June 4, 2023

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Folks what’s up it’s adam here i can’t see the guy i’ve now finally come to the end of reviewing all my medications at least all the medications that i have experience with you know related to mental illness depression anxiety and some bipolar you know please check out all my videos now the job uploaded into this playlist of all the medications i’ve tried um you

All know that i’ve had different reviews and experiences we didn’t talk about medication some have been good some have been bad um but all other way now please see those individual ones you know and don’t get to leave a comment but here i want to talk about the final medication the final medication which was prescribed the same time i was on prosperidone because

The respiratory helped you know my bipolar disorder and other symptoms whereas this one was treated for depression and it’s this medication right here effects or pcr effects or excel 75 milligrams then the vaccine um there’s a 37.5 which is the starting dose this is like the next dose of 75 there’s a dose drop from this which is 150 and then you go up to 225.

Okay now this medication i’m not gonna lie everybody has really helped me um when i first tried the medication it was a nightmare felt every side effect that was on the leaflet you know headache feeling dizzy feeling like a zombie felt like i was gonna be brought to my knees the first two weeks on this medication was hell i’m not gonna lie and i absolutely had

Taking this medication but i’d have to say after a week free or week four the side effects started to slowly go i started to see some good effect from this medication it was really effective and i must say it was more effective than any ssri or snorla that i tried okay but this was the right medication for me and i thought it was a nice mixture of the prosperity

Also okay um for those of you who have been prescribed this medication or if you’re watching this video can i assume you’re taking this medication um just be warned you will feel side effects because the side effects of this are very strong like the ones that have stated like in the um feeling dizzy feeling like a zombie increased anxiety sleeping problems

Weight gain you know there are some nasty side effects this medication but um all i’m gonna say is before you switch this medication or stop taking it make sure you get up to week six or weeks seven first um you know to notice that the full effect of this type of medication okay but this is an snri a selective serotonin selective serotonin norepinephrine reuptake

Inhibitor it’s usually an option given to when you fail typical treatment from the ssr oils like sertraline citalopramus teleprompter proxy fluoroxtene uh in that case an snri is an option and then the vaccine is one of those options there’s other snris like um duloxetine venom vaccine you know please see other videos i’ve tried those also but this is considered the

Strongest snri on the market so it’s proved to be really effective with people who have suffering from like really bad bad pace of depression another thing i will say about um effects or ventilation is stimulating so it’s going to give you like that little bit of energy boost although one of these side effects is it may make you tired so it’s weird but um online

Matassa peeing you know where it’s like sedated antidepressant this is like stimulating so it’s going to give you like that bit of energy boost okay um what else can i say about this is really effective for what it was for me and i must say i’ve been on all strengths of this medication because there was a time where my depression was very serious i started off

On 37.5 i mean at first i wasn’t on the effects drawer was like on these immediate release tablets i started on 37.5 and then i went up to 75 and 150 then 225. that was the tablet version but the problem with with those is that they’re weighed off a little quicker whereas with a vexor they are prolonged release capsules or extended release capsules which means

They are more effective and they stay in the system longer where like the normal regular version was like wearing off a bit quicker usually that’s prescribed to people like you take like one like two or three times a day but this you only need to take like once a day you know if you need any more than that then you need to talk to your doctor about it but it

Was when i was taking 225 of this medication 225 milligrams which is the maximum dose i’m not sure if you can go higher than that but from what i’m aware of 225 is the max and i have been on the maximum dose because there was a time when i was really suicidal there was a time when i was like really depressed and it was getting very serious it was affecting my

Daddy life um didn’t want to socialize with people didn’t want to go out lost pleasure and hanging out with friends lost pleasure in my hobbies it was affecting my performance at work also um you know i can’t perform the ability like i wanted to perform you know i just constantly just wanted to be on my own but effects all like really helped me snap out of that

Okay i thought it was a nice nice mix with a respirator um again the spirit don’t help but other problems that i was having at the time and i am trying to come off these very slowly i’m currently taking effects or 75 milligrams once a day when i’m taking the spirit own i started on well i was almost on three milligrams but now going into the one milligram so

I’m slowly coming off these slowly again if you’re like trying to come off this medication whatever you do don’t stop cold turkey or else it’ll be a nightmare just um talk to your doctor about it and talk about um slowly coming off it by decreasing the dose so if like if you’re on 150 or 225 go to the next dosage down and like slowly wean your way off but i’m in

That process right now i’ve gone from 225 to 75 milligram once a day along with respiratory one milligram once a day so i’m slowly coming off here and i’m making good progress i’m not getting any withdrawal symptoms or anything like that so um i’m doing really well so far okay but again these are prolonged tablets which means they last longer but like um lasting

The system longer unlike the normal version of then the vaccine uh again some people get this medication bad reviews saying it’s a hell drug and i will admit i agree with them on that terms when it was the first few weeks but you got to work for about a month for this level effect and um again people gave this negative feedback so if you’re worried about taking

That medication because you’ve seen those reviews don’t listen to everything that everybody says different medications react differently to different people and you never know this might be the right medication for you it was for me i was nervous about taking it the first time when i heard all these reviews about them vaccine being a hell drug and it will bring

You to your knees and i was really nervous about taking it because i listened to too many people but i’m glad i tried it it’s really effective for what it was for me so just give it a try you never know you might get a good response from it don’t think about changing it or coming off it until you’ve been on it for at least six or seven weeks and then finally make

You minded because you never know this trip could save your life and it could make you feel better about being alive basically you know taking away the suicide and things like that um but out of all the entity presence that i’ve tried this one’s been the most effective i like i said i’ve been on this for years now but it’s time to come off it so i’m slowly

Weeding myself off and i will make update videos in the future you know about my progress um an snri was the right answer present for me because the ssris weren’t working and again i tried an address and i would do locksetting but it helped for a short amount of time but then it stopped working and this one was the right one for me and again with a spirit only

Was a nice mix so um that’s all i’m going to say about effects or venom vaccine so if you’ve been prescribed this give it a try but don’t make any harsh decisions about coming off it when you first steal the first few weeks of hell you know it is a nasty drug to begin with you know i will admit that but over time it should help you know if you have any questions

Or anything you want to say about them the vaccine or anything you want to ask me leave them in the comments and i’ll try and get back to you about it with some tips or advice um again get well soon hopefully this is the right medication for you hopefully you get a good response and you can get your life back on track and you know fight this bastard all this

Known as depression it’s a hell um mental pro problem and millions of people are all over the world just suffering from it including celebrities and singers and even normal people like this hang in there get well soon and that’s more review for then the faxing or effects or um again leave comments below thanks everyone get boss soon and have a nice day

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