December 8, 2022

Hello everyone welcome to my class if this is your first time of hearing my voice you’re highly welcome today’s topic will be on which antipyretic which an adjacent drug is safest for you to give to your baby so we’ll be comparing two types of analgesic we’ll be comparing parasite ammo and we’ll be comparing ibuprofen so is it perfect safe for children to treat

Unconfirmed cause of fever in children you know once our children or our baby is running fever we are advised to the first thing is to give water give spongebob try to make the baby to rest and if the piva persists then you can’t add mr ida pasta or protein syrup but is it profane syrup actually safe is it the first thing we should give find out on this video

So let’s talk about it well according to research nsaid which is non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen diclofenac aspirin of course aspirin should never ever be used in children but we see a lot of antibiotic and analgesic syrup like ibuprofen and perfume relatively it’s actually safe for babies or children to use but is it the first line of drug

That we should use that’s the question of this little video so let’s talk about this so nsaid without antibiotic according to research for acute viral infection increases the risk of hiv coming down with something called epiphyma according to moraine in 2016 and this shows that ibuprofen as a first line of acute viral infection without antibiotic can actually

Predispose the baby it’s coming down with this condition called epi fema so it is advised not to give ibuprofen to children that are below six months the best antiparetic drug to give to children that are below 6 months is actually parasitic thermal but for children below the age of 15 but above the age of 6 months they can actually use ibuprofen but should that

Be the first line of treatment no it shouldn’t because you don’t know the cause of fever it could be viral it could be bacteria so if it is viral you may shy away from giving answers like aspirin because it can’t predispose to the baby to something we call reyes syndrome so i was wondering since a spring can cause rare symptoms what of other insects can they also

Predispose the baby to other form of condition enough results be done to ascertain if all these other energetics all these other insects are safer than paracetamol and in my course of doing the research that was when i found out that giving children ibuprofen without antibiotic can actually predispose high to a condition called epiphany so the best and safest

Drug to give to a child is actually pasta monster but you don’t even know whether it is an acute viral infection at home you don’t have the knowledge the skills the equipment to determine whether the child is having bacteria or viral and whether the viral infection is also acute it shows that when giving an acute viral infection increases the risk of the child

Coming down with the condition called epidemic which is a very very very dangerous condition it is high risk if the child should be rushed to the hospital immediately according to the brew hedgehog but you don’t have the knowledge skills and equipment to know whether the child is having vira so should the buffing or any other insect be given as over the counter

Drug for children so the result is do not give ibuprofen as fast line for acute viral infection without antibiotic and you know antibiotic is not something that should be prescribed that shouldn’t be given as over the counter it’s actually an ethical drug so my advice to parents to to caregivers is give only parasite ammo and if the fever passes take the child

To the hospital do not administer ibuprofen let the health care professional baby determine what baby has vira or bacterial infection and then before placing the child on ibuprofen thank you and have a wonderful day bye

Transcribed from video
Use of ibuprofen For Unknown Cause of Fever in Baby By Health Tips With Joy (HTWJ)