March 24, 2023

The devil

All right um i’m here to talk about the effects of vin laflaxin um extended release withdrawal i don’t know about you guys but this stuff sucks if you’re trying if if you’re on the stuff i’ve been on it for a year now and i’ve run out i’m a veteran they give the stuff to me i call a number and they mail it to me i called two weeks ago i had about 14 pills left

All right that was four days ago in which i ran out and right now i don’t know about you guys but i don’t know if you’ve ever heard of astro projection um it is the most awful feeling in the world uh i’m calling it quantum leap i’m calling it body jump and i feel like jodie foster in the movie uh contact where she’s dropped she’s getting ready to go through

All these wormholes and her ass is strapped down in this chair but her body is like over here and over there i okay chronicles already the lord marshall the way that he moved that’s the way i feel i mean this is completely awful you don’t see many brothers on this stuff but i’m here to tell you that the stuff is like poison all right now you’ve you’ve you’ve

Been taking this stuff for a while now and you you’ve developed a uh an antibody to it you you you built up an immunity to it as soon as you stop getting this poison going into you abruptly which uh don’t recommend to you now i don’t recommend it to anybody it’s the cruelest joke in the medical field right now let’s throw this on some effects or even flexing

And see how long it takes him to quit taking it and lose his mind i’ve cussed out everybody i cussed out i cussed out a religious figure and i don’t feel too i’m not happy about it i’m not bragging about it but as you see i can’t i i just want to hold my head because i want to make sure that i stay here i feel i think my soul is messed up from this i feel my

Soul trying to leave my body all right if if you don’t believe in god if you’re a religious person take some effects or facts whatever you want to call it and quit taking it you’re going to get really religious really freaking quick the ones who are surrounding you your everyday friends and family they will begin to hate you because you’re going through all these

Symptoms and they don’t quite understand that at the time that you stand all these evil and ugly things to them you don’t really mean them but if they could just feel what you’re feeling at that moment they would kiss your ass 24 freaking 7 just because they know what it’s like to even just to smidge it to feel what you’re going through because th the little i hear

People say zaps now you’re quantum leaping all right your soul’s messed up you’re coming out of your body and before my soul is called the glory i just want to let y’all know that if you’re on this stuff just keep either taking it i hear a lot of people saying they’re stepping down off of it and they still feeling the crap it takes years to get off this crap

Years and years i just i just looked up a review where this lady’s been getting off of for three years it’s not fun i miss money right now i was supposed to be at work i went in i cried in front of my boss today because i was feeling that bad i freaking closed the door and i freaking cried and he didn’t know what to do i mean you got this half mighty looking

Ass brother sitting in front of this crying i mean i don’t know i don’t know what what the dude was thinking but i know he’s like step back this brother’s eo let’s just let him go home so i went home before i end up killing myself or somebody else there just you know the line of work that i’m at uh i really don’t have patience to deal with my children right now

I just want to be left alone but i’m scared to be alone because lord knows i already had a crazy mind but this stuff is i don’t i don’t know just let me know what you guys think uh i’m not sure how many people this reached but if you’re you’re taking this and you’re searching for answers i just take i know there’s not going to be much confidence solace and

Knowing that other people are going out there but you’re not going crazy these symptoms and effects of this are real they will bring i heard one guy say it will bring you to your knees screw that it will stretch you out on the floor where you stand you will get all the way on that ground if you’ve ever had septals i’ve blacked out i almost drowned in the tub

Because i didn’t even know i thought i was still sitting up and that’s what it’ll do to you to make you think you’re doing one thing you’re doing something else so uh i just i i hope you guys you know i pray that you guys don’t go through or have as many severe symptoms as i’m having um i know they’re passing these out like gi eminem’s if they’re at the at the

Va uh but i i i urge you guys if it’s working for you make sure you have a never ending supply of it because as long as i’ve ever taken it i’ve never had a problem but today but when you run out of them suckers let me tell you it is nasty this is some really nasty stuff so be careful be safe if uh feel free to um to leave comments because there’s other people

Out there who need to support why because if if you’re feeling like i’m feeling i don’t do much research on nothing except what i care about this has become number one thing in my life in the last four days i’m really not feeling it anymore i’ve taken trisome i’m sensitive to light um i’m i guess i’m pms and i don’t know what you’re going to call it but i really

Just i i’m really hating it right now so you guys be safe and i’ll try to keep you updated but i’m going to the va i need i need to at least get two or three of them in my system because i can’t take it anymore i cannot god speak to all you people out there

Transcribed from video
Venlafaxine xr (effexor) By jerrettreedjr