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I would have to use this ventolin inhaler in one hand when i was doing the train administration with the other hand just in case the tickle would hit my lungs and i would already know that i would start train coughing way before the injection would have been completed so i was inhaling and pinning at the same time vigorous steve here with some more vigorous q a

For all of your bodybuilding related questions today’s question is from awesome austin fit albuterol versus clean betrayal what dosing half-life frequency the need for ancillaries like kettle typhon and bang for your buck so awesome austin fit wants me to compare albuterol versus clambuterol and even though both compounds are better to adrenate receptor agonists

And are prescribed as a bronchodilator in cases of ashma that’s pretty much where the similarities end before we get into the meat and potatoes of this video please like the video leave me a comment for the algorithm consider subscribing if you haven’t already and hit that notification bell button while you’re at it so you can get notified when a new vigorous

Q a video drops let’s start with old betrayal first because i’m sure many of you guys out there are already familiar with clamby troll which is generally used as a fat burner this is probably where the question stems from can i use old beet roll as a replacement fat burner when clean beetrool isn’t available this is very popular and generally asked for the people

Living in australia because claim betrayal and all the other performance of nancy drugs seems to be quite hard to come by but all role i believe is readily available again correct me if i’m wrong down below in the comment section all betroth generally speaking is prescribed as a asthma medication and myself having suffered from ashma up until the age of 18 years

Old or so after which i somehow magically grew out of or over my asthma and haven’t really had an asthmatic attack ever since when i was younger i was pretty much hooked to the albuterol inhalers now albuterol is more commonly known under its medical name solbitamole sold under the brand name ventolin and going forward with this video i’m going to mention vintolin

Exclusively not albuterol or solbetamole because that sounds very close to clembuterol and albuterol sulbytomol claim betrayal it doesn’t really roll off the tongue if i want to start comparing these compounds so we’re going to compare ventaline to chlambuterol ventolin is a reasonably short-acting beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonist with a half-life of approximately

3.8 to 6 hours and when you compare that to the half-life of clambutrol which lasts from 36 to 48 hours you can already see why sulbutamol ventolin is fda approved as a bronchodilator for asthmatic attacks and clan boot troll isn’t unless it’s in greece where i think that soul pharma is the only producer of pharmaceutical clan betrothal i could be mistaken here

But that’s the one i use that’s the wall one i always source for so pharma produces clean betrayal tablets of 20 micrograms and one of those tablets is more than enough to initiate fat loss and keep that going favorably during a caloric deficit and when you start looking at the dosing protocols to mitigate asthma-related breathing complications you see that the

Doses for ventilating are going to be significantly higher compared to clinbutrol with a ventolin inhaler for example a single administration a single puff is already a hundred micrograms soluble whereas with chlambitrol i believe that the oral bioavailability of clembutural is around 90 percent when you look at the nebulizers or inhalers for vantalin that’s 100

Bioavailability and it also delivers the sulbutamol directly into the bronchioles where it can potentiate bronchodilation and reduce the obstruction that is caused by an asthmatic attack so keep that in mind that dosing is going to be vastly different between ventilating and clambuterol and personally having suffered from asthma for many many years i know that one

Puff of sulbutamol is not going to cut it that’s not going to do anything for bronchodilation i would have to take two puffs up to four puffs that’s 400 micrograms of sulbutamol inhaled to get any form of relief from an asthmatic attack now i’ve used the nebulizers i’ve used the inhalers nowadays i don’t really use phantom inhalers anymore but i still have one

On standby just in case i get an asthmatic attack which might happen once in a blue moon so that’s maybe once every couple of years that i somehow suffer from an asthmatic attack but i have the vintolin inhaler on standby just in case just in case i get something similar to train cough and even though i haven’t used tremble on myself for close to a decade now i

Would still experience some sort of cough again once in a blue moon for my pharmaceutical injection of testosterone or even primabolin again when you nick a vein and all of the carrier oil and benzobenzoate and binto alcohol and the active pharmaceutical ingredient enters the bloodstream rapidly you might still get a little bit of a tickle or a constrictive effect

In the lungs causing bronchoconstriction in which case a sulbutamal inhaler 100 micrograms 200 400 micrograms is more than sufficient to stop this cough dead in its track and when i was using tremolone in the past again close to a decade ago i would have to use this ventolin inhaler in one hand when i was doing the train administration with the other hand just

In case the tickle would hit my lungs and i would already know that i would start train coughing way before the injection would have been completed so i was inhaling and pinning at the same time if you’re going to use tremalone or another compound that is known to induce a cough having a ventolin inhaler on standby will surely prevent you from cursing at the sky

