March 21, 2023

Venlafaxine can be used as SSRI or as SNRI and also has a weak effect on Dopamine.

Hi everyone thanks for listening to all my presentations today i will proceed with antidepressant and the focus will be on the left facing in the lavasine belongs to the clouds of medications known as antidepressant and specifically a serotonin and norepinephrine the optic inhibitor it will appear in various forms as capsule it could be capsule extended released

For 24 hours per aura in that case we can have a vessel at 37.5 milligrams 75 milligram or 150 milligram it’s also possible to have generic here at 7.5 75 or 150 milligram it will also come in form of tablet tablet extended release for 24 hours per oral as generic said 7.5 75 150 or 225 milligram could also be in form of tablet for immediate release per aura

And that will be in form of generic 25 milligram 37.5 milligram 50 75 and 100 milligram administration you can add many starving lava scene with food but the external release should be given every morning or every evening do not open the snare release take the wall capsule or the old tablet however because of some disabilities in some patients you can open the

Content and pour the entire content on applesauce but that must be taking whole no chewing be cautious if you are dealing with deadly patients particularly anyone above 65 and be careful in the phase of siadh and hyponatremia uses of enlarvance in migraine prevention in generalized anxiety disorder in unipolar major depressive disorder narcolepsy particularly

With cataplexy in diabetic mellitus with neuropathic pain in ocd that is obsessive compulsive disorder in panic disorder in post-traumatic stress disorder premenstrual dysphoric disorder social anxiety disorder menopausal symptoms adhd and autism spectrum disorder when you are switching to or from monoemi osides in betas we need to be careful there should be

Two weeks after you have stopped mono in my house days in bitter before you can start being adversing but you can know just stop whenever scene for seven days and start mono in my ocd’s in betas it will be better if you can just make it two weeks either before you start relevant after mono emergencies in peter or when you start mono in myositis in beta you

Start the harvesting just make two ways gap you know while switching that will be preferred or the patient who will be at less risk don’t stop the lava scene suddenly so don’t stop the lava scene cold turkey you have to take power off in fact for a long period of time almost two to four weeks particularly in any patient who had been on the lava scene for more

Than three weeks so don’t stop it suddenly when you are switching from bellamvision immediate release to benevolence in extended release there must be dosage adjustments advice reactions diaphoresis weight loss aneurysm terostomia dizziness insomnia asthenia constipation or diarrhoea others will include increased lipid that is hyperlipidemia fluorides abnormal

Uterine bleeding hallucination urinary incontinency or urinary retention seizures journey others will include united states problems hypomania or even full-grown men abstention abdominal pain dysprasia suicide or suicidal addition a piece this is cardiomyopathy still on adverse reaction there could be prolonged cutie i’ll pause it b to explain further on that when

There’s prolonged cutie then the individual could be treated to desire the point if josiah point is not corrected then there’ll be ventricular tachycardia from the trigger that could be monomorphic it will turn to polymorphic ventricular tachycardia and if that is not corrected on time it will degenerate a ventricular fibrillation if there is no defibrillation of

Ventricular fibrillation then there’ll be a systolic without advanced life support being suited on time calling code blue everybody coming around and helping out essentially will lead to death also we could be faced with erythema multiforming and reactions like steven johnson syndrome or toxic abdominal neurolysis there could be erectile dysfunction postpartum

Hemorrhage agranulocytosis aplastic anemia hepatic dysfunction acute angle closure glaucoma and respiratory failure what are the possible contraindications hyper sensitivity mono ebi osidase in bitter used within the last 14 days is a contraindicating factor meaning if you want to use an adversary and this patient has taken any of the monoi myosis in betas in

The last two weeks within those two weeks don’t use deliveracy once we should take though that when we prescribe a larva scene to pediatric age group children adolescent and young adults then we are at risk of society addiction and even from suicide in them so suicidal thinking and behavior in adolescent and young adults and children is very high when you

Place them on the liver scene particularly if you are treating this set of people for major depressive disorder so the hair we’re going to render here will be one to give lowest effective dose and also educate the entire family members and all caregivers that this adolescent young man or woman and this young adult or this child will likely become suicidal in

