May 29, 2023

Amazing positive results from having been on Venlafaxine anti depressants for 4 months. It was worth the wait and the slog to get through the side effects. Yes for me, this anti-depressant has worked wonders for depression and anxiety.

Hi i’m emma from being his creation video documenting my journey from broken to blessed i hope you’re all well it’s been a while since i’ve posted an update with regards to the antidepressants venom vaccine that i started taking four maybe five months ago to help me out of depression some of you may remember that in the very early days there were some videos

Of me looking absolutely awful really really struggling with the side effects um but as time went on i started to feel a little bit better every so often and i went from maybe half maybe having no back no good days in a week to maybe having one good day in a week and what’s happened since then is that slowly but surely the amount of good days that i’ve had in

A week have outnumbered the um amount of bad days entire days sleepy days low mood days and then one day while i was out helping my mum with her horses i had the lovely task of poo picking which is going out onto her field and basically pooping get from all the horse’s poop which involves scooping it up and putting it in wheelbarrows and then cutting off and

Emptying the wheelbarrows now once upon a time the thought just the sheer thought of doing something like that absolutely exhausted me but i was able to do it relatively easily it didn’t bother me i enjoyed being out in the outdoors having some peace and quiet and that’s when it occurred to me that this must be what life is like for people who don’t struggle

With mental health issues uh and by that i don’t mean going out poo picking i’m sure that not many people do that but in terms of it not being so much of an effort and that’s really where i’m at now with with the antidepressants is i’m able to do things and it doesn’t hurt to think about it prior to that prior to starting the antidepressants sometimes even

Showering was a was a painful thought process and it would hurt my body to think about having a shower and now i’m able to do much more with without that that painful thought process going on and without everything just feeling like it’s hurting all the time i’m also back at college now i’m studying a level three in computing i’m on a course with lots of 16 and

17 year olds which is quite interesting now i wouldn’t have considered doing that six months ago in fact i didn’t think i would have ever considered doing that but yet i find myself doing it and enjoying it as well i really am enjoying learning again i’m putting my makeup on every day i have done every day this week which is also a first i went through stages of

Putting makeup on but i found it too much of an effort to put it on and then to take it off again in the evening i don’t feel as anxious as i used to occasionally anxiety hits but with the help of my loving god i’m able to take those thoughts into captivity and get rid of those anxious thoughts so my anxiety isn’t holding me back anymore and i smile a lot more

Now as well i feel a lot more relaxed oh also i’ve been horse riding as well you might have seen a couple of the videos that i’ve posted on youtube and i’ve also been going out for a lot more walks as well walking most days trying to hit my activity targets i’m also doing the 25 challenge for mental health so at this moment in time things are going well things

Are looking up and i do hope it continues so if there is anybody out there watching this who is can who’s been offered antidepressants and doesn’t know whether to do it or perhaps struggling to cope with the side effects it’s worth trying and it’s worth giving yourself the time off work to wait for the antidepressants to start working to get through all the side

Effects get some therapy um and and allow yourself time to to heal they say that the side effects should wear off in two weeks um i don’t think they do i think that takes longer than that and the antidepressants certainly take longer than two weeks to start working so if you are diagnosed with depression if you are at a stage in your life where you just feel like

Everything is an uphill struggle and and it doesn’t seem to be improving then take a rest take a break if you can get signed off sick i know that sometimes financially that isn’t viable but believe me with an illness such as depression it rarely goes away without rest jim carrey puts it as as depressed is deep rest your body is telling you that it needs deep

Rest and when we rest our bodies and our minds recover and heal so that’s all i’ve got to say today um if anything changes i will let you know and i’ll do an update in a another month or two until then thanks for watching please like this video if it’s been helpful to you and subscribe to my channel to follow my journey from broken to blessed

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Venlafaxine Review and Side Effects – 4 Months Check In By Being His Creation