January 27, 2023

In this video I will be showing you some tips on how to isolate and purify acetaminophen from Tylenol or generic brand capsules and to show you how to observe the melting point of the crystals.

Hi my name is bea and today i’ll be showing you how to isolate and purify the cinema to be autonomous there are two stages i’ll be going over the first one we’ll be using recrystalization to isolate and purify a cinema to feed from title and the second part i’ll be showing you how to use an octave apparatus to determine the melting point range of your sample so

First let’s isolate a cinematic me you should have already obtained 6 500 milligram terminal tablets transfer these tablets into a mortar and this stuff you’re gonna grind these tablets into a fine powder so instead of counting these tablets you’re gonna pulverize them in a circular motion and then once in a while shake the mortar gently this will force larger

Particles of solids to go to the surface and then continue once the tablet is finally grind pour it into 125 you can use a little bit of deionized water to help now you want to put in one chips once you fill up your clothes position to the 50-mile mark we’re around a little bit and also note that there are insoluble of solvents into the solution so it won’t go

Completely clear so while your siliceous point set up your vacuum filtration and when you’re cleaning your backup nutrition make sure that the funnel is like really clean and it is not clogged the reason for it is it because when you filter stuff if there’s something clogged in it then it will take your solution longer to filter then put a piece of filter paper into

New a brush in your funnel wet it with some di water now you’re gonna take care of full on top and get some see light see light is essentially glass so don’t leave it in and you not to make an even layer of sea light so take a small beaker and even the smash down the sea light to create even there it should be at least one and once you have an ear even layer see

Like put it back onto the pressure funnel this will act as another layer of filter and whatever it some di waters once your solution is heated or your hot solution intimacy like telomere floss added ankle and beltran is a little tricky because sometimes it can get clogged so some good tips to unclog it is to turn your back coupon off or lightly scrape the top of

The select finally they’ll be at one point where no solution will test the filter notice how your poetry is very milky and some as a cinema theme has reached the bottom the reason why is because when you’re not going out the air it loses the heat and also at lowest temperature and also reverses a liability so what you want to do now is for this bullet rate into

100 and you want to get all the same a feed from the bottom if you use a small amount of dnr ice water but don’t leave too much once again as much assume anything as you can note the volume put two to three bullet rips in and put it back on the hot plate and let it boil into reaches half of its body while this is where kimberly make your ice pack and then you want

Chill 20 mils of deionized water with nurses after the submission has reduced to one half of its volume take your beaker tongs and place it onto your counter once the solution has pulled down to room temperature place the beaker into the ice bath and slowly your crystal surestart if it doesn’t take an last string rot and agitate the bottom of the beaker this will

Agitate the solution and form more verses once the 10 minutes are up take your beaker out and swirl it a little bit to loosen up the crystals before pouring it onto the filter paper so the reason why we use ice-cold water is because we do not want to dissolve our sample again remove the filter cup and transfer the isolate crystal with the filter paper onto the

Watch glass once time is up open and use test tube tones to get error watch glasses now i’m sure you have to use them though attempt at rice first take a capillary to invert it once you get one to two millimeters will send anything into your cup there too and bring it back and tap it to the bottom of the coverage now you can insert the copper tube is important

To know where your sample is because you have to observe the change the change that you are looking for is the sample turning from a solid to a completely liquid the start of the melting is a start of your range and the end is a temperature at which all the thoughts have converted into a liquid completely at the end of the slab make sure you clean up your station

Dispose all these capillary tubes in the broken glass disposals and all other materials like the sea light the filter paper and cinnamon of being crystals into the solid waste container hence this is how you perform this experiment i hope it was clear and helpful

Transcribed from video
UTA-440: Re-crystallization of Acetaminophen from Tylenol (Chem1442) By UTAchemistry