December 8, 2022

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a hormonal disorder that affects millions of women. Sometimes it’s called Stein-Leventhal syndrome.

Guys welcome back to my channel in today’s video i’m gonna be talking about the three medications i’m on to thin out my facial hair and body hair and to clear my skin okay so the first thing i do want to mention is i have obviously polycystic ovarian syndrome as you can see by the title and that is an imbalance of hormones and i did want to say millions of women

Have places to cover in syndrome anywhere from mild to severe and not really know i was diagnosed at the age of 15 with polycystic ovarian syndrome and growing up i did have more facial hair than the average person i think i would say also did have hair like on my chest but very fine almost fuzz i was put on metformin which didn’t help also i was put on birth

Control pills and i was on the famous yes pill at the time which was now recall that’s forward to now i’m 30 years old and i’m not on anything i have done the patricia joan challenge which if you guys don’t know it helps to reset your cycle in a sense at the 10-day progesterone challenge and i was on that a few days ago so now i am currently waiting for you know

My cycle to be reset i think i’m gonna talk about is something i don’t have because i’m out of them but i’ll pop a picture up right here so i have been on a spirit lactone and i’ll also put the definition here so you guys can read about it so a spear lactone is a pill i take once a day and mine is a 50 milligram dose taken in the morning and that helps me with my

Facial or my body hair i’ve been on it off and on for about two years and the thing once fear locked in is you have to be careful just because it does it’s it’s harsh on your liver so every month to two months i’m constantly checking how men liver levels are doing i know there’s two doses there’s the 50 milligram and 100 milligram 100 milligram was too strong

For me so i jumped down to the 50 milligram and again i’ve been taking that spear locked over about two years or so what have i seen results why is taking the spray lock down everything that they say happens will happen meaning thinning of the hair – almost gone biggest insecurity right now since i did stop electrolysis is my chin my chin is has two dark spots

Which i have no makeup on so he doesn’t kind of seem i didn’t do anything so you guys could see better so you guys can see there’s a little bit of like ingrowns and stuff like that right now my chin in here i was on just spironolactone for a very long time didn’t take any tropical nothing because the medication was strong enough to get rid of everything that i

Was insecure about now i’ve been on these two other medications for the past eight months now first tropical medication lachey’s kunda myosin again i’ll pop up a cute card what it does and what it takes used for i absolutely love this for my red spots so this helps to alleviate you know just the bumpiness of my skin anywhere you shave and you have like red spots

They shalini it’s not – i’m able to put this all over my body you know my underarms my inner thighs my face this goes on in the morning and at night second medication i’m on as well is called tretinoin which is retin-a cream i have the 1% i know there is a lower percentage that you can get as well but this is the one i am currently on and i have been and this is

The best thing ever this is what cleared my face now the way you apply this cream is once every night bare face and in the morning you have to rinse out your base so i treated the tretinoin cream as a light chemical peel so for 30 days i not wear any face makeup nothing no moisturizer no no and yes i was working during that time and let me tell you i looked gross

But i do want to say you peel so bad with that retinoid creams i’m gonna say the first week i started peeling right away and i’m talking about layers and layers of skin coming off like it was really really taking out all the chunk i had in my face the only way you can get this cream is through prescription so i used to have a really bad severe acne growing up again

Because of the pecos and just like the imbalance of hormones and getting older and it was really bad like we’re talking about lumps and cystic acne that really crippled me and really really made me self-conscious about my face so once i started doing tretinoin cream again i get did it feel 1330 days the first week i was starting to peel like crazy all here in on

My chin but let me just tell you guys if you guys can do it even for a week you will see results in the first week like i did i don’t regret it and that is probably my favorite tropical cream i have ever done and like i mentioned i was on another one that was really expensive and didn’t really work as well as the tretinoin cream did i’m not currently on tretinoin

Cream i stopped using it three weeks ago i am now kind of cycling it so we bet i will be back on it in another week and i don’t do my whole face like i did before hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you guys have any questions make sure to comment down below don’t forget to follow me on social media which is always right here as always good vibes from my

Heart to yours and i’ll see you in the next video you

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Tretinoin Tropical Cream and Spironolactone | PCOS Facial Hair By Minafitness