June 4, 2023

My medication’s name is trazodone trisome comes in two brand names the first brand name being desurel on the second being electro electro is the extended release version of transition trazodone is a serotonin receptor antagonist and reuptake inhibitor and belongs to class of serotonin modulators indications and usage approved by the fda is for depression especially

In mdd however it is used primarily off label for sedation and that is used in anxiety and panic disorder the maximum dose a patient should have per day is 400 milligrams tops they advise a patient to have it with a meal or a light snack and you want to make sure to discontinue it with a gradual dose to avoid discontinuation syndrome contraindications for this

Medication is if a patient has an maoi in the last 14 days warnings and precautions also to be cognizant about with your patients is serotonin syndrome your patients will be at an increased risk for serotonin stringent if you co-administer this medication with other serotonin agents such as ssris snris and tryptons cardiac arrhythmias is also something to be

Cognizant about because it increases the qt interval so you want to avoid use with other medications that also increase the qt interval of patients and also taking consideration a history of dysarmnias or orthostatic hypotension is also something to be worried about in your patients especially if a patient has a history of orthostatic hypotension or they have

A history of low blood pressure you want to make sure they report any episodes dizziness i want to make sure that you tell them to get up slowly and if they have any syncope episodes at home you want to make sure they report it right away to their doctor they’re also at risk for increased risk of bleeding especially if a patient is already prescribed low dose

Aspirin or an anticoagulant prepism has occurred also and then there’s an activation of mania or hypomania which may occur in people who have not been screened for bipolar disorder so it is important that you screen for bipolar disorder in your patients before administrating this medication there is a potential for cognitive and motor impairment on this medication

So you want to advise your patients not to drive because of the sedating effects of tracidone angle closure glaucoma is also something to be cognizant about you want to avoid the use of antidepressants and ssris because it untreated anatomically narrows angles so if your patient is having any vision changes you want to make sure that they go and see an eye

Doctor the most common adverse reactions on tracidone are edema blurred vision syncope drowsiness fatigue diarrhea nasal congestion and weight loss for drug interactions to be aware of with trazadone so trizodone is a cyp3a4 substrate it affects cns depressants and enhances the effects of alcohol barbiturates and other cns depressants for cyp3 a4 inhibitors you

Want to maybe reduce the dose of triazodone for cyp3 for inducers you want to increase the dose of transition and if a patient’s taking digoxin or fentanyl you want to monitor for increased doctrinal or fentanyl and serum levels and for warfarin it can affect your patient’s prothymine time either with increase or decrease so you want to make sure to monitor that

In patient-specific populations it is advised to not take it in humans there was a study done on animal data that it may cause fetal harm so to be safe you should not prescribe it for people who are pregnant and for breastfeeding mothers nursing mothers it is advised not to since it does go into the breast milk

Transcribed from video
Trazodone By Clara Shirk