June 1, 2023

Hey youtube this is andy with andy’s dizzy vlogs i am just leaving the gym um today is wednesday before i got to the gym today i was so close to just driving home because i was falling asleep waiting in traffic to leave the parking lot from work but center mines prevailed and i pushed myself to get into the gym i was doing if you remember 15 minutes of uh

High intensity interval training on the um treadmill but i got sick of that i’m starting to hurt my my legs my knees and i just wanted to do something else this traffic is ridiculous so i decided to do uh the row machine for 10 minutes instead so i’ve been when i have been going to the gym that’s what i’ve been doing so i did just told myself i just have to

Get through this row and then i’ll be okay but it was incredibly difficult just to get to that point just to get changed um so i’m really kind of talking to myself right now and it’s as hot happens to help other people then i’m glad but and i i know i said this in my last video but try not to listen to that inner voice in your head because it’s probably

Robbing you from something you know you need to do and something you’re very capable of doing but you know and there’s something to be said for rest if i wanted to i probably could say i i get enough exercise at work is that true yeah sort of but i’m i don’t weigh what i want to weigh i’m still at least 20 if not 30 pounds overweight so you know i could

Like a lot of other people just say wow i work 10 hours a day six days a week and i’m walking a lot and i’m carrying heavy equipment and using giant heavy torque wrenches and you know torquing big flanges all day and i could make all these excuses up on why i don’t need to go to the gym but i would only be hurting myself and i still would be nowhere closer to

My goal so you might have all of the excuses in the world not to go to the gym but if you’re unhappy with your body and you’re unhappy with how you feel physically of course i’m talking outside of vestibular issues because like yesterday i didn’t go to the gym because my symptoms were pretty bad yesterday and so i’m not i’m not just telling everyone to suck

It up because i know sometimes you can’t and sometimes you know working a 10-hour day or working an eight hour a day is tough enough to get through and without having to worry about am i going to exercise today so i’m certainly not shaming anyone for not going to the gym but i guess i’m saying that if you are wanting to go to the gym and you have a day where you

Think i’ll just skip if your vestibular symptoms are not the issue probably making an excuse for yourself that you could push through and i think it’s good for you mentally and physically physically obviously well for obvious reasons but physically or mentally i mean because you’re doing something that you don’t want to do and i think that that’s i’ve always

I think that’s an underappreciated um sort of life lesson you i should say skill that you gain from from exercising particularly exercises you don’t want to do there’s those are usually the ones that you should do and it’s probably a reason why you don’t want to do them um but they do make you tougher mentally and people was dealing with um vestibular issues

Were already tough people we deal with a lot of stuff on a daily basis on an hourly basis for a lot of us and so going in rowing for 10 minutes and doing some push-ups and pull-ups and planks and kettlebell stuff it’s not something that’s a you know beyond me i can do it i just didn’t want to i was tired but now i’m happy that i went and i’m sure all of you

Who are into exercising so you know this to be true so if you’re hearing this and you’re someone that knows you should be exercising but are giving yourself excuses that in the back of your mind you know aren’t really excuses or they are or they are legitimate excuses but you can still push through it try to you know i encourage you to to go um because yeah

I was this close from turning right up of my road and not going i was i’m not kidding when i say i was falling asleep in the car leaving work waiting in traffic so and sometimes you just gotta get moving it took me i mean my eyes were closing when i was doing the when i was doing the row machine you know so it’s uh it’s gonna be difficult no doubt but it’s

Kind of cheesy but i remember one year for track one of our track t-shirts set on the back if it were easy anyone would do it pretty pretty obvious but yeah that’s true that was easy anyone would do it um so go to the gym if you can the other thing i wanted to talk about was i upped my dose of venlafaxine today and it was not all how do they say rainbows and

Roses or whatever it wasn’t awesome the first half of my day kind of sucked um so as i said in the last video i went from 75 milligrams to the 75 milligram extended release tablet plus an additional 37.5 milligrams so that was a lot to up it however um nothing catastrophic happened but i did feel pretty weird i did feel off and just kind of out of it definitely

I don’t know how to describe it really and i’m i don’t think i’m gonna try please just let it be known that i definitely felt weird and i didn’t enjoy it um just felt like very alert and ungrounded that’s the best i’m gonna do that ungrounded feeling is like the thing that i hate the most oh i’m not even gonna get into ranking what symptoms i hate the most but as

Of recently you know that’s the symptom that like if that goes away i have like a pretty normal life but you know just walking around feeling like you’re in a dream you’re just unattached from reality i barely hate that feeling so anyways um yeah i upped that dose today and it wasn’t awful but it wasn’t fun either and then at lunchtime we’re pretty busy the

First half of the day and then after first half of the day and then we ate lunch and then after lunch we um after lunch we had some work and i was just i was falling asleep out in the field which it’s a it’s a construction plant you know it’s very very very loud and my eyes i couldn’t keep my eyes open when i was walking around um it was pretty rough i i

Don’t know if the medication because i was tired the past couple days so i don’t know what to attribute that to um but that’s one thing i really hate is trying to get in my house and carry my boots and other stuff and it’s just like proven to be a challenge so yeah um the the being exhausted through this really exhausted i really hate that i really really

Hate that being exhausted when you’re ready for bed is awesome but when you have four more hours to work and then you have to work out after that it’s not fun so anyways i don’t have anything like monumental to report about with the up dose other than you know i suppose it kind of went as expected i had a feeling that i would notice you know something like

A change uh i had a feeling that change was going to be slightly anxious because um there was a pretty big up dose so that’s that but you know i i will say this i didn’t get um i didn’t have a panic attack which i almost did a few times when i was first starting venlafaxine and upping the dose there were a few times when i got really close to having a panic

Attack and this was more just like a i just felt my mind like have a change of state um and i still was sort of like discombobulated like my my sense of spatial awareness so but all right that’s it um you know i’m just i’m taking it one day at a time and i’m hoping that this medication really brings me back down to earth um because that’s that’s the thing that

I hate the most is just that sense of you know floating you know not being grounded in yourself experiencing the world through different different perspective not in a fun way so that’s going to be that for today hopefully in that next cup uh upcoming days the medication will you know start to get used to it and it will really start to have a positive effect

That i’m looking for because no i don’t want to feel different i want to feel normal so i don’t want to you know not be dizzy but then also feel ungrounded and not like myself that’s i wouldn’t call that a win it’d be just be exchanging symptoms for something else so anyways i’m gonna leave that there and uh hope you all are doing okay and if you’re not thriving

Keep trying keep pushing yourself not too hard but hard enough probably harder than you think you’re you should be you tend to sell ourselves short a lot of times so all right well stay safe we’ll see in the next one

Transcribed from video
UPPED dose again of venlafaxine. Sometimes you shouldn't listen to the voice in your head By Andy’s Dizzy Vlog