June 4, 2023

I’m doing really well on this antidepressant medication now. I’ve been waking up and getting up in the mornings and today I managed a 6km walk with my daughter.

Hi unicorns emma here from unicorns for demons the channel that talks about all things to do with mental health addiction and basically the journey of my life in recovery now so um this is the vanilla vaccine diaries i’m on day 35 and i’m really happy to report that for the past four or five days i’ve woken up at a decent time in the mornings i’ve and i’ve woken

Up feeling fresh not weighed down not anxious not like i want to stay in bed and hide i’ve actually been up and getting ready i’ve worn my makeup a few a couple of times as well i’m just off to collect my daughter from her dad’s house and we’re gonna go for a nice long walk and this is the first time in well since since i think it was halfway through i had a a

Little bit of a peak where i went for a walk and i felt able to walk um you know to go and enjoy a walk so today i’m really feeling motivated to go for a nice long walk which is great so i’m really excited about that i had a slight interruption there my daughter was ringing me to see where i am as per usual i’m running 5-10 minutes late because whenever i leave

The house i forget stuff so i have to go back half a dozen times but there you go that’s just because i’m an adhd sufferer so i’m cool with that people are learning to accept it so yeah i’m feeling really good actually i’ve had more up days than down days this past week which is wonderful um twice in the past week i’ve stood in front of people and um preached um

Because i’m a christian so i’ve been doing some bible studies of my own and i’ve had two opportunities to actually preach those studies and i i well i think on the second one i was a little bit nervous but i didn’t do what i’ve suffered from from for years which is performance anxiety and that’s where it’s like i’m driving as well that’s where i i start sweating

And shaking and tripping over my words and feeling like i’m gonna pass out that’s been happening to me for donkey’s years so the fact that i’ve been able to do those preachers twice in the past week without shaking is a massive massive improvement of course i do believe more than anything that that’s because my god was with me helping me and on the first preach

I was going to take one of my beta blockers which helped with social anxiety which helped with performance anxiety and i felt the leading of the holy spirit to say no don’t take it trust me so i didn’t take it and i trusted him and yeah it went really really well so everything is is working together really well at the moment so i’ll leave it there thank you for

Watching don’t forget to subscribe to my channel um we’ve got more i’ve got more stuff in the pipeline i’m about to start a 25 day diet because i i’m also got a youtube channel called 25 challenge if you want to check it out myself and my friend are doing 25 months worth of challenges physical challenges so it’s a it’s a spin off from the 25 press-ups challenge

That’s been going around social media and because we benefited so much from that we decided to grow it so at the moment we’re both on level two which is 25 press ups and 25 sit-ups every day for 25 days mel’s done a side challenge which is a 25 hour mile an hour run so 25 hours one mile every hour on the hour which was phenomenal and we are about to start a

25-day plant-based diet to see how that improves our mental health so what i will do is encourage you to go over to the 25 challenge channel and subscribe to that and then you can follow our updates and and i’ll put intermittent updates on on this unicornsv demons channel to let you know how i’m feeling mentally and physically write them have a good day everybody love you bye

Transcribed from video