June 4, 2023

Approximately 2-3 weeks on Venlafaxine 75mg, progress and feedback so far👍

There we go right um hello everybody hope everyone’s well keeping safe um yeah i thought i’d do a quick um thought do a quick quick video on uh my the venom vaccine um to date um today so yeah so far so good um on well what we’re using it’s metis a pain using i’m on my pain 45 milligram and then the vaccine 75 i have like 37.5 in the morning and 37.5 in

The evening roughly the same time i mean some people say you know they have to go by the minutes but as long as i’m within an hour either way i’m okay um but yeah so far so good now the first i don’t know if i mentioned it in the last video the first um the startup on the 37.5 there was there was a little bit of side effects nothing for about an hour if

A bit more maybe but it wasn’t the side effects weren’t too bad um however once it jumped up to 75 milligrams you could certainly tell there was an increase um but there was one point where i was actually out as well where’s my granddaughter’s jiu-jitsu and i’ve got a right awful feeling of panic and i had an eye i’m pretty certain it was the venom vaccine

Because it is it is it is i mean you know if you if you look at all the videos and maybe reviews there are some there are some really harsh side effects i think i’ve got off lightly but yeah i had one incident where i was thinking oh um i just kept telling myself it’s side effects it’s like it will pass it’ll pass and i was like clocking the exit and filming

Up an excuse to get out of there i was gonna say my phone uh i took a phone call or something but yeah it did ease off thankfully but it was about the only incident where i had a uh you know some felt ages anyway but probably wasn’t too long i felt a bit panicky pretty certain it was a side effect someday um because agents have felt like that so i think it

Was i’ll attribute that too and the side effects from you know early start upon the 75 milligram but generally speaking i’ve done all right with it um i think for me that’s attributed to the fact i do use a few drops of cbd oil maybe not every day every it depends how i am really i’ve had more since the i’ve used it every other day say on the on the start

With velophaxy just to cope with any potential side effects i mean i don’t know if i hadn’t used that would have got more difficult side effects but as a i’ll see these i’ve just had that one instant where it was i’m sure it was side effects from the vendor vaccine because i’ve only been on this 75 milligram i think i don’t know is it three weeks four weeks i

Don’t know maybe a bit less i’m not sure um but i gotta admit like depression wise because like i say he had a bit of a i won’t say a real critical period but i i i really i felt that the dual option team weren’t working the gp agreed it seemed to be a bit of a connoisseur these on to the presence of over the years i don’t know if that’s a good one it’s not a

Good thing but you know i do i try to give honest honest feedback with them but yeah certainly it’s like it certainly lifts you out of a hole anyway if you if you’re really depressed it is you know it’s not a bad drug it’s not about antidepressant i think for anxiety because that’s my biggest issue really it’s not bad but i i’d imagine a higher dose would be

Better for that but like you say at the minute i don’t think i’m going to increase it i think i’ll stick with the 45 milligram participate which have been up for about 12 years i mean don’t mind trying a bit of time without it but i’m you know i’m not so sure it can be asked wheeling off it but i’m on 45 gram metis a pain um 75 milligram uh vanilla vaccine and

Obviously some cbd oil every other day maybe two three four drops four drops most and that you know i mean the cbd oil is probably the best of the lot really um but that you know that’s maybe just lucky i’ve found when it you know works but i don’t know but yeah i mean that’s not you know so far really you know the the fellow vaccines been all right um yeah

Not really you know i can’t i can imagine it’s i remember trying it a good few years back and i couldn’t tolerate the side effects this is what i’m saying on this one if it is and i had i i tried it then with the metazepi but i’m just wondering if you know it is the cbd oil that’s you know helping with that but i’ve certainly got got used to uh taking you know

It’s settled i think now um i mean these doctors and that say give it six weeks before you get the full effect but sure it’s that long really um and i suppose as we’ve been using on 75 milligram at the moment i’d imagine you know there’s plenty of room for movement you know to increase the dose a little bit but if i don’t have to you know i won’t do i’ve got to

