March 22, 2023

In this video we will cover everything you need to know about Venlafaxine, also known as Effexor. This video is part of a video series on mental health problems. So for more mental health related videos check out this playlist:

Hey there welcome back to how to make kite and welcome to this new video on how to use vanilla vaccine also known as effexor this video is part on a video series on mental health problems for those of you interested check out the playlist in the description with much more interesting videos but only click on it after watching this video of course for those of you

Meeting for the first time my name is raul i’m a medical doctor from the netherlands and i’m making weekly medical videos to educate myself as well as you my viewer because educated people make healthier decisions which is the whole point of this channel and this video the video also comes with a quick disclaimer it’s meant purely informative this is not medical

Advice and when looking for medical advice always contact your own doctor and now quickly let’s get started our generic nemesis medication is vanilla vaccine but it’s all under the brand name effexor and it’s available as a tablet or a capsule if you want to use it make sure to swallow the tablet or the capsule hole do not chew on it and do not break or dissolve

The tablet or the capsule as this can decrease its affectivity furthermore it is important that you take them off vaccine while eating something during a meal as this can decrease the side effects you might experience in addition if any vaccine has no effect after you used it for several months then it probably is not effective for you your doctor then might change

Your dose or switch to another medication phala vaccine itself is part of a group of drugs called nsris and it can be used to treat several medical conditions like a depression bipolar disorder generalized anxiety disorder social anxiety and off-label it can be used to treat neuropathic pain which brings us to the specific dosages to use and here it is important to

Mention that i can only provide you with some guidelines your specific dosage might depend on your specific indication of use your symptoms the severity of your symptoms and so on therefore always used to prescribe the modern frequency your doctor gave you however when treating a depression or a bipolar disorder in adults uncommon dose would be 75 to 375 milligrams

Per day when treating anxiety disorders your doctor might prescribe a dose of 75 to 225 milligrams once per day and for neuropathic pain your doctor might initially start with a dose of 37.5 milligrams once a day which can be increased if necessary to 75 to 225 milligrams per day now if any vaccine is a very effective drug but unfortunately it can also have some

Side effects i will mention some of the most common ones in this video but if you’re looking for a complete list check your leaflet ask your doctor or your pharmacist very commonly it might cause insomnia dizziness a headache dry mouth or constipation commonly it can cause weight changes a decreased appetite abnormal dreams a decreased libido tremors itching and

Bruising uncommonly it might cause mania hypermania hallucinations urinary incontinence and abnormal liver function tests rarely it might cause hepatitis or several other serious side effects which brings us to the safety of use here it is important that you do not combine alcohol and venlafaxy always be careful because this can increase its side effects secondly

Also be careful when driving and using venlafexy as it might cause you to become dizzy or drowsy if you do experience any of these side effects then please do not drive as it’s not safe and lastly vanilla vaccine can have some interactions with other drugs you’re taking therefore always discuss this with your doctor or check your own leaflet and as you might know

We always end these videos by taking a look at the safety of venla vaccine while pregnant or while breastfeeding and unfortunately it can be dangerous in both cases however there are some exceptions so always discuss it with your personal doctor now i hope you know now how to use vanilla vaccine but if you have any questions let me know in the comment section as

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Venlafaxine Review (Effexor) – Uses, Dosage, Side Effects and Safety – Doctor Explains By HOW TO MEDICATE