March 22, 2023

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Hi youtube thanks again for tuning in this is the anxious mind and today we’re going to be talking about my week 1 experience on lexapro let’s get started so week 1 on lexapro for anxiety so i’ve already covered day 1 and day 2 so as i got into day 3 still feeling some side effects but one thing i noticed on day 3 is that my anxiety started to increase i was

Aware that this was a possibility i’ve read about some of the side effects and seeing other people’s videos where you know their anxiety kinda increased that first week so i was kind of prepared for it but day 3 of that definitely started to kick in i’m also day four and day 5 was pretty anxious moments for me i had already been had a prescription for laura pam

The generic of ativan so it’s a benzo so i took that on day three day four day five i believe just 0.5 milligrams i just kind of really helped me get through it on the 7 if you’re taking it or going to take it take lexapro for anxiety that may be something you want to talk to your doctor about just for that first week i know it helped me but um consult with your

Doctor for that one so other side effects is i was still kind of feeling those headaches on and off for day 3 day 4 day 5 and i had a little bit of a stomach issues kind of a good kind of a good thing is that i had a kind of a lack of appetite so i ended up losing some weight so that was nice i think i had lost 3 or 4 pounds the first week so that’s one plus of

This aspect that i couldn’t i had a hard time kind of leading the house they give me one in the grocery store for that for that middle of the first week to the day 3 day 45 even one of the grocery store i found kind of difficult just i was just feeling very anxious and very kind of high aware of everything and so those were some uncomfortable days i never i never

Really considered like quitting or getting off it i just kind of um kind of was like i got to get through this this is gonna it’s going to come out of this at the end and some of you had said you know after day seven you know it gets better so like i fought through it where i solved things turnaround was day six i’d say day six and a seven so the end of my first

Week on lexapro things already started getting getting better the side-effects pretty much wore off i would get like a slight headache everyone smile but other than that maybe some glass total lack of appetite but other than adam i felt pretty good and i could definitely feel the anxiety starting to lower so that was a good feeling so if you’re watching this and

Your thing about starting whatever just know the first week it’s going to be a little rough and you’re going to be you know feeling these side effects but a whole little whole hang on through it because once you get a day six and a seven you’re going to see those taper off so i’m doubly glad i got through that period of this so and now actually so this is my week 1

Video i’ve actually have been through another week so i’m going to post my week 2 video as well so so thanks for watching my week 1 video i’m going to post my week 2 videos soon hopefully hope everyone else journey is going well and hopefully this helps if you’re looking to start and want to know what kind of your first week is it might look like thanks for tuning

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Update: Week 1 on Lexapro (escitalopram) By TheAnxiousMind