Admit like there was one night actually i i’ve forgotten to take it um and all of a sudden like it’s a couple of hours after my normal time and i felt like christ almighty feel a bit weird when i realized oh i’ve not um i’ve had the venom vaccine and then obviously i can’t explain how i felt i could just feel i felt a bit different like i don’t say it felt

Awful but it had dawned on me so i was trying to think why would i eat why would i feel sort of this way and i realized and took about a vaccine and um once i had that you know i started to feel all right so yeah it’s kind of i hear other people say you know they need to take at the same time each day which is true it’s probably the best thing to do i seem to

Be okay an hour or so each way um it doesn’t seem to be too much different for me but like i said i did live it a few hours one night and i kind of you know even missing one one dose after a short period of time on him you know i could tell so is he it’s an interesting antidepressant it’s it’s an snri selective neoprene neoprene efferent or something real taking

A bitter um same type of duloxetine but certainly different but it is all right i mean at the minute pretty sound and pretty decent plans to go to uni uh back in in september um i was like it was with everyone covered colby then took me out of the care game because i was a carrier for two three years um i’m not vaccinated so that’s come out of that but now

Those mandates have lifted certainly in the uk anyway but no i think i’ll go back to uni and apply for a couple of courses top up my diploma into a degree i’ll have to do one more year i’m going to get on us and then probably do masters and see where it all takes me i’ve got all the things in the pipeline as well but you know no generally speaking on the fennel

Effect scene i’ve found it all right so far i found it decent to be fair i mean obviously i don’t want to put anyone up with these side effects i know i think i’ve got off it quite lightly and i know from the first time i took it and i mentioned it earlier but from the first time i took it i couldn’t tolerate it i think i personally think it’s down to the cbdo

Which has probably eased any potential side effects but i could say there was one incident when i was fresh on 75 milligram with i thought it was maybe gonna have a panic attack but like is eight to these off and typically i was out of the house as well but it sort of took me by surprise because i haven’t been feeling any side effects prior to that but but no

None since um no i mean certainly it certainly it certainly lifts your mood a bit almost you know i could admit um but yeah i thought i’d drop a drop on and give it a little bit more feedback soon as i’m fresh fresh on this venom vaccine um but yeah um drop us a message i tried to answer them all and thank you very much for any subscribers any new ones and

Like the video share it and uh yeah so far so good with the vendor vaccine but like i say you know always consult with your health care professional regarding anything uh i do um i did it to come off july 13 i told my gps i don’t think it’s you know i think that’s ineffective now they agreed um and i asked if i could try the video vaccine i asked to do you know

If it was possible you know if it could go and have another go and they agreed so like you say i wouldn’t you know i’m no doctor i’m only you know telling my story or my experiences not story really as well as but my experiences with any of the antidepressants or antipsychotics i’ve talked in the past and so i could say i would always consult you you know you

Should always speak to your care team um about anything but you know i for me personally it’s been all right so far so good so let’s see how long it lasts if it does last if i need to increase the dose if uh whatever you know and we’ll see but yeah seem pretty chilled with it jobs are good in um so yeah like i say thank you very much for any new subscribers

Anybody that’s watched the videos anybody’s comments all of the comments and we really do like getting the comments it’s nice ask any questions i will get back to you at some point and uh yeah keep well keep safe like you say if you’re struggling to speak to somebody um i help you know whoever’s in your care team family or anything friends um but yeah but you

Know i’ll answer the questions the best i can and well i can say the best people to speak to really as far as meds and your conditions or anything like you know any sort of whatever’s going on for you you know is your he’s your care team but you know my oh my videos you know well you know i like to give an honest um analysis of my own experience with whatever um

Have been prescribed or asked to use or whatever but yeah you know so yeah keep safe keep well and uh i shall make another video soon i will um document you know progress of you know what’s going on and how the fellow is doing but again i reiterate i have 45 milligram metisoprine nighttime 65 million gram vanilla vaccine 37.5 in the morning 37.5 at night and

I have other meds for overcoming other issues but that’s another thing but yeah you know i’ll keep cracking on and i will catch you all soon so catch you laters

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