January 26, 2023

Made this short little video to hopefully help anyone else know what to expect if they are going through withdrawals from their anxiety medication, specifically venlafaxine. So sorry to say but it absolutely sucks! It taught me a very important lesson on making sure I have enough refills and knowing how to contact my doctor on the weekends. Love yall!

Scared the dogs so uh just sitting here still recovering it’s been like a week and two days i have learned how to knit no not it what is this crochet this is a very impromptu video i thought about making it a while ago because of my first experience having withdrawals i went on youtube and was trying to figure out what the heck it was going to be like to not have

My anxiety medication for a whole weekend and how it was going to feel there was nothing the people that posted they were like tearing off their medication the right way from a doctor so i am on venlafaxine which is for anxiety 150 milligrams and gabapentin 200 milligrams that is for sleeping because it just helps me get a better night’s sleep but let me tell you

It was the weekend of january 31st of this last year and i know that because it was nolan’s birthday and i totally ruined his birthday weekend in his book though i probably that was like for the better because he hates celebrating and he just wanted to game and i was in bed all weekend now this is coming to mind because last night i forgot to take my venlafaxing

And it was terrible if anyone else is going through withdrawals i just wanted to go over how it makes you feel because it’s incredible how quickly the withdrawal symptoms set in oh my goodness so the biggest thing is that it makes you really tired and it makes your dreams super vivid like it was very weird i had a really long vivid dream last night i get really

Sweaty so i was really sweaty in my dream i literally like made my bed sheets damp i had to get a new blanket and wash the other stuff but it makes me really really tense like i clench my fists all night i obviously have stitches in my downward area if you are following along with my surgery and everything but i could feel myself clenching there and i had this

Really long dream that i was in new york city i put hank and my nephew in my suitcase and we went to new york city and i was with my friend haley who has the cutest family cutest little girl she was like totally not herself she was all about like partying and stuff i was with these people in this little tiny apartment like the way that you would get into it was

This really narrow hallway that barely fit your body we went into the apartment i finally remembered that hank was in there i remember my nephew was in there but it was so nice because like i might never actually really held him yeah it’s kind of sad but i was like holding him i was feeding him he was going to sleep i was like no guys you go party i’m not going to

And then all of a sudden i was like holding a different baby with dark hair then my nephew was missing for like a day and a half so i just walked up and down the streets of new york trying to find him i was also like simultaneously auditioning for this ballet company but then also they had like these daycares in the centers so i had to go down two floors in this

Basement try to find luca it was i don’t know like this is not making sense obviously because i was not in the right headspace and then all of a sudden like i met this girl that was also auditioning for the dance company she was like oh yeah the hotel you’re staying in my dad owns it they have this weird relationship with um aeropostale or something like that or

Maybe it was anthropology you didn’t have to bring clothes they had all these clothes that you could wear and then my aunts were there then all of a sudden luca was there because i found him but they were dressing like a girl and i got his ears pierced and i was like what the heck i don’t know guys i think i’m still pretty out of it yeah my dream is irrelevant so

I realized after this really long dream that something was wrong so i got up and i took a bath i have this tray thing in my bath and i was kind of shaky and i was just like laying my head on the tray thing and so tired i’m pretty sure i fell asleep in there and i was like what is happening to me this is so weird and then i realized i did not take my venlafaxine

And let me just tell you about the first experience so the first time guys this is everywhere oh my gosh i already know it is but the first time that i had withdrawals from ben lafaxine i ran out i didn’t know how to get in contact with my doctor to get refills and it was a weekend first day was like fine i felt more tired i had vivid dreams i was kind of sweaty

And dizzy the second day oh my gosh i was like nauseous i was so tired i’m pretty sure i slept all day i kept having these weird dreams and being so tense and so sweaty in my dream i thought that nolan was sitting right next to me in bed and i kept trying to like talk to him but he wasn’t actually there because it was a dream it was so bad really the only thing

That we felt fixed it was like getting my medication back and just sleeping one did go get like a cbd oil and i used some of that just to try to calm myself down because i felt like really panicky and shaky and stuff anyway just wanted to make this video and let you all know that uh withdrawals from finland vaccines suck and you’re gonna be really tired you’re

Gonna be really sweaty you’re gonna have weird dreams and it’s not fun so you’re going through it and you found this video i am so sorry the only fix is really to get your medication it’s really important especially with this medication to take it every single night because even not taking it one night like i did last night i was tense i was sweaty i was having

Weird dreams i was shaky yeah it was it was not fun thought i would pop on here make that video i’m still pretty much in bed all day i get up and take the dogs out hi aldi she’s so cute we are babysitting olive you saw her probably in a previous clip but i’ll take the dogs out and that’s about as much walking as i can do it drove for the first time yesterday with

My pillow with like the crotch cut out in it and that was terrifying because i didn’t feel like i could like react very quickly if i needed to break really hard or whatever so i just took it really slow it hurt to drive so i would not recommend that a week after getting vagina surgery so i definitely need to take a shower wash my hair i just i’m really looking

Forward to when i will feel well enough to stand up and like clean the house i just have so much laundry to do and i just want to clean because it’s a mess over here look at this it’s just an absolute mess i have all these yarns over here i don’t even have our right sheets on our bed i got cute olive over here we’re taking it a day at a time so sorry about how

Shaky this is okay thanks for watching this random video bye

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Venlafaxine Anxiety Medication Withdrawals | What it *feels like!* By Paige Higgins Vlogs