March 24, 2023

Hello my name is jennifer i’m your nurse today and i’m going to go over a new medication that’s been prescribed to you so i’m going to provide some information on it also so today they prescribed you venlafaxine a 75 milligram capsule it is to be taken twice a day by mouth and it is to help treat major depressive disorder this medication also helps with panic

Or anxiety disorder and this drug helps um treat chemicals that are unbalanced in your brain it’s important to follow the instructions that we give you today so that you can get the best results um from this medication so first off if you forget to take your first dose don’t panic just take it when you remember unless it’s time for your second dose and then

Just skip it you don’t want to take two at the same time also you don’t want to crush break chew or open the capsule at any time there are times where we where you can add it to some applesauce um open the capsule and add it to the applesauce by taking it taking it like that but um that’s only for specific situations where you’re having trouble swallowing but

We would have to go over that first and analyze the situation before you can do that while on this medication you want to avoid drinking alcohol because it can cause side effects this medication can take several weeks for it to take effect um so that is something to um to know that you won’t feel it right away um if at any moment you feel like you’re suddenly

Having side effects you want to let your primary physician know right away so now i’m going to go over some of the side effects from this medication it’s important that you seek medical attention if if any of these arise so for example if you have a skin rash or hives if you’re having difficulty breathing or you have swelling of the face lips tongue or throat

Uh we want to seek medical atten attention immediately so we need to call 9-1-1 um some other side effects could affect your mood anxiety there could be impulsive behaviors that worsen so if anything like that also happens please let us know um some other side effects consist of some vision issues so you can have some vision pain um blurry vision if anything

Like that um easy bruising or blood coming out of any of your orifices and please let us know you could have headaches it can cause headaches convulsions confusion body weakness hallucination stiff muscle sweating abnormal heartbeat dizzy spouse diarrhea dry mouth yawning insomnia or decreased sex drive so today i’m gonna give you a list of all that information

So because i know it’s a lot to take in at once but you will have that with you so if at any time um you’re wondering if that could be a side effect you can check that list but you can also give us a call and we can we can answer any of your questions and um if at any time there are thoughts of suicide please let us know immediately um that way we can um help

You the best that we can and that we can um change the medication or if we have to change the dosage or anything like that that we can do that it right away so if you have any questions please let us know and call us with anything thank you

Transcribed from video
Venlafaxine By Jen Vasquez