June 4, 2023


The good news and the maybe not good news and the not exciting news so i went to see my what is a hematologist oncologist what was it like last week right now i’m going through a time so bear with me time frames are everything was yesterday or 50 years ago it’s all the same so i think it was last week i went there and a few things happened i actually just did

A video that i’ll post for you it’s a separate thing because it’s a separate topic but the beginning of my mmm what was the appointment was i was asked to donate my tissues of blood for their science research so i did so that was interesting i was also filling out different surveys and i went back and my doctor asked me if we could double my pegasus i actually

Declined in a weird way i guess it wasn’t the most weird way but my body’s been aging so horrendously i’ve been desperate i used that you know that chloraseptic stuff your throat i sprayed out my body once i mean legit insanity my but i’ve always had aging problems you guys haven’t seen them on my different videos i have horrendous times with it but it’s getting

Pretty darn desperate and finally my dermatologist local one here she’s so amazing i love her anyway she she said tries all xyz al she said it’s different than the rest of that and it histamines it has like a mirroring effect or something i don’t know but it’s not as horrendous for people and since i’m so sensitive i was like fine i’ll do it i do take it every

Once in a while and i’m not like falling over so good news i am also using sarna sa rna and i wipe it all over my body it’s like a lotion and i learned about it when i have that horrible reaction to the drug so kind of cool i’m learning a lot of things so being on the pegasus it has just exacerbated the problem for me so i just want my body to get better with

It because my body just mean drugs not a good mix definitely not on top of that so we decided to no and especially when i told her how bad the itching was getting it was just horrendous i’m like going insane just like no that’s fine we’ll just keep you on that for a little while and now i go in every two weeks get my blood drawn i got some of my blood results

Back and yes i need a stinking phlebotomy which i’m freaking out i don’t want it like i mean i have to have it but maybe this last round of pegasus will lower it and they’ll do a cbc just before i have no port i have no part of cat and i looked at her and i was like so like oh crap so i was like i have terrible veins i have one vein that i can kinda count on

Like can they just take anything that comes out and she was really sweet about it and she’s like whatever it you know whatever they can do and like oh my gosh i’m like freaking out so i have to go back to my old place which they all know me and i think and they all dread me and i i mean i don’t blame them you didn’t go in and try it again and at least i know

One vein so we’re okay there there is another location we can try but we tried it twice as a phoresis place it still didn’t work there we’re in desperation mode praying that this last dose of pegasus helped i pray because i was out 42 than 41 and now i’m back to 44 this is like every couple weeks you know so like i don’t know pray that it goes down on top of

That i got my test results back and my liver looks like it’s starting to poop out i got i think my ass and alt whoever the doctor people medical people if you’re involved you know you know that’s i get a bad thing they both doubled and went i think it was the alt went to the the borderline of it’s the heist it can go without being over the border and then ast

Went one notch over the border so not the worst but they doubled so i’m kind of like oh my gosh you know so that’s one thing that i have to look at also i just have like a bunch of things kind of come up this last little bit the good thing is is now i am not on the what is it called oh eliquis apixaban or eliquis i’m no longer on it and the cool thing about it

Is it’s a crazy high expensive copay so and i was terrible at they i was 8 o’clock 8 o’clock 8 o’clock and i i can send an alarm and literally as soon as it goes off i’ll fix it again so it was like really rough problem is i’m having withdrawals it’s weird like i’m feeling kind of laid down a little bit stressed down and yes life is getting to me i mean believe

Me i’ve got reason to feel this way so i couldn’t be okay with it but i’m feeling kind of weird you know and my headaches are just getting bad so i’m on a double aspirin again and it’s helping with the itching which is kind of cool and that was a suggestion for my doctor now that i’m on the double aspirin i’m getting like ferocious headaches like i was getting

Them a little bit before anyhow but i take my aspirin in the morning in the evening like right now i’m doing tylenol i did some ibuprofen yesterday was tylenol aspirin ibuprofen i don’t like to do i mean it i’m feeling me brutal since i got the eliquis like brew at all i don’t know i felt pretty fantastic for a while when i first got on it like a horrible and

Great you know and now i’m just having this weird i guess getting off the drugs feeling so yeah i don’t feel great it’s not a fantastic feeling i had no idea i’d have a getting off a drug feeling with it anyway headaches from up of good news of getting off a eliquis and graduating i guess back to aspirin and just kind of cool that’s a good news hopefully pegasus

Will help me in this next week and also the best news of all i used to ask my old doctor all the time can i see someone about food or diet or something nutrition wise especially because i do have a huge spleen and whatever you know and i will fill up so fast and just the desire for food is very little and i just barely mentioned it in this appointment and they’re

Like oh you want a dietitian i was like they set me up like that day i’m so excited so there are some really good things that came out of it and i’m writing down what i’m eating ironically a more during the weekend so it’ll look like i’m doing really well when she gets my notes but i’m very happy so all in all i’m looking forward to this dietitian nutritionist

Whatever she is super excited that way i feel like i’m doing something better and healthier for myself also i feel like i was doing a good job when i gave them my tissues and blood samples or whatever and helping them out i’m trying to do the very best i can and scared to death about the school bottom i can’t even oh god i’m just utterly second about it but i’m

Like getting ideas in my head on how to make it easier and then i’m happy to not be on the eliquis in a lot ways in some ways i strangely mess it so there’s my update i hope all is well with everyone

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