November 29, 2022

Hey Guys! I know the voice and image on this video is not consistent with each other & lagging. So, please bear with me. I probably will re film this & post a better version. However, i will still keep this video up. I figured maybe it could help someone out who is curious about my experience on this birth control 🙂

Hey y’all it’s kylie here and i just wanted to give you guys an update on the azeret birth control um before i actually get into it let me just say this is my second time recording this video i am going to be touching my hair a lot maybe i should go put a bra on but you know what ain’t nobody got time for that so i’m just gonna make this video now i tried filming

This video like a week ago and i had somebody come in to the room so then i had to stop it then i went to a different room and tried to finish the ending well go figure my macbook is completely filled up with um just the hard drive is so filled up i can’t even upload one photo it’s so ridiculous i need to go get like an external hard drive so i can’t even edit

Like the video that i made previously talking about this birth control but i’m glad that i didn’t post it and that i’m making it now because i have more information to add that i wouldn’t have been able to add then because this didn’t happen to me back then so yeah anyways okay so where do i start all right as you guys know like last year august september

October somewhere around there i decided to get on the azeret birth control i did not have any real reasoning for getting on it honestly i mean i i don’t know i guess at the time the person that i was seeing in a relationship with we were on and off rocky the relationship wasn’t like very stable so i was like you know what if i’m not gonna be with one person

Like i might as well get on something stay on it and just you know be responsible with my life pretty much so yeah i decided to get on it and i was terrified because every other birth control i’ve ever been on it has been a living nightmare for me i was on the marina iud as i’m sure you guys know if you’ve watched any of my other videos the biggest nightmare

Of my life oh my god i broke out in terrible terrible terrible cystic acne i’ve never had bad skin i’ve always been blessed with really good skin and that was the one time in my life that my skin was just terrible honest to gosh i had like 60 pimples all over my face they wouldn’t come to a head it hurt to even touch my face i felt just so embarrassed to leave

The house and for the first time in my life i i felt i could relate to what other people have went through with acne and having just such low self-confidence it really takes your self-esteem away having bad acne and so to anyone out there dealing with it my heart goes out to you seriously anyways yeah so okay i’m trying to think like where do i even begin you

Know um okay so yeah like august september october sometime last year i started taking it and so i stayed on it until the very towards the ending of july 2016. so from like september august of 2015 from like august september 2015 to july um 2016 i stayed on it so i was on it for about a year well i decided you know what i don’t want to be on it anymore because

I felt like i began to put on weight and i could just tell it was water retention i had a good amount of water retention yeah anyways so yeah that was like the one thing that really kind of um triggered me to like stop taking it and i was like you know what well i’m not seeing anyone and i’m not talking to anyone and i don’t go on dates and yeah so i don’t i

Am not going out seeing anyone i’m very much so a loner always by myself i don’t have any friends so yeah i was like you know what okay well since me and my ex aren’t seeing each other and i’m not dating people and it’s already been like almost a year like i’m not going to be on it anymore well i stopped taking it um that just like a month or so ago or like what

Like okay like two months ago one month i don’t know whatever anyways so yeah i stopped taking it and then i was off of it for a month okay well now get this i went to my dermatologist the very first time and i actually want to make videos updating you guys on just my process of seeing my dermatologist because i am so freaking happy that i seen a dermatologist

The best decision ever in my life anyways so i went and see my dermatologist and i told him all of these problems that i have wrong okay i’m like i want the most gorgeous skin i never want to break out i want to be flawless just make me perfect and so my dermatologist he was like well he’s like since you want such clear skin he’s like how would you feel about

Getting on accutane and i was like oh my god seriously like i know so many people have gotten gotten on accutane and it’s made their skin absolutely beautiful but i didn’t think i was even gonna be a candidate for taking it because i mean i don’t have bad acne like if you can’t even see my face really good from here i have a really good skin honestly i’m very

