June 4, 2023

Should Type 2 Diabetics take Insulin? Can Type 2 Diabetics get off Insulin?? If you are a Type 2 Diabetic on Insulin, this video is for you. Did you know you can reverse your diabetes to the point that you no longer need insulin?? You can, and this video will help you.

If you’re a type 2 diabetic and you have been prescribed by your doctor to take insulin for your diabetes then this video is for you this video is based on published peer-reviewed research and it’s going to help you understand that as a type 2 diabetic you don’t need any insulin at all and actually injecting insulin is going to cause harm if you continue to do

That i’m dr ken berry a family physician with 20 years of clinical experience and this video is for type 2 diabetics currently injecting insulin the big pharmaceutical corporations love to sell you insulin because basically insulin should be free or cost one or two bucks but the big pharmaceutical corporations keep changing the molecule a little bit or changing

The delivery system a little bit so that they can get a new patent so they can charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month for injectable or inhalable insulin now that you don’t even need as a type 2 diabetic now first and foremost let’s separate there are there’s distinct differences between a type 1 diabetic and a type 2 diabetic and also lada and

Mody so i want you to know first and foremost that you are actually a type 2 diabetic and this entails more than just your doctor told you so okay you need to get hold of your medical records and make sure that you’ve had a test called a c peptide done at least once in your career as a patient with that doctor if there is no c-peptide in your chart and that’s

A lab that’s drawn from your blood and sent to the lab if you don’t have a c-peptide in your medical record then in actuality your doctor doesn’t know if you’re a type 2 diabetic or not it was basically just a best guess and if it’s a good doctor then most of the time we’re right but sometimes we’re wrong sometimes you’re a type 1 or you have lada or mody and

We just assume based on your age and your body habitus that you’re a type 2 diabetic so make sure you’ve got a c-peptide checked in your chart then the rest of this video is going to help you immensely there are many many different kinds of insulin that are recommended for type 2 diabetics one of the latest ones is afrexa which is actually an inhaled insulin

And so since this is a even though it’s just human insulin which should be basically a molecule that’s free to you they were able to get a patent on this because it’s a novel delivery system you inhale the insulin instead of injecting it uh it’s still insulin and injec using this insulin as in any of the other injectable insulins is going to increase your risk

Of chronic medical diseases and chronic inappropriate inflammation i’m going to run through the list of of patented brand name insulins just so you know because a lot of times you’re injecting something and you don’t know if it’s insulin or not and you just you inject it because your doctor told you to so the rapid acting insulins are humalog novolog and apedra

Those those are the ones that you’re going to take right around the meal right before right after and then the short actings are regular or novel and uh velocilin and then the intermediate is nph and then the long-acting insulins are baciglar lantis and tujeo and so a lot of people are injecting toujeo and they think it’s some novel thing for type 2 diabetics and

It’s just a it’s a long-acting insulin um and then also there is lavemere and tresiba so those are the long-acting insulins now here’s the thing you need to know as a type 2 diabetic injecting or inhaling insulin you don’t need any insulin type 2 diabetes is actually misnamed type 1 diabetes is diabetes you don’t produce insulin and you’re going to have very

High blood sugars if you don’t inject insulin but type 2 diabetes really should be renamed carbohydrate toxicity syndrome and so basically what you’re doing is eating too many carbohydrates for your personal physiology for most people who are type 2 diabetics if they will lower their daily carbohydrate intake and because if you actually uh downloaded some sort

Of carbohydrate monitoring app right now you’re probably eating anywhere from 150 grams a day and many of you are probably eating 350 milligrams a day or grams a day of carbohydrates that’s way way too much for any human but it’s definitely too much for you that’s why you have type 2 diabetes and that’s why you’re having to inject insulin so rather than spend

The expensive copay or just pay cash outright for these expensive insulins that really should be free here’s what you do you just start eating fewer carbohydrates and the carbohydrates you need to get out of your diet first are the highly processed added sugar carbohydrates and then fruit juices all of these things are super high in very very highly absorbable

Carbohydrates which are going to spike your blood sugar very very quickly and lead to all the damage that we know that that diabetes leads to but you don’t need any of those your doctor may have told you to drink lots of fruit juice or make fruit juice smoothies there’s not enough nutrition in any fruit juice on the planet to justify the carbohydrate load it’s

Going to give you as a type 2 diabetic stop all of the added sugar things stop all the fruits used to stop all the soft drinks all that stuff you you surely understand is not nutrient dense it’s not in any way making up part of a complete nutritious diet for you then the second thing to eliminate is all the grains whether it’s rice oats wheat corn amaranth millet

Quinoa any of these things are very very high in carbohydrate they’re basically long chains of glucose that are holding hands and that’s what we call starch you have an enzyme in your mouth that starts to break down the starch immediately by the time the starch has made it to your intestines your small intestine it’s just pure sugar so for most people stopping all

The sugar either added or natural and stopping all the grains is going to lower their blood sugar enough as a type 2 diabetic that you can definitely stop the immediate acting insulins that you might give yourself before meals and almost every type 2 diabetic can slowly decrease and ultimately stop the long-acting insulins that you take every night at bedtime or

Maybe some of you take it twice a day it’s very possible that when you’ve lowered your carbohydrate intake daily to 100 grams total or less you can stop all of your insulin some people have to lower their carbohydrate intake down to 50 total grams a day in order to get rid of all of their insulin injections some very few people have to lower their carbohydrate

Intake down to 20 total grams or less a day before they can get off their insulin if you don’t already have a cgm a continuous glucose monitor you absolutely need to demand an order from your doctor for a continuous glucose monitor this is going to give you such an education at the table every time you eat something you can watch on your phone’s app as your cgm

Documents your blood sugar every five minutes and after you eat something that contains sugars whether added or natural or grains you can watch your blood sugar spike you can see it happen in real time and that’s that’s a very good feedback mechanism for teaching you oh i shouldn’t have eaten the the bagel because it’s it’s grains and sugar and that spiked my blood

Sugar like crazy so that’s a great tool to have make sure you’ve got a c peptide checked so that you know you are in fact a type 2 diabetic because type 2 diabetics still make their own insulin so you’re still making plenty of insulin but you’re just eating such a carbohydrate overdose that you’re having to inject more insulin because your pancreas just can’t make

Enough insulin to compensate for the inappropriate unnatural amount of carbohydrates you’re eating on a daily basis i hope this video helps a lot if you know someone else who has type 2 diabetes and is injecting insulin please consider sharing this video with them on your social media or in an email or a text or whatsapp the only way that many type 2 diabetics

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Dr barry thanks a lot i’ll see you next time

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