December 8, 2022

What protects the brain and olfactory nerve during a COVID event?

Space because the network was not good over there i hope it would work fine here so here is a new study i’ll put the link in the description afterwards teddy says that the covid-19 or the sask of two can infect the we know that all fact is right olfactory nerve is also interesting because it is naked brain tissue hanging in the roof of our nose for connecting

With the chemical molecules to perform the function of smell virus can directly infect that area olfactory area and cause damage we know that we we know that enosmia can occur we also now know that virus can actually infect or cause inflammatory mediators to be generated in your factory area after information and that can even travel to the brain as well so

In this new study what they found was very interesting they found that tree area if i can take my glasses off and point correctly at the nose so let’s say over here inside is your factory area a tree nerve tree nerve is set from the blood system through olfactory blood barrier just like we have a brain blood-brain barrier we also have a blood olfactory barrier

We have antibodies in our body let’s say the vaccine and they they say this in their manuscript they say vaccines often are not able to protect olfactory area and they also say vaccines are often not able to protect mucosal surfaces and they’re talking about the vaccines that are given through the intramuscular injection and they actually say if i can put this

Over here they actually say that it will be good to have a vaccines that are on the mucosal surfaces for example nasal vaccines or the inhaled vaccines and i have been saying this for some time that the cells at various locations when these are these cells are exposed to the antigen they develop in those locations the protection so they said vaccine generated

Antibodies do not help why not because imagine i got a vaccine in my intramuscular tissue that caused the local b cells here um i’m pointing at my muscle local b cells here then the lymph nodes local lymph nodes here macrophages mast cells b cells t cells in the lymph nodes they all work together to finally start producing the antibodies these antibodies are now

Circulating in the blood these antibodies are not able and appear on the wet surfaces especially the olfactory surfaces we know that iga immunoglobulin a can actually be secreted onto the wet surfaces however they found that these antibodies in the olfactory area the nerve of the smell that area the antibodies were not coming out there so they became very curious

That why was it not coming out the iga or other antibodies and they found out that her factory nerve has the rain or factory barrier that does not allow the iga to be removed or any other antibodies to be present there so that means it is actually true that vaccinated or not when we get infected in you know that majority of the infection occurs in the nose a nose

Mia can occur and through the nose the brain issues can occur so even with the current vaccines or with the protection produced through non-respiratory system we cannot protect the nose correctly correctly now look at the flip side imagine somebody gets infected got infected somebody gets infected the infection is in the nose and the pharyngeal area they said

The there are cells listen to this this is such an important thing they said there are cells in your factory area outside of the blood system that our immune cells in this area specialized for it and these cells become active and these b cells over here become converted into plasma cells now remember these b cells are not in the blood circulation they are outside

Of the blood living in their factory region their mucosal cells when they get primed when they get triggered by the antigen they start producing antibodies in the local tissue and protect your factory nerve and brain so somebody gets infected they are still at a risk of or we are out i totally understand that however somebody who gets a vaccine in the muscular

Area their antibodies are not going to be protecting their olfactory nerve and as the author said often so i want to use the same word compared to somebody who got infected should be to create vaccines that are mucosal vaccines nasal systems so that mucosal cells immune cells in the surfaces of the body they become activated they would sit there they would make

Antibodies and they would protect that was really a very interesting ticklish concept for me to look at he did this work on mice models in the mice that produced first they tried to inject the antibodies or trigger the antibodies through the normal vaccination type route and they saw that those antibodies were not protecting their factory area then they created

Various kind of deficiencies and put various kind of cells to figure out the rest so b cells in the factory system the helper cells of the olfactory system cxcr3 mediators are all needed for the protection in your factory area and protection of your factory area plus the drain if somebody is previously infected they would actually have these protective antibodies

India mucosal surfaces because the virus had landed in their mucosal areas so anyways that is the second discussion it was a very interesting study i’m gonna hang up now and i would go and have those links added to the description and we’ll go from there please do me a favor please like subscribe and share at least subscribe i am waiting for some months now to

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