January 26, 2023

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Hi my name’s dr rachel corman i’m the feline specialist with veterinary specialist services and this short video is just to provide you with some information on the use of insulin pens in cats we might have recommended the use of an insulin pet insulin pen for you if your cat has been diagnosed as diabetic and the benefits of using an insulin pen is that it

Gives us much greater control over much smaller doses of insulin typically that we might be using in diabetic patients there’s three main pens that we use this is the sanofi junior star insulin pen for glarging and it’s a reusable pin so you can purchase little cartridges of glarging that then are placed into the pen and will demonstrate how to do that and

You keep this pen for as long as your cat is diabetic it’s important that you don’t put the pen into the fridge as the cold of the fridge can affect the mechanisms of the pen and that might affect the delivery or the accurate delivery of the dosage of insulin there’s other pens available as well for glycine insulin so this is the lantern solid star and this

Is the tejo um solar star pens as well and these are essentially disposable pens so when you’ve used this pen up you throw the whole thing out so the one that we’ll focus on primarily is the junior star pen and this is a really great pen because it’s one of the few pens that allows you to do half doses of insulin here which sometimes we might need to use in

Our cats so when you receive the pen take the lid off pen has been preloaded with the cartridge of insulin but this is what your insulin cartridge will look like insert that here and you’ll find that the pens will come with a very detailed data sheet as well screw this in together and you want to make sure that these two stars are aligning here next you

Need to use special needles for these pens so basically what you do is you push the pen in here and you screw that down onto the needle to make sure that it’s attached to the pen now the needles that we’re using here are the bd micro fine needles and the important thing to make sure is that you get a needle size or length that is long enough so these are

Eight millimeter needles to make sure that we get right underneath the skin of the cat if we get shorter needles then you may not deliver the insulin in appropriate fashion so just make sure that you have eight millimeter needles for your cat next what we do is remove the plastic cap and then it’s also important to note that there’s another protective cover

Here from the needle so this also needs to be removed and then this is the sterile portion of the needle here that you’ll be using to inject under the skin firstly and we need to do this every time you give your cat their insulin you need to prime the pen and so what this does is it makes sure that there is insulin sitting within the needle here so it’s not

An empty needle and this is really important when we’re using such tiny dosages in cats so as you can see here you have a little dosage window and to prime we’re going to go to five units of insulin we hold the needle upright or the syringe upright like this and depress the plunger and what you’ll see if you look up here is you’ll see all of that insulin come

Out okay so there’s a little blob of insulin at the top here so you just give that a shake to get rid of that insulin if we look back at the dosage window here again you’ll see that that window has now returned to zero so that means that your now the pen is primed and you’re now ready to turn the dial to the correct dosage for your cat so for example purposes

We’ll say that our patient is on a two unit dosage so we’ve turned to the number two here and we’ll then inject um the insulin into our cats and we’ll have another video that will show you how to inject um how to give an injection to your cat shortly so hopefully that’s been a helpful demonstration for you if you do have any questions at all then please don’t hesitate to contact us

Transcribed from video
Using a Insulin Pen for your Cat By Veterinary Specialist Services