February 8, 2023

I think I feel a bit better than yesterday

Hey it’s rice’s vlog again so second dose of venlafaxine or effexor x now my one of the problems that bates give me is my eyes hurt a lot i don’t know if you can tell my pupils are quite big and i’m thinking it could be that is actually not that bright in the room i’m just sitting and i’ve got the bind down what there’s like a bit of like so actually the cameras

Picking i talked quite well which is good but and even when it’s bright my pupils don’t seem to change sighs so i will just read on like on the drug website or something that m pupilary responses changed or something i don’t know what i’m i had this yesterday and then i walked up today so it’s not like i’m making it up cuz i’ve read the symptoms and have suddenly

Got it so m my face might be a bit red because i’ve just been lying that there face down on the blanket to try and cover my eyes it seems like even though when i like for my eyes and stuff it’s still too bright i don’t know if that makes sense but i sucked a bit better last night that could be because i didn’t sleep much today before than that before i’ve been

Awake for a few hours and i still feel sick and i got headache it’s kind of that and also at the back but the feel separate so mmm miles i’ve got myself my bags and i’m not like did i sell feel sick i still feel sick i saw a different kind of sick feeling it doesn’t feel like i’m gonna throw up kind of sick and it doesn’t feel like when you’ve just eaten too much

Or haven’t eaten anything it’s like like you’ve got no i don’t have to wear it but i don’t know what i am the strange thing is i don’t usually have breakfast so i would then have lunch and i to your dinner and then something like a maybe well i i’m really hungry in the morning and then which is strange for me so i because i don’t usually breakfast i didn’t make

Much and i didn’t even finish this bowl of cereal and usually if i do eat cereal i can eat quite a lot and there’s still like a bit and i’m just not hungry so that is a bit worrying because it does say was it 13 was it – no 18 to 23 percent of people that have gastrointestinal side effects end up without anorexia or something that’s not god because i i was quite

Skinny at one point so i don’t want to go back to that and bomb god i’m not fighting i’m white because i’ve actually already lost a stone this year but i don’t know why that is um what’s interesting so i wouldn’t as a you know it’s like i’ve got really big green calls mia but i haven’t it’s a slow lighting but the psoriasis oh that’s another thing as i said my

Face is red here because i’ve just been like robert my face and stuff on the sheet but then like when i walk in the mirror you won’t be able to tell me yeah but i am it like the overall appearance of mike the skin of my face in the mirror when i haven’t been rubbing my face it seems like that clear and stuff and i haven’t put on any cream from the dermatologist

For maybe three days now and usually it would be like you see how that’s kind of right now and it usually be like that all over so my nose is red that’s not a good lighting on me open it wit oh but i’ll even lift it up tax i even our peoples have changed size oh yes – right no that was only half a pinch yourself it’s better yeah so my bugles did change size but

They are a bit bigger than usual so i don’t know okay i think of a lot of things to say oh and thanks to someone who commented on the first toast with you can look at my pupils now okay thanks for coming tim and yes i will you can talk fully i can’t reply to comments from here my ipod i’d have to go to him on a computer to do that and my are tops like it can

Get a dovakin see is it my laptop’s kind of broken and so i don’t know if i can reply or not or so i’m so sorry about that i’ll try and go look my peoples sorry so yeah ok thanks and bye

Transcribed from video
Venlafaxine second dose By PsoriasisVlogger