February 8, 2023

I’ve been taking trazodone for a few months. Its doing good things for me, but there is the nightmares. Every damn night. I don’t mind them though, they are interesting and usually make more sense than traditional dreams did. Decided to start logging them.

Should this be a new series tries it out nightmares august 5th 2019 i had a dream nightmare of about like some sort of spider essentially the parts i could remember was i was in uh in an old room as cluttered it was like stuff from clothes and stuff like better than word something happen i don’t know you know dreams are but needs to say that one thing i had to

Do to move on my life was get rid of some spider and i was looking like what spider is this and it my dream i knew it was called a death crawl spider a death crawler and i saw it and it looked like came out of somewhere like present itself and it was like pretty thin i had like a little small white body and i’m kind of like a thin kind of almost daddy-long-legs

Looking it was not a very thick spider at all pretty fast i mean it was kind of tall ish but then legs small white body nothing frightening looking just kind of wiry and anyway it was hard to find it it’s like a lot of panicking like where is it where is it you know and the reason was called a desk roller is because in my dream i knew that it if it bit you you

Died like instantly like it bit you you were dead so it was really frightening not knowing where it was and i kept disappearing for one you would see it and dodging in and out of stuff and all that i remember my dream thing you know well if the bites me i die but it’s some reason i had like video game logic that i can come back or something maybe but i was still

Frightening like i didn’t want to feel the sensation death i didn’t want to go through that and like but that wasn’t like completely the end there was a chance of coming back dreams anyway eventually you like we’re trying to swat at this thing trying to smash it with sticks and flimsy things you know it’s it’s as dreams were like you shooting the bad guy but your

Bullets are bb’s or your fists you know you can’t seem to swing hard enough so for this failing and filling and pissing the spider off it’s dodging in the closet dodging how disappear and can’t find it where is it everyone nook where is it oh i see it over here where where i see there there i think my sister’s there and stuff like that and yeah so eventually like

There’s a tranche allah or a lizard i forget which one it is maybe like kind of bounces back and forth for this but anyway i think it’s a tarantula anyway it ends up eating finding the death crower kind of crawls by and then instincts kick in for this other spider that’s like a pet or something in a room and i am like oh the trench allah and then like it gulps it

It like sees the death parlor go by and it goes and it’s like chewing on it it’s like half in its mouth and it’s like it has like a lizard’s fight it’s like a lizard’s face at first or something and then it like is this is a tarantula and it’s like just eaten its well we didn’t i’m like oh my god it they like took care of it for us this is amazing that they caught

It and i have this bad feeling about it so anyway see like that i see like the trump show is like eating it well it’s eating it i think it like i knew that a bit as it was adjusting it which i’m sure animals do they bite on the way down insects and anyway that the trench is it like manages but but then i see like it like starts changing colors and like starting to

Die and then like the floor like escapes of course and then like i remember trying to jump on it to stomp on it because like nothing else was working so here i’m like getting on a bunk or something and like jumping down on it take to surprise attacking because it’s things and quit anyway every time we do it i jump off right to smash it and i keep floating like a

But i have no control of my body keeps loading like my body is completely point in the air and i’m like floaty i’m like trying to pull myself down the smash it off of a dresser and stuff and i i keep floating above like the spider like come on this is helpless sensation which a lot of my nightmares are is a lot of feeling of their more emotion or more more ideals

So the feeling of not being able to do it i don’t actually remember what happened with that you know these nightmares often escape but yeah that’s interesting it had death touch if you’re a magic player basically it was in my dream it’s sort of its de chilling death polar spyder was not good and i see if we see what tomorrow brings he’s happen every night

Transcribed from video
Trazodone Nightmares: The Deathcrawler (Ep1) By DiaryOfAMadPerson