March 28, 2023

How to use your albuterol rescue inhaler or puffer.

I’m shana and today i’m going to be talking a little bit about how to use your hfa albuterol inhaler they come with brand name such pro air proventil and mentally they’re all going to look something like this and i found that a lot of people aren’t using this properly so first thing you’re going to want to do is shake it before each use top cap off of the mouthpiece

Hold it upright like this and then start to inhale and once you start to inhale you’re going to compress the top of the canister and breathe in so the medication is going into an inch stream of air so i just breathe in then sprayed continued my breath and then i held it for a few seconds afterwards to make sure all the medication got to my nose once you’ve done

That if your doctor prescribed more than one spray at a time you’re going to want to wait about a minute in between each spray now some people have a hard time using this it’s generally children the elderly and people that are having a hard time with the coordination of using the inhaler we use a device such as an aerochamber i’ve got two examples here this is a

Pediatric one this is an adult what this does is it’s a canister and when you spray the medication it’s trapped in this this chamber right here so you’re able to breathe in and out in a more natural way whereas just using the inhaler itself requires some degree of coordination that some people are unable to do so the first thing i want to do is it’s got a piece

Where your inhaler is going to fit i want to make sure that that’s lined up so that when you put the inhaler on there it’s going to be in an upright position with with the mouthpiece so when i put it on my face it’s gonna still be up right now i’m gonna do it the same way as i did before i’m gonna shake it put it here put them up mask out my face so i create

A seal around here now i’m going to spray it and then i’m going to take three to four breaths normal breaths so like this to make sure that i get all the medication because the medication is going to be trapped in here as i breathe it’s going to just exchange the same air that’s in here with the medication with the pediatric mask you didn’t want to do the same

Thing except you to six breaths so six breaths and to get all the medication and as before if you have more than one shot that’s been prescribed by the doctor at a time you don’t want to wait one minute in order to have that medication take action in your lungs before you start the next one and once you’re done to be used a few times you don’t want to make sure you

Clean it so with the eight the canister take it out and you’re just left with the plastic casing and so you’re gonna use warm running water and rinse it out and set the canister back into the plastic holder and if you haven’t used it for about ten to twelve days you don’t want to make sure you prime it again before you use it just like you did with the first time

You used it the arab chamber is also going to mean need to be cleaned just as the canister for the inhaler in order to do so the back piece comes right off and you’re gonna use warm soapy water and clean just as you would in normal dishes won’t the end cap and you’re gonna leave it to air dry overnight once the pieces are all dry pop that back on and it’s ready

To be used again if you have any questions feel free to talk to your local pharmacist if not thanks for watching my name is sean

Transcribed from video
Using your albuterol rescue inhaler By Shawn Hopman