June 1, 2023

Vanessa Zelhof

Hi how can i help you today hi i am picking up a medication okay could i just get your first and last name and date of birth sure brianna zellhoff november 11th 1942. okay looks like you’re picking up listen april today is that correct yes okay my name is vanessa i’m the pharmacy intern looks like this is a new medication that you’re picking up is that correct

Yes okay so could i discuss some important information regarding your medication i want to ensure that you’re getting the most out of it sure okay let’s step aside so are you the patient or are you picking up this medication for someone else this is my medication okay so it looks like today you are picking up listed a pro 10 milligram tablets is that correct

Yes what did the doctor tell you this medication was used for um i think he said this is used for my pressure yes that’s correct you have a condition called hypertension which is just a fancy way of saying high blood pressure high blood pressure is very serious so it’s important that we manage it with this medication i remember my doctor saying that okay how

Did the doctor tell you to take this medication i think he said to take it once a day that’s correct you’re going to take one tablet by mouth every day is your high blood pressure pill that you must take every day to ensure that your blood pressure is managed you can take this medication with or without food i would recommend it in the morning you should try to

Make it a habit to take it at the same time every day so you don’t accidentally skip a dose i would also recommend that you store this medication in a cool and dry environment so that the drug works the same each time are there any questions before we move forward no okay are you taking any other medications yes i am taking metformin for my diabetes would i be

Able to take these medications together yes there shouldn’t be any issues taking these medications at the same time since you usually take your metformin with your breakfast you should take your lysine pearl at the same time so you don’t forget okay now if you miss a dose take it as soon as possible if you forget over 12 hours skip that dose and do not take it

That day but wait until your next scheduled toast do not double the dose if you forget or your blood pressure could drop too much what were you told to expect taking this medication my doctor said something about a cough i’m not too sure what that means i thought it was because of my pressure why would i get a cough so that’s actually a really common side effect

Of taking lisinopril this is an ace inhibitor it is used to treat heart function for and for diabetic patients it may be given to protect your kidney function you may think that you will need some cough medicine but do not take any over-the-counter cough medicines as they can actually heighten your blood pressure i would recommend contacting your doctor if the

Cough is unbearable the cough doesn’t happen for everyone but it should be something to look out for if you get to that point the doctor may recommend a change in medication okay i’ll make sure to remember that and contact my doctor in addition to the cough there are other side effects that you should be aware of one being you may feel dizzy so make sure that when

You sit up to rise slowly we will want you to have a fall others include a headache and some people report a bad taste in their mouth but that should usually go back to normal oh okay that’s good to know some severe side effects that you should be mindful of include passing out tightness of the chest itching swelling of lips or throat which can all be signs of

An allergic reaction if you experience any of these please go straight to the emergency room so they can treat you okay i understand how long will i be on this medication for so this is used to manage your high blood pressure it will be a daily maintenance medication which will decrease your likelihood of having a stroke or a heart attack due to your high blood

Pressure most likely with the low salt low fat diet and exercise the doctor may see an improvement and take it from there oh okay i’ll be sure to try those things just to ensure i didn’t leave anything out can you please tell me how you’ll be taking this medication i’ll take one tablet a day with my metformin if i get a cough i won’t take any cough medicines and

I’ll look for i’ll look out for those side effects okay so you have two refills on this medication try to get here a week before december 24th so that you have your medication for the next month and you don’t skip a dose i have a sheet here um highlighting important information from our session do you have any questions no i do not i’ll remember to be back next

Month thank you okay and if you have any other questions please call the pharmacy i’ll be here have a nice day

Transcribed from video
Vanessa Zelhof Lisinopril Counseling By Vanessa Zelhof