March 22, 2023

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Hello friends welcome back to all of them law today i’m going to talk about bas baron this is an important drug for usmle step on examination and even for a step 3 examination also before starting this i will request you to subscribe to our channel and tell your friends to subscribe here i am discussing briefly about the important points that will help you for your

Usmle examination and please tell your friends to subscribe you can tell them through the facebook email or twitter account whichever is convenient to you ok let me start with this without wasting time is an ngo lydic that is a it lives the anxiety a psychoactive drug of as up your own class and we primarily used to treat generalized anxiety disorders there is a cat

The gandalf a mild to moderate intensity clinical depression augmentation agent alongside drug therapy with ssri although not approved for this indication studies have shown boosts perron to be an effective ockman tation agent alongside treatment with ssris for clinical depression so what you need to remember is the side effects of this drug the most common adverse

Effects are drowsiness upset stomach vomiting constipation diarrhea stomach pain headache dry mouth the depression excitement fatigue or nervousness insomnia lightheadedness weakness numbness okay the contraindication for the use of this is booze bran has a following contraindication hypersensitivity to the bus pran metabolic acidosis as in a diabetes should not

Be with mao inhibitors and severely compromised the liver or renal function so remember about the contraindications because they can ask you for this examination ok so the important range inductions you are you should also remember booze parent has been shown in vitro to be metallized metabolized by cyp3a4 this finding is consistent with the in vivo interactions

Observed between was pure on and the following inhibitors or induces of cytochrome p450 itraconazole increases lc plasma levels of booster on rifampicin in decreased plasma levels of booster on you can remember about the nefas alone or it’s okay if you if you don’t remember the haloperidol remember with the haloperidol increase plasma eels of haloperidol kabam

Is a bind i recently uploaded a video on a carbamazepine and just go and watch decrease the plasma levels of booze ferran grapefruits or a grapefruit juice this can this is very important significantly increases the plasma level some poster on so just remember about this okay okay both firaon functions as a serotonin phy ht1 a receptor partial agonist remember a

Partial agonist it is this action that is thought to mediate is angry avoiding and antidepressant effects additionally it function as a presynaptic dopamine agonist d2 d3 and dopamine antagonists d4 as well as partial alpha 1 receptor agonist the positive results for the treatment of depression when buster on was combined with melatonin has been shown it is suspected

That the method of action differs from ssri medications prep preliminary research suggests that the combination of boos parent and the melatonin stimulate the growth of new neurons in the brain also known as the neurogenesis ok these are the important points about tabu spearin ok guys if you have any important points if you have anything any important or any updates

Regarding this drug please update us through the sending by comments because it will help me you and your friends ok guys thank you so much for watching my video take care

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USMLE: Medical Video Lectures Pharmacology about Buspirone by UsmleTeam By allornonelaw