May 29, 2023

In this video abstract, Dr William E. Shell speaks about his article “Sentra PM (a Medical Food) and Trazodone in the Management of Sleep Disorders”, recently published in Journal of Central Nervous System Disease. This is an open access article. To view and download the article PDF visit this page:

I’m dr william shell i’m a board-certified cardiologist as well as a board-certified internist i am the principal author of the paper entitled centra pm and medical food and tracidome for the treatment of sleep disorders often physicians and patients find that sleep disorders are a common and poorly treated disease state in this study we did a double-blind

Placebo-controlled four-armed randomized trial of 111 subjects that was carried out in 12 independent states we compared low-dosetrazodone centrapm of medical food which is also characterized as an old drug and an amino acid preparation the joint administration of tranzadone and central pm and placebo combination alone the purpose of the study was to examine sleep

Latency and restorative sleep to see if we could improve in the groups administered the active ingredients either central pm standing alone trazadone standing alone and the combination of the two agents administered at bedtime this was compared to two placebos given in the fourth group also at bedtime the placebo agents and the active agents were identical in

Their nature and could not be distinguished the primary endpoint of the study was sleep latency in addition to parasympathetic autonomic nervous system control as measured by 24-hour electrocardiographic monitoring the electrocardiographic signal was analyzed using a complex methodology involving fast fourier transform that converted time domain data to frequency

Data the high frequency band of this particular methodology is specific for parasympathetic autonomic nervous system function the primary endpoints were compared at baseline and day 14. the subjects underwent baseline questionnaires that were both visual analog scales and likert scales as well as the 24-hour ecg recordings the ecg recordings were analyzed in the

Frequency domain which was a continuous variable this is a primary measurement of what is called heart rate variability and we used heart rate variability to specifically measure parasympathetic autonomic nervous system function in this study the results showed a decrease in sleep latency in center pm and the combination of centra pm with transit down placebo

Had no effect and tracidone alone had no effect in addition there was an improvement in the quality of sleep for the medical food amino acid formulation and the combination of the amino acid formulation with the active tracidone it should be pointed out that the dose of tracidome was 50 milligrams at bedtime which is a dose that was chosen because it is not an

Effective sleep aid or an effective antidepressant in the analysis of the heart rate variability there was an improvement in parasympathetic autonomic nervous system function induced by both centro pm and the combination of centro pm with trazodone in patients with sleep disorders there is frequently a suppression of parasympathetic autonomic nervous system at

Bedtime that lasts through the early morning hours in this particular study we were able to show an objective improvement in parasympathetic autonomic nervous system induced by both neurotransmitter based medical food as well as the combination of the neurotransmitter based medical food with trazodone this study indicates that central pm can improve the quality

Of sleep the response to trazadone was improved there was an objective improvement in parasympathetic autonomic nervous system function as well as the perception of improved sleep quality without an increase in grogginess often associated with sleep aids

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Video Abstract: "Sentra PM (a Medical Food) and Trazodone…" By Libertas Academica