March 24, 2023

The Federal Government has now ordered vice-chancellors to re-pen schools and allow students resume lectures.

Let’s begin now with update on the linguine asset strike it’s more than seven months since the academic staff union of universities and backed on an industrial action and all efforts to bring the lecturers back to the classroom have failed the federal government has now ordered vice chancellor loss to reopen schools that allow students resume lectures this was made

Known in the letter signed by the director of finance and accounts of the national universities commission sam onazi on behalf of the executive secretary abubakar rashid the letter which was addressed to all vice chances laws and chairman of governing councils of federal universities risk quotes ensure that aso members immediately resume and commence lectures restore

The daily activities and routines of the various university campuses end quote the national industrial court last wednesday ordered the academic staff union of universities to call off its ongoing nationwide strike after the federal government went to court to challenge the strike as who had since filed 14 rounds of appeal to challenge the order and president

Muhammadu buhari has returned to abuja after his participation at the united nations general assembly in new york while in the united states president buhari participated in the 77th session of the ung turned a watershed moment transformative solutions to interlocking challenges the president delivered his address on the second day of the general debates last

Wednesday he also participated in high-level meetings and side events including the nigerian international economic partnership forum the president held strategic bilateral meetings with some participating world leaders and heads of multinational organizations and talking politics now the all progressives congress presidential candidate campaign council rather

Has invited his 422 members for special prayer sessions at the campaign headquarters in abuja on wednesday according to a statement issued by the countries council’s director of media and publicity by nonuga there will be a peace walk immediately after the prayers and all nominees will be issued their letters of appointment same day these special prayer sessions

Will officially kick off the council’s electionary process for the 2023 presidential elections the apc campaign council had on friday night released a long list of persons to ensure victory for apc presidential candidate wala tinubu and his running mate kashim shatima chaired by president muhammadu buhari other members of the council and minister of interior rau

Fariba minister of state for minds and steel development for my minister of transportation written by amici serving a former governor governors ministers senators amongst others and i would just days to the commencement of political campaigns across the country some chieftains of the upper gases congress in bayelsa state have expressed confidence of victory for

The party in the presidential and national assembly elections next year the state party chairman who spoke on the muslim muslim ticket stressed the need for the emergence of a southern president foreign with a densely populated christian community by elsa plays a critical role in the development of the nation by the first discovery of crude oil in commercial

Quantity and the emergence of former presidents good luck jonathan in the 2011 general election although a philippine-led states the massive support gathered by the all progressives congress are the last governorship election proves a source of confidence for patent leaders who believe the same will be replicated at a general polls next year the state chairman

Of the party then institute says by jose would vote massively for bola ahmed tinubu who is a southerner irrespective of the misconception of a muslim muslim agenda they are ready to massively vote for is somebody who allowed his wife his wife is a christian not just a christian she’s a senior pastor in redeemed church how many christians can do that shettima i

Have interacted with him and i see that is one of the intelligent men living in nigeria now we need people like that to support the president so that things can function normally we’ll cares whether we have a christian christian ticket or a muslim muslim ticket basing their belief on the pedigree of the candidates flying the flag of the apc order stakeholders a

Confidence of a landslide victory next year what we are talking about here is the ability to deliver he said it’s not applying for the job of a bricklayer is applied to be president of nigeria is a thinking job thinking and doing the man is good feeds strong to deliver this to deliver service they have come to prove that this man have really built human capacity he

Has built infrastructure in lagos now we want him to bring this come and replicate this on the nation and that is what we’re expecting and i believe strongly if when he wins that is what he’s going to do for nigeria nigerians will be surprised while over 50 candidates have been confirmed for the presidential polls the all progressives congress is leaving not into

Chance ahead of the elections next year still still on politics the people’s democratic party is insisting that it will face the fourth common election as a united party despite the brewing crisis amongst its stakeholders spokesperson of the presidential campaign charles and yago who featured on tvc news program this morning says his the party is on the same page

With a river state governor years on wiki on the need for equity and fairness but set the timeline to resolve the issue remains a challenge considering the closeness of the polls on their last violation of the party’s constitution mr niago noted that the pdp has not contravened its constitution by zoning the presidency to the northern part of the country what you

See as a disagreement is of course not from the prison from where from which many are viewing it on the issues raised by our very respected leader yes on wiki and many others where we are almost on the same page as to the need to trigger some form of equity and fairness like here at liberty put it but where we have a little disagreement which you are dealing with

Issue of the timeline and the presidential candidate of the party doesn’t have any challenge with the issue of having to restructure the party particularly given the fact that the candidate has been made from the north but don’t forget he’s a candidate not a president at the moment and in the next five months we hope by the grace of god he will eventually win to

Become the president of this country to be sworn on may 29th and by that time you have a proper balancing that you are dealing with but beyond that we believe that the timeline we have now is a challenge to begin to trigger some of the offset that any movement from the north to the south could possibly trigger and then leave the party much more wounded than it

Has suffered at the moment but let’s now turn attention to the war against illicit drugs the operatives of the national drug law enforcement agency have arrested the 175 year old man and 22 other suspects in operations across seven states director of media and advocacy of of the agency femi baba femi disclosed that the suspect was arrested in mayobelwa council

Area of adamawa he stated that more than one million bottles and capsules of more of some substances and tramadol were seized and about 2 500 kilograms of cannabis were intercepted and also inquire at least 19 000 bottles of the banned new psychoactive substance were seized by ndle operatives along the ilorin jabba highway and two suspects arrested foreign

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UPDATE: FG Directs VCs to Ensure ASUU Members Resume School Duties Immediately By TVC News Nigeria