so it may take years for you to figure out why you’re not able to go to sleep right some go something going

On psychological or whatever um but right now you need to sleep because it’s part of your overall health you’re not going to be able to go to the gym you’re not going to be able to function during the day um it’s going to you’re not going to be available for people because because you’re going to be so tired and it’s very one of those things you can be tired

All day but once night comes you’re not going to sleep all right so if the medication is used for you to go to sleep and you’re taking it with the with the proper dosage from the doctor the once you need that medication like like i cannot sleep if i do not take trousers don’t tonight i will not sleep so there is some dependence as far as what the medication is

Supposed to do all right but it’s not one of the things bro i’m taking them in the morning or i’m taking this this this i take it at night and when you take these medications you i’ll see any sleep medication you need to be in a position where you’re going to bed okay none of this let me take it right now and then brush my teeth and wash my face and fold some

Clothes nah you’re in bed so you we want uh already take your medication let’s say you want to go to bed by nine you want to take it at 8 30 but you’re already in bed let’s say right okay with the ambient and the other um especially with the ambient stuff and the lynessa you want somebody there if you take if you’re going to mess around with that stuff you’re

Going to want somebody uh you don’t want to be home alone with that because you may you know start cooking something or or you may the blackouts are going to be weird i remember i took it and and i felt like somebody was like in the room like like like almost like where i could just start talking to it was it was a weird and then i i let the doctor know hey

Can i take something else i don’t want to take um ambien so uh what else i was gonna say okay it might give you a little bit of a hangover like symptom so i know what a real hangover is like i don’t drink anymore but i know what a real hangover is like so it’ll have it won’t be a hangover symptom right but you might feel a little bit dizzy or you might wake

Up feeling tired and and some of it’s gonna have to do with if you’re not used to sleeping for a good amount of time i’m talking like six to eight hours then that it you might feel a little bit uh drowsy the next day right because you’re not used to getting sleep and also some of the dreams from trazzadone are are um very vivid so sometimes they can be very um

A little bit exhausting right but i’d rather be dreaming than me being awake because at least when i’m dreaming i can i’m sleeping alright so uh some certain dreams might be stressful or you may um be a little bit weird or or something like that that it might kind of make you feel you know a little bit more tired but that’ll wear off and about like i get up

Every morning about 4 30 in the morning right so by the time it’s like 6 6 30 that stuff is already you know if you’re going to drink your coffee in the morning or something it’ll it’ll it’ll taper off or that little that hangover like symptom is not it’s gonna be it should be very mild okay you should get it should your body should be accustomed to it this is

My experience all right so i wouldn’t freak out too much about that i would focus more on that you’re getting the sleep so i’ve heard people take 25 50. uh uh i’m on a 100 milligrams i’ve heard people taking 200 up to 300 so there there’s some leeway with this medication compared to some of the other stuff right um you know they’re they’re more potent they’re

More controlled so um yeah am i all for trasodon yeah um and for right now it’s still putting me to sleep so um yeah the clonaze the the the benzoids you know for seeing they work really good at first and then i wasn’t going to sleep and then if i did go to sleep you know two hours three hours later i would um be be up again and and those are the ones that are

Are very addicting those are the controlled substances right so you’re gonna get enough for for for you’ll get enough for what the doctor pray not anymore not any less and and now the um the pharmaceutical places are getting very strict right so um uh with the trazadone you know i can fill them up at the walmart or or the va or something and then and then it’s

It’s going to be very like there’s not going to be any problem they’re not going to have to call the doctor to confirm it or or anything like that so yeah the fact is it’s not a controlled substance it’s not addicting as you would say like um the benzoys or because it doesn’t it doesn’t give you a euphoric feeling to go to bed it just it just makes you tired

And you go to sleep that’s what it did take it and then you start getting a little bit tired you might yawn and like it’s time to go to bed it doesn’t give you that light that sedated calmness stoned high nothing like that so so it doesn’t it doesn’t it’s not mood altering so i take this knowing that i’m not going to do anything stupid all right so but yeah that

That’s my opinion on this and i’ll talk to you guys later take care and comment below if you got a question but yeah someone that suffers from insomnia they don’t want to hear uh have you tried this or have you tried not getting on your cell phone at night have you not tried have you you got something going on and you need to go to sleep so um and i know what

It’s like to be desperate you know you start you know with the nyquil with the with the with the the z-quill with the um what’s the other one uh benadryls and you start getting so if anything can make you lavender pills and it just that’s just junk right i’ll talk to you later take care bye bye

Transcribed from video
Trazodone for insomnia By Taylor Made Man