The next few weeks or months so let’s then keep an eye on that individual three parts of warning is anxiety and insomnia there’s likelihood of bleeding i want that from imperial platelet aggregation you could see when i was reading through the list of adverse reactions i’ve mentioned uterine bleeding postpartum memorage and pesticides and all the likes right

This is the reason impaired platelet aggregation and it will be worse when you prescribe in cells at the same time that that patient is on the lung vessel so note this very very well please keep non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs of the table when this man or woman is on the lava scene or vice versa still part of the warning is that there is likelihood of

Central nervous system depression so no machinery operation or driving while on this medication if not there will be road traffic or vehicle accident this lipidemia fractures abstention ocular effects could lead to madrasis and narrow angle glaucoma so if there’s history of narrow angle glaucoma in this man or woman the language might not be the drug of choice

Right now pulmonary events could not also occur institutional lung disease or eosinophilic pneumonia the part of the warning is we have to work against the probability of serotonin syndrome remember the lung vascine is both serotonin and non-epinephrine reuptake inhibitor so sultanine could accumulate if cerutoni accumulates then we’ll be dealing with serotonin

Syndrome but prevention they say is cheaper than cure right we can prevent these by not using any serotonin agents at the same time we are using the lamb version and someone is asking me how do you mean certain magic agents okay here’s the list three times tricyclic antidepressant lithium fentany trauma dog bull spiron saint john’s wort try to find and mono

Immersed this in peter impear the metabolism also to knee so when we guide against this we might be able to prevent serotonin syndrome to effect an action still on warning we might be dealing with sexual dysfunction syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic coupon and apple necremia weight loss anorexia increase heart rate and increase blood pressure it is not

Approved for bipolar depression no and we have to be very cautious in individuals with seasonal disorders drug drug interaction i will leave that to your discretion and the advice from your pharmacist or your clinical pharmacologist why that the list is pretty long i will not be able to say precisely what your patient might be on before being placed on the lava

Scene or what they might be taking after you have placed them on the lava sink so make your judgment based on your own discretion the advice from your pharmacist or from your clinical pharmacologist oh also from the psychiatrist not children with attention deficit and operative disorders may develop anxiety they may become nervous and have insomnia anorexia it

Can have weight loss and have no adverse effects on growth in pregnancy when understand will be placed under category c so it is likely going to be teratogenic you have to win your marriage and damaris before placing that woman who is pregnant right now on the lava scene mechanism of action the active metabolite that is all decimated valero sin and velocity itself

Are inhibitors of ceretoni as well as norepinephrine reoptic meaning when you prescribe a lava scene you are going to get accumulation of both zero to knee and no epinephrine it is also having a very weak inhibitory effect on the primary optic that is to say it doesn’t mean it’s not working on dopamine at all but it’s only weaker when it is compared to certainly or

Norepinephrine reoptic so you are gaining more level of dopamine more of certainly more of norepinephrine when you prescribe the lava scene at 37.5 milligrams guess what you’re going to get you are going to get effect of ssri so selective certain area of taking peter’s effect will be obtained at 7.5 milligram so if you are in a community in a rural area you don’t

Have any of the ssri like cetera lane that is the loft or sitalopram or is a tylopram and you have the nervous thing then you don’t need to borrow your hair you just prescribe at 7.5 milligram it’s going to give you that effect but once you increase the dose to 225 milligram per day then you are going to have both serotonin and no epinephrine reoptic inhibition

You get both which means you have more of these accumulated at that very high dosage examples when we can use the lava scene would be migraine prevention in that case you can give a lavasine extended release at 37.5 milligrams once daily for three days the maximum dose you can give is 150 milligrams once daily for three days another example is unipolar major

Depressive disorder you can give a live vaccine external release at 37.5 to 75 milligrams once daily you may increase to 75 milligrams once the after 47 days you can also give another immediate release at 37.5 to 75 milligrams per day in two or three valid doses when you are treating diabetes the lightest with neuropathy pain you can use venlafazine extender

Release at the dose of 7.5 or 75 milligrams once daily you may increase by 75 milligram each week to 225 milligram as the maximum dose per day with that i’ve come to the end of this presentation remember to share remember to give thumbs up remember to subscribe to my channel and you are free to leave your comments i appreciate

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