February 1, 2023

Do you ever find yourself plucking hairs from your head, eyebrows, or eyelashes? Do you do it repeatedly to the point that you have patchy bald spots or noticeable hair loss? You may have trichotillomania, a mental health disorder that involves compulsively yanking out hair despite efforts to stop doing so.

Hi hi doctor how are you oh so great to meet you nice to meet you too i’m really excited are you excited to see your brain i mean yeah as long as there’s nothing weird there i’m i’m happy you have a beautiful brand do i yes thank you but it’s busy very busy let’s go find out okay let’s let’s figure it out i read your history mm-hmm i looked at your scans i

Just looked at your testing so i have a good idea what’s going on but i want to hear from you your goal and how can i be really helpful i’ve been diagnosed with uh general anxiety disorder and like low grade depression i’ve been on zoloft for now i think two years and i was on another one two other ones before but this is the one that has been fitting the

Most but i still just don’t i just don’t feel good it’s hard to explain but it’s like i’m always tired i’m just like i still get like ups and downs i don’t know i just don’t like feel it’s hard to explain but it’s like i don’t feel good and like i’ve learned how to cope with certain like my anxiety was very physical you know i had like stomach issues i had

Like jaw issues like i felt like my heart like the palpitations that i even had a whole like heart scan because i was like there must be something wrong and so it’s just i still feel a lot of these things a lot of it’s more calmed down like the obsessive thoughts and all of that but you know my trico like i pull on my eyebrows and i like and then i also feel

Like my muscles are just always so tense and when did it start my trico started when i was i think 15 i can remember even before that i had already like a lot of like body tics like i do this with my eyes constantly my parents even thought i had any like a problem with my eyes but that kind of went away i tend to pick a lot on my lips as well and and now i

Have a lot of like i feel the need of doing certain like body movements i still do this it’s sort of like ticks right yeah i have one on my son this past couple of years and i don’t like yeah it’s yeah it’s weird i i i i i don’t i don’t know it’s um i don’t know if it’s because i just have so much tension everywhere that i feel like it just releases it and

Uh yeah anxiety got worse after the death of your grandfather and that was five years ago yeah a little bit over yeah five and a half or something like that panic attacks and fear of dying that happened yeah shortly after that and it’s what was more interesting was because you know i obviously love my grandfather but you know he’s been sick he had been sick

For a really long time so we’ve been waiting for him to pass away for a while so we kind of were expecting but i don’t know must have something clicked and it just created this like fear of dying and i had other grandparents dying as well but i guess because when i was really young the other one was more um quick i i don’t i don’t know what clicked in my brain

But all of a sudden i just had this like big overwhelming like fear of dying i still have and i still like when i talk about it like makes me want to cry because it’s the one thing that i still haven’t been able how to deal with so the way i learn how to deal with is just not thinking about it what do you think happens to you when you die i think that’s the

Problem i don’t know and it’s like it’s really terrifying if there is just nothing it’s just like i think that’s what scares me the most it’s like it’s just what if there is literally nothing and you just like stopped existing for ever like ever like it’s and that’s just we raised religious at all uh i was raised catholic uh me too but i don’t really believe

In god i like like yeah i don’t really believe in it when did that happen i’ve just always been very into science and it’s just a lot of things that just don’t make sense i just don’t i don’t know i just i don’t think i’ve ever really believed in it to be honest so it was more what your family did yeah i mean my my parents aren’t very religious but you know

I was baptized and i did first communion and had to go to church a few times i think part of me hated to go to church also why i’m like i don’t want to be here like i’d rather be out with my friends playing but yeah i just never really believed in it i guess but then that makes the thought of death even scarier yeah and you know like i can tell like the

Thing that makes them most sense to me is reincarnation um and that’s the thought that makes it more bearable to me a little bit then it’s like i still don’t know you know so i’m a person of science and i think it’s harder to not believe because to think you and i are here by random chance that has no design that makes no sense to me right if i look at your

Eyes and i’m like how does that make sense because there’s a law in physics called entropy things go from order to disorder and yes there’s a lot of chaos in the world but there’s also a lot of beauty yeah in the world tell me about the feeling someone’s out to hurt you i i wouldn’t say like hurt but i always feel like someone’s out to get me like i just i

Don’t know i’ve always had that feeling that like yeah even in my job sometimes it just feels like people are against me is that true sometimes yeah yeah it’s always good to question your thoughts like i don’t have any tattoos but if i got one it would be is it true like when i had a thought it’s not the thought you have to make you suffer it’s a thought

You attach to that make you suffer want to see your scans yes so we did a study called spect and spec looks at blood flow an activity it looks at how your brain works and it basically shows us three things good activity too little or too much and then my job is to balance it if it’s low we can find ways to stimulate it if it’s too high we want to calm it

Down this is a healthy brain and on the left full even symmetrical activity the top left we’re looking underneath the brain just like this um the bottom right we’re looking down from the top like this and then one side yep color doesn’t mean anything it’s the shape okay should just be big and firm the image on the right color does mean something blue is average

Activity red is the top 15 white is the top 8 and you see all the white here in the cerebellum um it has half the brain’s neurons so that’s why it’s usually the most active you have a lot of great brain function i have seen a lot of brains but it’s this little bumpiness where’s that bump there so could be from a past concussion it’s not a big deal i i

Wouldn’t what i’d worry more about is why is it a little bit bumpy and the things that could cause it um a lack of oxygen at some point anesthesia drugs alcohol mold you are you already told me you’re environmentally very sensitive yeah and so or an infection at some point okay we’re gonna get that healthier the cool thing is over time we can reverse it

That’s the exciting thing this is really interesting so remember i told you i could see where you would um get stuck on things your brain’s gear shifter is right here you like things a certain way and if they’re not it just bothers you yeah and it’s not because you want to be that way it’s just your brain is wired that way you also have a busy this is called

Posterior cingulate gyrus and that actually goes with intelligence finally confirmed it whenever somebody says you don’t have a brain you go nope i do and it’s big and it’s beautiful smart um so what i want you to take away from this is i have a beautiful brain it’s busy and it looks like something’s toxic so the first thing with any toxin is avoid it so if

You’re doing anything toxic avoid it while we’re repairing your brain the cool thing is we can do it again in six months and go how are we doing yeah we did one of our patients after two months his brain was radically better but it was way worse than your you have a beautiful um but it’s busy yeah despite being on its own if if you want i’ll teach you how

To kill the amps okay and where are the ants again automatic negative thoughts okay the thoughts that just come into your mind automatically and ruin your day i’m gonna let you take him home and i want you to put him where you can see him every day and if you can write down 20 of your worst thoughts okay i’ll teach you how to get rid of them okay it’s

So helpful so whenever you feel sad or mad or nervous or out of control let’s start writing down what you think okay so what we’re going to do i’m going to give you these supplements so one of them is two packets multiple vitamin fish oil a brain boost that should help your memory um i’m gonna give you a probiotic to help your gut because there’s a gut brain

Connection yeah um saffron love saffron okay 24 studies showing it improves mood like antidepressants you can take it with the zoloft okay and it should can help your libido and help your mood and your memory great um and then i’m gonna give you magnesium okay they’re chewables and i want you to take one to three a day and the goal with the magnesium is lower

Your anxiety and decrease the ticks you know sometimes it’s just nice to put like to understand a little bit more what’s you know because it’s it’s it’s so this past few months even years it’s just like i just feel like something’s just wrong and i don’t really understand what something is wrong yeah we’re gonna find it we’re gonna fix it yeah great you

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