Very blessed and so yeah whenever i told them yes i did want to get on accutane he was like okay cool let’s go for it well the thing is is if you are an accutane you cannot get pregnant um it can cause deformities for the baby etc whatever anyways so i had to like sign a pledge that like i’m not gonna get pregnant then i’m gonna get on birth control etc etc so

I’m like oh my god seriously i just stopped taking birth control a month ago and now i gotta get back on it which it’s not really that big of a deal in a way i’m kind of glad actually because you know what ultimately i don’t need babies right now and i need to get my life started and you know what like i still want to have fun um yeah so i still want to have fun

And i ain’t got time to take care of no baby but if it happened of course i would like step up to the plate be responsible and love my child you know so anyways yeah so while i was on the azerite birth control i had the most beautiful gorgeous flawless even skin oh my god like my skin perfect perfect perfect beautiful i was so happy to have just gorgeous skin

The whole time i was on this i did not have any really bad side effects i mean the only thing that i can say that i had as a side effect was water retention and i didn’t even get really water retention until like the last three months before i stopped taking it um and you know what in a way i feel like i can’t necessarily completely blame the birth control

Like for me putting on a little bit of weight because you know what i wasn’t sorry my hair is driving me nuts anyways i can’t blame the birth control completely because you know what at the time i wasn’t making com like the right uh food choices all the time as i previously was i wasn’t working out and being physically active as i previously was so yeah you know

I mean it was kind of myself too and it was a combination of myself and the birth control that contributed to me just putting on a couple pounds it was not anything big or significant like i don’t even mind honestly i would rather have a little bit of extra um push into my cushion if you will than to be too skinny because i’ve um there’s been points in my life

Where i’ve been so s like stick thin that it was just unattractive and so i don’t want to be like that you know and um yeah i’m like five six five seven i’m like five six okay and so yeah i mean i’m a decent height and i’ve always been a pretty lean person i’ve never really had a problem losing weight and stuff so yeah but um anyways so because of me putting

On a couple of pounds i decided to get off of it well now i am currently back on it and so i don’t know all i can say is i’ve been very very very blessed and just fortunate to have had such an amazing experience off of this birth control like this is what it looks like i’ll show it again it is oh so amazing like i don’t know it’s by the brand watson and then to

Get your pills you gotta slide this thing out let’s see can you guys see it i’m like the lighting sorry see if you see this row the bottom row that’s like the pills that when you’re on your period so and the rest of them are just like normal pills when you’re not on your period whatever anyways oh my god i feel so funny right now but whatever anyways so yeah i

Mean i from the video that i posted before i’ve gotten a lot of comments from different people some have told me that they’ve had a great experience off of it other people have told me it has been such a horrible nightmare so i would not take my word 100 for like your basis of getting on this birth control i mean definitely talk to your doctor and do research

And figure out what is best for you um i’m just very thankful that the first birth control that my gynecologist suggested and offered me was absolutely amazing because like i said the previous ones that i’ve been on was terrible they were horrible like it was just such a nightmare and so yeah i’m praying and believing that now that i am starting to take it

Again that i don’t get water retention again because i mean who wants to put on weight like really you know i know i don’t i mean some people do but i don’t want to put on weight so yeah but um i don’t even know like i said i made that i’m making this video off the top of my head i don’t really know what else to add to it i mean if you guys have any questions

Or comments any requests then please feel free to leave them down below subscribe if yeah just let me know if there’s any other videos you guys would like to see i love making youtube videos and just talking um like i said i don’t have any memory on my macbook and so i can’t edit any videos i have a really nice camera a canon t3i which makes incredible videos

Like the quality of it is so perfect but it’s like crap like i can’t even film off of that and upload it onto my computer because there’s no space so hopefully before not before long that i get either an external hard drive or i get an external hard drive and a new computer one of the two or who knows maybe both i don’t know but yeah so thank you so much for

Watching this video i hope you guys have an amazing day and i’ll see you guys later bye you

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