June 1, 2023


Okay so last night i talked and i started my new medication it was effects x-l i think it’s got different names in different countries was the generic name is venlafaxine i think it’s an s it’s serotonin and some other thing i’ve only ever had serotonin ssris but this is a different one and they always say that it never works i the first few days that you take a

Book what i’ve learned is it’s a load of rubbish and it depends on the person stuff so usually what happens with the tuplets when i’m on him like the ssris that i’ve usually been on and they start working within maybe three days and then it kind of doesn’t and then he does but this is like even though it’s an extended release one i couldn’t sleep at all well no i

Think i must have gone to sleep at least for an hour or something because i don’t remember staying awake all and i bought i can’t remember any dreams and i always have very vivid dreams so oh yeah well i took it at 10 o’clock i wasn’t told by the doctor when to take it so i don’t think it really matters as long as it’s taken at the same time because it’s extended

Really so but i started feeling kind of like not sick i mean i kind of feel sick now but it’s not like mmm i don’t know i had like a strange headache um which i haven’t i don’t usually have i’d have never had it before so i’m assuming he’s coming from the tablet and that was well before i was after i had the toefl it was fear i don’t know i’m just tired and i feel

A bit ill because i haven’t really slept that much but i woke up at half seven this morning it’s no 9ish i thought it was gonna be like two o’clock in the afternoon i don’t know so i’m tired now and my eyes hurt and something actually i don’t know if it looks any different it looks like my eyes i’m walking my eyes wider than usual but not um i’m not aware that

I am i was just like looking at the camera and in the mirror i was like so when yeah what else i can’t keep still makes the car they and whenever i’ve had stuff light also it’s the first few days i’ve haven’t been able to keep still like when i you just moved your fault for example right and i’m not like consciously i know i’m doing it but i’m not thinking i’m

Going to move my foot all the time for no reason it’s just i don’t know and the thing is it’s not when i before what i usually did was look at like online at the medicine i look at people’s reactions to this stuff and you know but i haven’t missed the time so it’s not like for sibo and i did read somewhere though got it someone’s opinion that it is probably one of

The weakest ones and it’s category or something but then there’s all the reports that it was in fact on wikipedia actually don’t really really list anything about it but um it was comparing venlafaxine to every single medicine i have already tried which i thought was a very it was interesting because it was just kind of odd so i’m also a bit worried though because

I’m iain rates for it some of the side effects you know what ss and ss are no it’s not ssr it’s so turning in some other thing the rates for both father out and are a lot higher and completed and attempted on this which i’m worried about because that’s the reason i had to stop taking before what was a team and i think i read somewhere it’s up to eight times more

I’m a bit worried about what i wasn’t told that you know so and that says some on my flight that’s in the box at least one of the side effects isn’t can’t say like i’m one of the other medicines i’ve had before okay

Transcribed from video
Venlafaxine/Efexor XL first dose By PsoriasisVlogger