January 26, 2023

What is this drug used for?

Hey guys welcome back to mental made easy my name is tirune verma with helpful specialty pharmacy today we’re going to talk about tracidome it is used for depression and then one of the more common off-label uses is for insomnia as well so how does triazodone work it works by modulating your neurotransmitters to kind of put you back into balance if you are

Familiar with the intricacies of depression it’s that there’s usually a chemical imbalance in your brain that causes depression so this kind of helps level you out there um let’s see here here are the common side effects to watch out for generally this medication is quite benign it’s quite easy to take you don’t really get too many side effects with it however

You do want to make sure that with any depression medication such as this one you titrate your way up now most doctors do some doctors don’t that’s their preference but definitely when you go to get off this medication you need to titrate off and titrate meaning you’ve got to slowly wean off because otherwise you’re going to get withdrawal symptoms really really

Bad headaches are usually ones like almost crippling headaches that prevent you from really going about your day those things happen so you kind of have to slowly wean yourself off because again it’s working in your brain it’s working on your brain chemicals so we have to be very careful about things like that um i could go over how to take the medication but

There’s just so many ways to take it depending on the uses you could be taking it once a day twice a day um so i’m going to kind of defer that to the doctors on that part we’re just going to talk about the side effects and things to watch out for you generally want to take it with food just because taking it with food increases its absorption of the medication

So more of it gets into your bloodstream which is what we want that’s good news um if you what happens quite a bit whenever you are trying out different depression medications is you’re going to try one out for a little bit and then your doctor will go hey you know what it’s not working or you know you the side effects are kicking in like headaches and things

Like that um or dizziness or too much fatigue your doctor will go let’s try something else let’s see if that works and so what they do is they kind of switch you down to something else without maybe weaning you off and then weaning you on the other one and that’s what you want to watch out for there’s a whole group of depression medications that are called maois

That’s mao inhibitors complicated stuff we’re not going to get into it the point is uh double check with your doctor make sure you talk to them about it whenever you start a different medication um in place of tracidone or if you’re going to start tranzadone in place of something else you want to make sure that you space out enough time because if you overlap

Them you’re going to have a lot of issues um there is a black box warning for this medication for and i know how this is going to sound but just stay with me here there’s an increased risk of suicidal thoughts whoa that’s crazy that’s kind of just um the caveat with a lot of these depression medications uh how or why i don’t really understand it myself most

People don’t but again because it’s working on your brain sometimes if it’s trying to tilt you one way it might overdo it or might kind of twist you this way it fine-tuning your neurotransmitters in your brain is a careful process and if it’s not done right it leads to things like this black box warning or you know some of the withdrawal side effects that

We’ve mentioned earlier and we’ve shown to you so it’s something you have to be very very cautious about whenever you’re on these medications and you have to stick with it it doesn’t just take it for a couple of days it’s working yay uh you got to stick with it you got to let it saturate your cell you got to let it saturate and really kind of do its thing and

It takes a little bit of time because again we’re talking about modulating your behavior you know you don’t want to take anything that alters your behavior like that that’s not good we need to make sure that we can do it over time to ensure safety and that’s the biggest thing with these um neurological medications is safety we want to make sure that you’re safe

When you’re on these and you’re not experiencing really adverse effects um you know sedation headache dizziness we’ve already talked about all that um i think that kind of covers the basics of this medication um always make sure that you’re talking to your doctor about it this medication is taken generally alongside other depression medications too and then

That’s where things get a bit fuzzy so make sure that your pharmacist is constantly in communication with you about it that you’re always asking the questions whenever you go to pick up medications things that you can do to watch out for it are do you see yourself not sleeping at well at night or maybe are you waking up groggy um are you having mood disorders

Are you feeling just more crankier than usual are you more agitated than usual are you feeling completely drained of energy things like that these are what you want to watch out for when you’re on this medication obviously headache headaches like dull throbbing headaches that don’t go away even when you take advil and then oh my god i forgot the name a leave

Yes that’s the other one on the market leave and things like that if that doesn’t help then that then that means that it’s a side effect of the medication and so you want to let your doctor know because then your doctor can switch you on to a different uh depression medication so of course as always call your doctor your pharmacist if you have more in-depth

Questions or give us a call here at telfer especially pharmacy we’d love to talk to you about it uh subscribe leave comments below and we’re just gonna keep trying to knock out more and more videos guys thanks for tuning in bye you

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