May 29, 2023

Dr. Scott meets an aggressive Rottweiler that needs to be muzzled in the practice. Let’s see how he handles this one! 🙏

Oh yeah looks pretty good it uh says it doesn’t it well i think it’s got to say it today be calm well it’s for you really it’s for our lovely digby that’s coming to see us today in eiselworth south west london scott nurse nathan and receptionist elle are putting up a brave front as they prepare to meet a new patient and do i get any danger money for this nothing

To worry about at all teddy bear teddy bear don’t worry about it here we go they’re looking nervous i’ll hold up the sign hello hi mother and daughter sharon and amy have already warned them about the intimidating behaviour of their six-year-old rockfiler digby the problem is the rottweiler has now developed a mass in his chest owner sharon knew she had to find

A vet who would take a risk digby at home is an absolute softy he is sweet he’s affectionate and he loves a cuddle but take him out anywhere to meet any other dog or anybody else but the immediate family and that 50 kilograms of love turns into 50 kilograms of raw aggression to ensure the safety of his staff scott has decided to be the only stranger in the

Consultation room even the camera crew must form from outside sharon why don’t you jump on that side yeah there you go i think he hasn’t seen a bit for quite a few years and uh the last vet he saw didn’t know what to do he was nervous of him but luckily we found scott sit down hello no sharon came in to see me after she saw bam bam and the way that i treated

Him in the first series of vet on the hill calm down but there’s a massive difference between the feisty bam-bam oh no and the all-powerful 110 pounds it’s okay all right settle down i’m not doing anything i’m not going anywhere a lot of people would say straight away that’s an aggressive dog it should be put down and i understand that but the situation here is

That they got a dog that was friendly and happy and healthy as a puppy it has grown up to be aggressive and it’s aggressive for one reason because it’s fearful it is not innately evil this dog is a friendly dog that gets scared and he gets scared and then he gets aggressive we always make sure for him we put a muzzle on and he’s safe when he goes out let’s just be

Responsible really i’m trying to rush this relationship which is never a good idea is it okay because when we take him out you get people to stand they do make some nasty comments why don’t you put that dog down yeah it makes me angry no we never ever put them down we love them to bits we’ve had him as a puppy we’ve shown no aggression to him whatsoever so he’s

In bread from the mother all right as digby remains alert and agitated scott’s still a long way from being able to examine the lump on the rot violet’s chest soppy old thing aren’t you this job sometimes throws curve balls and aggressive dogs come in aggressive cats come in and you’ve got to treat them you’ve got to deal with them so you’ve got to find a way

To make it work all right so amy so tell me about the lump like when did you first find it those things about three or four months ago yeah ever since i’ve been trying to find a bit owners sharon and amy have not dared take the rottweiler to a vet since their last visit years ago ended badly he was very nervous moving his arms around he couldn’t get up close to

Digging when he did he spoke and then digby went berserk oh he’s a good brave boy after 30 minutes in the consultation room scott makes his first attempt to feel digby’s chest oh let me give you a bit of a tickle there hey hey oh all right i know i’m not trying to win the argument straight i away i’m sorry the whole time he’s lunging at me i’m just telling

Myself be calm don’t react don’t move stay all still am i scared are you kidding i’m bricking it 50 kilograms of raw muscle power coming at you with bad teeth and growling and every instinct is saying keep your distance but then i look at sharon and amy and i see their faces just literally saying please help us you are our last chance after another 20 minutes

A breakthrough what i can see with him is i can really see that he is actually a sweetheart i can see that scott finally appears to be gaining digby’s trust you’re trying to be angry but i can see you’re sweet and lovely really aren’t you and look what you’re letting me do oh he’s a sweet boy oh he’s a sweet boy i mean the good thing with scott was that he did

Remain calm and he didn’t have eye contact and he did manage to stroke digby which no stranger has ever done i couldn’t believe it really i’m just using some acupuncture points as well there’s one on the tip of his ears that just chills him out a little bit they’re always nice oh i feel very honoured i must say that when i was finally able to touch digby for the

First time it was exhilarating i mean it was like touching a wild animal and to give him a little scratch under the chin honestly it gave me goosebumps it was amazing what a handsome big pussycat hey big 50 kilogram big teeth pussycat yeah it was lovely having the loving with digby but it was always going to end and it was going to end in the form of a sharp