While drooling on the floor during your two-minute train cough nightmare or at least minimize it to a certain extent so at least you’ll be able to walk around you won’t be on all fours heaving and drooling waiting for the trink off to pass and this is the only real practical application that a vintalin inhaler has in the context of bodybuilding i don’t think that

It’s a suitable fat burner even at higher dosages and we can use the world anti-doping agency prohibit at least as a guideline or kind of proof of that chlambuterol is flat out prohibited whereas sulbutamol ventolin albuterol is allowed up to 1600 micrograms over a 24-hour period so that means you as a supposedly drug-free athlete can puff 16 times on your ventolin

Inhaler and still pass the drug test assuming that you’re doing that over a 24-hour period so that means 1600 micrograms of ventilating is not really performance enhancing might you do you get fat loss out of that perhaps i’ve tried it for a week in duration a couple years back because i wanted to know if a ventolin inhaler or ventilating tablets for that matter

Would be a suitable replacement for clean patrol because generally speaking clean clambuturl has to be discontinued about three weeks before the contest allowing the athlete which is subject to drug testing to pass the drug test and end up drug free again drug-free on the day of the competition so i wanted to see if clumbutrol could be replaced with ventolin in

The form of an inhaler or tablets so i ran the experiment i went from 80 micrograms clean betrayal 20 microgram servings four times per day switching over to four servings of 400 micrograms ventilate either in health or in tablet form and guess what fat loss slowed down now fat loss still continued but it was less pronounced less impressive compared to clombitrol

And even a dose of 20 micrograms clampetrol which is all i can take nowadays which is the highest tolerable dose for me even that is more pronounced than this 1600 micrograms ventilating experiment that i ran a couple years back so i never got to incorporate that with my athletes i would say it’s not really required to switch from clemmetrol to ventolin because

From the ventilating you’re probably not going to get any noticeable effects and it could also be because clan betrayal at higher dosages is known to down regulate the beta2 adrenergic receptors that’s why i prefer a lower dose for a longer period of time which seems to keep fat loss sustained way more beneficially for a contest prep or cutting phase and again the

Side effects of higher doses of glen betrol are very pronounced so in the context of fat loss i don’t think that ventolin is suitable for that purpose in any way shape or form you should simply use it as a bronchodilator whether that’s to mitigate trend cough or to help you for a very demanding leg day in your training without air conditioning in a very humid

Climate where getting air in is a little bit more difficult so yes in that case 100 micrograms or 400 micrograms inhaled is highly beneficial because it opens up the bronchial tubes allows for a lot of air in allows you to have a phenomenal workout and especially on leg day this is very beneficial personally i use a ventolin inhaler maybe twice a month on late

Days when i see that the humidity is way too high or the temperature is way too high and i know that i’m going to have a very demanding leg day besides the use of 2000 to four thousand milligrams peak o2 which is a mushroom blend found in some of the pre-workout formulas but you can also buy it separately i’ll link it down below pico 2 helps to feel like you’re

Getting a fresh breath of air in like you’re on top of the mountain it’s a little bit hard to describe but i feel that oxygenation and breathing is a lot easier in combination with about 400 milligrams peak atp which acts as a vasodilator and ultimately helps with oxygenation and nutrient delivery as well a combination of all three peak o2 peak atp and a vintalin

Inhaler between 100 micrograms to 400 micrograms administered pre-workout it feels like i’m training at the swiss alps the air that i’m breathing is so clean i can get so much oxygen in the amount of deep breaths that i can take between my working sets is phenomenal certainly feels like i’m not training in dirty bangkok at all so this is a combination that you

Can keep into consideration if you’re thinking about using ventolin for the sake of bronchodilation if you want to use it for fat loss i’m going to have to tell you not to do that and i would look into clan boot roll instead so to make a long story short albuterol soul boot mole or ventilating inhalers again i don’t have so much experience with the tablets or iv

Administration for that matter which i believe is only available in clinical settings i’m very familiar with the inhalers and from my personal experience this is only used as needed if you suffer from trend cough a couple puffs over a ventilated inhaler is highly beneficial and if you’re going in for a strenuous workout when it’s highly humid outside or very very

Hot or you suffer from a little bit of bronchoconstriction leading into the workouts in that case a ventolin inhaler is also highly beneficial and i don’t see any other practical application for albuterol sulbytomor or ventolin in the context of bodybuilding in any way shape or form let’s move over to cleanbitrol which again all of you guys are familiar with now

Previously a lot of people would say you need to start with 40 micrograms and then build your way up as fast as possible to 120 micrograms clean butyrol per day at 40 microgram servings i don’t think that’s beneficial at all yes i’ve done it in the past yes i suffered from a ton of side effects and cramps in my hands and my calves and even though i would megadose

