June 1, 2023

This video is an introduction to infusion sets for your t:slim X2 insulin pump. You will learn about different types of infusion sets as well as basic precautions and considerations when using infusion sets. This will help you make the most of your insulin pump infusion set.

In this video we’re going to cover the different infusion sets available for tandems family of insulin pumps and talk about some of the differences between them the infusion set gets its name because it’s where the insulin from your pump is actually infused into your body infusion sets have three main components one the cannula which is the part of the infusion

Set that’s inserted in your body to the tubing and connector needle three the tubing lock connector the biggest difference between infusion sets is the cannula there are three different types of cannulas angled angled sets are designed to be inserted at an angle of 20 to 45 degrees relative to your skin with a cannula length of either 13 or 17 millimeters these

Cannulas are made of a soft plastic and can either be manually inserted or used with an insertion device 90 degrees soft sets 90 degrees soft sets are inserted at a right angle and come with either a six or nine millimeter soft flexible plastic cannula some are manually inserted and some come with an insertion device stainless steel instead of a flexible plastic

Cannula these sets use an ultra thin 29 gauge steel needle inserted at a 90 degree angle steel sets are inserted manually they are available with a six or eight millimeter needle since the needle serves as the cannula these sets do not require a cannula fill when selecting tubing link think about where you plan to wear your pump and where you plan on inserting

Your cannula you should discuss cami love site options with your healthcare provider to find the sites that best meet your needs it’s important to rotate your insertion sites so you may find it helps to have different tubing lengths for example if you have your set on your abdomen and your pump clipped to your waist 23 inch tubing may be enough but if your pump

Is in your pocket and your set is on the back of your arm you may want longer tubing different people find different sites absorb insulin differently so it’s a good idea to watch your blood sugar closely after you change sites it’s also important to rotate your site placement infusing insulin into the same area can change the way that tissue absorbs insulin over

Time most commonly recommended sites are the upper arms abdomen hips upper buttocks and thighs your healthcare provider should help determine the best sites for you when using the abdomen make sure to avoid areas that could constrict the site such as belts or waist lines you should also choose a site at least 2 inches from your belly button and avoid placing

Sites directly on scars moles stretch marks or tattoos also if you wear a continuous glucose monitor check if the manufacturer has any instructions about how close the sensor can be to an infusion set no matter what set you use it’s important to change it according to your health care providers instructions typically this is at least every three days for soft

Cannulas and two days for steel sets exceeding these times increases your risk for tissue damage scarring infection and high blood sugar you

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t:slim X2 Insulin Pump – Introduction to Infusion Sets By AMSL Diabetes