March 28, 2023

My experience with the prescription drug Ambien.

Boys up it’s your boy prohibition and today we are gonna be talking about the trips i’ve had on ambien if you don’t know what ambien is it is a pharmaceutical drug and it is a sedative hypnotic and it treats insomnia so now that you know what ambien is we’re gonna get into what it does you have a good 10 20 minutes where if you want to go to sleep you can you’ll

Just poop and anything past that really so you start to hallucinate around like i want to say that 40 minute mark not even that maybe 30 you know it’s really quick and it hits you fast and you know how people say like oh it’s like not how a drug these work but you know they’re like oh yeah i just took mushrooms and i saw like a purple known bro if you take ambien

You’re gonna see weird like weird like that so you get full-on hallucinations literally like you can just be looking at something oh just you go to bed no i’m saying you can be like i i’m going bed and you eat in your bed and you know they’re just waiting and i go and write it a lot so i’m scrolling through there and literally the words are like transforming

They’re like adding a weird like 3d effect ten times that after like after it just keeps on getting stronger and stronger it is weird but yeah i prescribed 10 milligrams 10 milligram babies they’re like really dope i with them a lot but you get some weird like real-life hallucinations so this is my phone i you know looks nothing like what i’m about to describe

But it it literally turned into like the top part the bottom part turned into like a the bottom of the house phone but old like a 1990s house phone and it had a weird texture that i like was imagining and it was like squishy and it was like i don’t even know how to describe it it was like oval and squishy with like like goo or some and i was just like looking

Through my phone how does chilling but that’s like one of the hallucinations but i’m gonna go into a story of one of these trips that i’ve had probably like two if you guys really want to with it but let’s get into it now i get into these really really strange i wouldn’t call them tangents maybe like moments on it where i’m like really really feeling it and i’d

Write in my discord server that i’m in and i was like guys the spaceship is about it’s like something i guess i was gonna say it’s about to like take off i don’t even know bras out of something and and then i don’t remember this i was like ask your mother i was like what ever i read that again i was like what what it is it’s really weird but i don’t know what made

Me write that but you just get into these really really weird and things but you’re gonna see how your spelling is i’m gonna just pop the image right here so what i started doing on ambien is i would start calling people up on discord and the funny thing is they would answer and uh they’re just like wondering while i’m calling them randomly and i’m like yeah i’m

Probably talking about some weird i don’t really remember anymore but like i always remembered i would forget the last part of the convo always like i remember maybe like the first two three five minutes maybe and then when i would wake up i was like what the i saw a call right it’ll acid for 20 minutes right yeah who am i talking to on ambien for 20 minutes

Like maybe they’re a good listener i don’t know or they were just enjoying the show let me start up this very very weird hallucination i’ve had and it’s multiple in just one big bundle so i was talking to my buddy rex you know who you are we were doing raids and it was the end of it and i was like i did imma go to bed and i take my ambien and i then i saw that

I didn’t move my tapestry that i had up here over him on the next wall and i was like oh okay i’m gonna take this task on i can do it i was like it was going good you know i was putting the tacks in there and and all of a sudden i’ll see this like dust thing and i’m like yo this does right here i wiped it off but i guess it was a pencil marker or something i

Don’t even know but it turned into a car so if you’ve ever seen that a nickelodeon show called chalk zone it was kind of like that it’s dope ass show but yeah i try to wipe it off turning a car skirted the off i was like yeah it’s like moving and i’ll just watch them move like what the the mark then turns into a fairy and i was like oh sorry my bad i trying

To kill the fairy i’m like oh my bad i didn’t mean to do that and i was intrigued i was like what the so i do what i do best i call people on discord i call up my buddy rags i’m just telling him this i’m like i got to tell somebody so i’m just like bro they got a seat over there it’s just all this other so he’s talking to me he’s again okay i didn’t i that’s

That’s weird but that’s cool and i look over here and there was like a i guess a gift bag and i thought it was like a head arms and it was on like this thing it was had like djed or something she i don’t even know and then i saw what appeared to be plates wasn’t plates with like black wrestlers on it not real like those action figures you used to get um there’s wwe

Wrestlers you could buy and i thought it was like three of those just on there i’m like what the so i’m just telling them all this weird hey this is listening and i’m like okay cool so the city i was talking about previously let’s go into it it was basically a city over to the left of me and you know what a city you normally looks like buildings and all that

And it had moving lights all over there and i was like yeah dude it’s got moving lights and it’s pretty cool and i go back to the mark i tried to rub it off again and then i see like a fairy stick her arms up like that i was scared i was like what and i opened up my phone turned on the light you see what this is you know what it goes away and i was like what

And i think i was like okay well it’s just a mark just cover it up you know i have my band ones i didn’t put away yet i actually got them right now but uh you know the jordan one band from 2016 you know what it is if you and hughes you know that’s a pretty penny right there so let me get it for you so they’re on the floor right and they’re i guess they’re like this

And these start like moving and talking and it had like kind of a thuggish voice to him and i was like yo what the i’m telling them imagine this i’m like bro my shoes are talking to each other i was like dude noises are talking to each other in this sound dope and i think you is just like okay he’s i’ll is no eat i just experienced auditory hallucinations

I forgot to tell you that is also something ambien has is auditory auditory oh one of those words um hallucinations where you just hear voices and you sound like a crazy man saying this too like the normal person but if you’ve ever taken on me you kind of know this is a big conspiracy i had on ambien now it’s on it for like 20 minutes to rex like telling them

Everything so you know the disney dog’s goofy pluto and all this there’s some other one i don’t know you know what it was but it was like these markings on my wall i guess from my chair hitting it or some and i’m down there i’m like yo so there is goofy and pluto i was calling him jupiter i was like yo isn’t mickey mouse’s dog named jupiter and he’s like no go on

And tell him i like you know how everyone thinks pluto is like this good dog i was like nah that he’s an evil dog cuz but goofy was doing was goofy was in the bathtub i’m seeing all this in like a very small like maybe that like much of a mark i was like dude goofy’s in the bathtub with a toaster he’s killing himself and i was like yo pluto little did that to

Him that’s up pluto dude pluto is a evil dog i was like pluto is basically one of those silent type masterminds and i was just coming up with this big ol thing just put it on i was like there’s some other dog i forgot what the other dog was doing but those were the two ones that stuck out in that scenario and it was going on for a while that i was just talking

About that i saw things like his literally his gets out the poster like does that with this it’s like grabbing for me and i was like whoa i made this a little scared sound and i’m on them i’m on disc or with rex – i said am i and like at that very moment like things just started like flying out i don’t know and this little girl bruh like this japanese a little

Girl that’s scary japanese little girl bruh she was like take this i’m like what the i don’t want to take nothing rex cycle just like listening to all this thing and is like weirdest and i’m just like i don’t want that hey you know i don’t want this i think that was it for that moment but there’s also been experiences where i was like laying in my bed and i

Look ahead and i’m seeing shadow people like legit i saw this like i described it as a 1950s nsa agent it was like it was more like a jungle adventurer you know that jungle had all that and with like past and stuff it was basically like that and i was like bruh they’re listening to us even even in our room bro it was a weird i was seen and like but before that it

Was just like a morph in the shadows i was seeing different things in that shadow yeah i mean you don’t really get us say what you want to see you just kind of see those are the few types of trips i’ve had on ambien they are they’re pretty cool i guess it’s fun i enjoyed it but at the end of the day it lets me sleep and i love it for that so that yes for listening

To my experiences again i i don’t i don’t advise you to take ambien bruh i don’t advise anyone to now you’ve got to say that but you know do what y’all will and i’m out stay trippy

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