Taurine to mitigate some of these cramping effects and make sure that my electrolyte intake was beneficial it would still pop up once in a while and that only happens at higher doses of claim patrol so nowadays myself and what i recommend to clients just keep the claim with role at 20 micrograms upon waking before fasted cardio in which case you don’t notice any

Down regulation because the dose is so low that you don’t have to worry about beta2 adrenergic receptor downregulation that only happens at higher dosages and again most people would go by the side effects but even though the side effects go away with chlambutural use within the first two weeks or so so when i started 20 micrograms of clean betrayal this cycle i

Had a little bit of shakiness and a little bit of climbiness but now that’s already gone i still get the fat loss i still get the beneficial muscle contraction and the central nervous system stimulation but certainly not over stimulation so i feel that a suitable useful and sustainable dose of clinbutrol is just 20 micrograms and even though that doesn’t sound very

Appealing and sexy and hardcore again a long-term approach is what we’re after here what i will say must emphasize is that if you’re going to use cleanbid roll for weeks or months in duration even if it’s only 20 micrograms per day upon waking make sure you have a better blocker in place because well most of us are also using anabolic energetic steroids which are

Known to cause left ventricular hypertrophy or heart enlargement in general and if you’re going to stimulate your heart rate with a low dose clean patrol for months throughout the entire duration of your cycle that you’re trying to get lean and shredded again that’s a recipe for heart enlargement so make sure you have a better blocker preferably five milligrams of

Nubiful which will surely be sufficient to keep your resting heart rate favorable while using clean bitrol even at higher dosages of upwards to 80 or even 120 micrograms kilometres per day five milligrams in the bevel keeps your resting heart rate favorable it prevents your heart rate from going sky high while performing strenuous workouts when using climb bitrol

But again as the dose of claim betrayal increases the effect or the positive effect that nobile has on your hearts slowly diminishes and in which case you’re not going to increase the nubile intake that would kind of defeat the purpose so if you’re looking for a long-term approach i would rather prefer you to combine a low dose clean neutral 20 micrograms per day

With five milligrams in the bevel per day in combination with the generally recommended supplements for heart health being 5000 milligrams of taurine 200 milligrams of ubiquinol 250 milligrams shilajit fulvic acid with each serving of ubiquinol look into 20 to 40 milligrams pqq look into having ubiquinol pre-workout 100 to 300 milligrams ubiquinol pre-workouts

Again i already discussed this in several pre-workout optimization videos i’ll link them at the end of this one if you care about your heart health nabival is mandatory when using clambuterol the downside of that since we’re using clean boot roll for fat loss is now that your resting heart rate has been maintained the additional fat loss you would get without the

Nobile in the picture is no longer there because part of how clean betrayal induces fat loss is by raising your resting heart rate all day to 100 beats per minute 120 beats per minute and some people get even higher than that when they’re running higher doses of glen betrol in which case you get a ton of fat loss even at rest because your resting heart rate is so

Goddamn high but if you’re using the bevel to bring your resting heart rate down and your clambutura dose is not that substantial guess what you’re going to have to pay more attention to your diet and not result to pharmacology to get the fat off and well if you still want the result of pharmacology look into injectable carnitine look at your thyroid medication

Seven keto dhea gw1516 there’s so many fat burners or fat burning aids out there that can help you with your fat loss journey you don’t have the megadose to claim betrayal you certainly don’t have the megadose the ventolin keep that in mind so if you want to get the best of both worlds feel free to combine them that’s what i do 20 micrograms of glenbatrol heart

Health supplements and ancillaries in place to prevent left ventricular hypertrophy and heart enlargement from getting any worse and then on the days you really need it on those strenuous workouts or in the days you up your trembling injection in that day you take a couple puffs of your vintalin inhaler one puff 100 micrograms or up to four puffs 400 micrograms

Get that workout done utilize a low-dose clean betrayal for its central nervous system stimulation allowing you to get better contractions and potentially get a slight amount of additional anabolism out of that through the bedded to adrenergic receptor pathway so if you do it modestly i don’t see a reason why you can’t use both i’ve done it many of my clients

Have done it and i’m sure some of you guys have done that as well so list your experiences down below you don’t have to choose but you have to use both of them responsibly i’ll leave it here i hope this answers your question you can find everything that i’m associated with down below in the description section follow me on instagram and tick tock at vigor steve

Vigorous crew you guys know what to do a front double bicep a ventilating incline betrayal frontal bicep for you guys i think the claw material is still active from this morning but the ventilator will take approximately one hour from now because it’s going to be leg day and i’m really in the mood to slam some weights i’m going to use the vintalin inhaler to make

Sure the oxygenation and my breathing capacity is 100 on point i’ll leave it here thank you guys so much for watching and i’ll see you in the next video

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