June 4, 2023

Don’t take my word for it….

Hey everybody joe joseph here for the daily sheeple calm and this is your new shot so to the communist news network we go cnn.com i feel vindicated today a couple months back i put out a video about how ibuprofen could be a tool of agenda 21 and if you don’t know what agenda 21 is and the subsequent policies since then it is a way to control the planet’s population

And to bring about a rewilding of rural america and other parts of the world while concentrating the populations into something called mega regions and they do it in such a number of ways but one is to readers reduce the birth birth rate and of course we have margaret margaret sanger’s planned parenthood as a way here in the united states but there are many

Other ways that this happens cnn saying ibuprofen linked to male infertility so says study and that’s interesting because we’ve seen a lot of issues with this class of drugs known as n stay nsaids sold under brand such as you know advil or motrin to help reduce swelling reduce pain and people you know and over-the-counter drug and the consumer health product

Dissociation a trade group that represents manufacturers have over over the truck over the counter medications says that support and encourages continued research and promotes ongoing consumer education to help safe use of over-the-counter medicines and they say the safety of active ingredients in these products has been well documented and supported for decades

By scientific studies in real world use now i’m gonna stop there because one of the things that i find very interesting is the amount of people that die each years result of nsaids and saves being you know your ibuprofens and other similar over-the-counter pain relief we pain relievers and interestingly enough and these are some older statistics but back in 2012

The amount of people that died as a result of say drug overdose by opioids will say 16,000 in one year 2012 16,000 plus but the amount of people that died as a result of nsaids was over 33,000 double the amount of people that died as a result of what we consider drug abuse or the war on drugs now this new study they say is a continuation of research that began with

Pregnant women and this team of french and danish researchers began exploring the health effects when a mother-to-be took any one of three mild plaint pain relievers found in medicine chests and that was aspirin acetaminophen and ibuprofen and what they found was that test that what what happens in males the testes don’t just produce sperm but they also secrete

Testosterone which is the primary male hormone all three of these drugs are anti androgenic meaning that they disrupt male hormones and the three drugs even increase the likelihood that male babies would be born with congenital malformations so knowing this they then took the study and said what would happen in the adult body and they found that ibuprofen had the

Strongest effects now ibuprofen of course is an anti-inflammatory drug often taken by athletes olympians and just you at home as a mild pain as four-mile pain prevention now the research team recruited 31 male volunteers between the age of 18 and 35 and of these 14 were given a daily dose of ibuprofen that many professionals and amateur athletes take which is

600 milligrams twice a day so the 1200 milligram dose is the maximum limit as directed by the labels of generic ibuprofen products now for the men who took the ibuprofen within 14 days their hormone level which and we’re talking about luteinizing which are secreted by the pituitary gland and stimulate the testes to produce testosterone became coordinated with the

Level of ibuprofen circulating in the blood and at the same time the ratio of testosterone to luteinizing hormones actually decreased a sign of dysfunctional testicles so the hormone imbalance produced compensated hypo gandhism a condition associated with impaired fertility depressed and increased risk for cardiovascular events included heart failure and stroke

That all played into this and what they found was people that took ibuprofen regularly not only saw a reduction in testosterone levels and thus a reduction in sperm production and fertility but they also found a pretty sizable risk an increased risk of heart failure and stroke now this is something that i put out months ago because i noticed that in the war on

Drugs they’re overlooking a very important fact and the very important fact is nsaids kill a lot of people here in the country you want to talk about epidemic we need to define what an epidemic is because we could be looking at one right here if we can define what an epidemic truly is so does this mean don’t take ibuprofen i don’t think that that’s the case and

I don’t think you need to be that drastic but i do think that you need to understand the risks and if your physiology is such that perhaps you’re having trouble having children or something like that this is something you might want to shy away from as it may make the problem even worse so check out this study do your due diligence do your research and if you

Need to find alternative modes of pain relief there are plenty out there both holistic and through big pharma that can probably deal with your issues i’m joe joseph this was the daily sheeple calms new shot feel free to comment below and visit our website at the daily sheeple comm hashtag wake the flock up have a great day everybody

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Vindicated! Ibuprofen IS a Tool of Agenda 21 By The Daily Sheeple