Needle in his butt trying to put him into this corner maybe and then he can’t push back and that was never gonna bring out his happy side i went from hero to zero but sadly it needed to be done to knock him out but he wasn’t impressed oh i’m definitely a swear word that i can’t say animate but with digby’s adrenaline pumping out of control the huge quantity

Of sedation is not enough and digby is still a threat it was incredible to see just how much drugs this dog took he was like a rogue elephant it’s all right nice sleepy time now just a couple of miles away in isleworth scott is attempting to examine a suspicious lump on digby’s chest but despite sedation the huge 110 round raw filer is still putting up a fight

Today is all about getting to grips with the lump and actually just removing it normally there’ll be a whole bunch of steps and examinations that we do prior to this kind of surgery that’s just not an option with digby so what i need to do today to knock him out and just remove the lump and hopefully send them home with good news all this activity will actually

Make him go down the second hill he’s more likely to crash and sleep now he’s energized himself blood supply is flowing those drugs will kick in a little more so after two injections of sedation which would have been enough to knock out a rhino he finally is calm enough that i can get an iv anesthetic into him one two three good boy now we’ve got to get him down

The stairs and i’m walking down thinking this better not be cancer not only because it’s dreadful news for any owner but from digby’s point of view how the hell am i ever going to treat this dog if it is cancer so fingers crossed it comes out as something not to worry about oh yeah i can feel it now yeah it’s quite quite a decent size yeah it’s a big one and

Getting bigger okay let’s get going okay so let’s see what this nasty little thing has in store for us so now i’m just going underneath to see what i find there we go it’s not looking too bad to me if i cut through the middle nathan looks a hell of a lot like fat nice healthy white glistening fat so that means it’s almost certainly to be a lipoma nothing

To worry about which is great news for digby mate you don’t need any more vets do you no straight away i think sharon and amy are going to be over the moon they’re going to be so happy i mean this is their boy this is their love and the fact that this is one surgery that we can perform we can fix the problem straight away and he potentially doesn’t need to come

Back and see me is good news okay good boy that’s it all done digby will now sleep off his anaesthetic in the recovery room but scott remains wary right he woke up very quickly and i’m going to exit upstairs sharon and amy are waiting for the verdict hi guys hi scott so you look very expected and very worried but in fact it’s all good news it looks like a fatty

Growth which is called lipoma um which is really good news i should be seeing smiles it is good news isn’t it i’m glad it’s nothing to worry about i’ve put sutures that don’t need to be removed so literally it’s a case of taking him home and uh hopefully living a happy and healthy life i’m glad i’d rather see i thought it would be something more serious yeah

But i can see he’s definitely got a kind heart in there he’s just quite misunderstood he’s a lovely dog he’s fantastic i’m a little bit about him but i’m just really glad that i’ve been able to hand back your beloved dog with my two hands intact that’s a flat side and without a lump on his chest yeah it means a lot for what you’ve done there’s no other vet that

We’ve actually seen oh thank you it’s very kind thanks very much uh i wouldn’t i mean you’re perfect you’re a perfect vet that’s so sweet oh thanks well that that honestly means a lot gotta be choked up a bit there lovely thank you no i don’t think i’m anything special i’m literally just a vet doing his job but uh i’m glad that she was happy all right so he’s

Just through here scott’s going to feel even happier when digby’s on his feet and walking out the front door baby sweetheart but he’s definitely leaving that assignment to the immediate family you are a softy really i think many people might find the fact that i treated digby controversial people might say that i shouldn’t have given him any treatment at all

He’s aggressive and he should have been put down good job alright ladies well i would say to those people that he is a much loved member of sharon’s family they adore him but they know that he’s got problems and they put steps in place to ensure that he’s safe and everyone else around him is safe also so i would say to them i’ll look after digby and you look after

Your own dog all the best bye diggers oh man good boy well that’ll take it out of a vet that will cheers hi i’m dr danny dusek from bondi vet if you love our show and want to see more plus some amazing content about pets and how to care for them hit the subscribe button click that little notification bell and we’ll see you on our next video

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