December 8, 2022

This video describes the importance of vitamin D in human health and preventive measures for avoiding deficiency of this vitamin.

Welcome to biomed global this video is about vitamin d and vitamin d is a vitamin that human body makes when it is exposed to sunlight and in the sunlight there is a ultraviolet light that is involved in the formation of this vitamin d vitamin d exist in to form vitamin d2 also known as a lc for all in vitamin d3 that is col kelsey for all and we know that

Human skin produce vitamin d3 on exposure to sunlight in people who stay indoor like people living in the northern latitudes and also the people who have darker skin they have problem with the deficiency of vitamin d in discussing the health benefits of vitamin d it is important to know that healthy bones and teeth are due to ample supply of vitamin d vitamin d

Perform its function in association with several minerals like calcium phosphorus and magnesium vitamin d is also involved in the regulation of cellular development in their differentiation as we know that human body is composed of cells that grow and differentiate also so for all these function there is a requirement of vitamin d vitamin d regulate parathyroid

Gland function and this gland basically control calcium metabolism within the body this vitamin also prevent cancer in boosts body defense or the immune system so it can fight with the diseases and infection vitamin d has also been reported to involve in dealing with the toxic compound within the human body now the next question is is there prevalence of vitamin

D deficiency and here are some figures it has been estimated that 40 to 90 percent of adults worldwide are suffering with vitamin d deficiency and here are certain figures like from us 11 to 84% adult population in in united kingdom five to 40 percent adults in in canada 93 percent of youth is suffering with vitamin d deficiency here is a partial list of diseases

Are symptoms associated with vitamin d deficiencies like osteomalacia weaker bones osteoporosis that thinning of bones rates like i mean deformity in the bones insomnia cognitive decline in muscle weakness or the salient manifestation of vitamin d deficiency foods contain low amounts of vitamin d and that is the reason frequently consumed foods are fortified with

Vitamin d so you will see in the mock eat bread with natural vitamin d same is with other grain products milk yogurt and cheese they have vitamin d and one of the most important thing i want to mention over here that is american medical association as well as us fda recommend that milk should be fortified with vitamin d we know that vitamin d is of two types vitamin

D2 and vitamin d3 here we will describe the sources of vadoma so first with vitamin d2 as the name is over here ergo kelsey for all it was first isolated from parasitic fungus hergert and that’s the reason it got the name agro and sun-dried mushroom is considered as the good source of vitamin d2 and it’s amount in nature like i mean in each reoccurring food there is

A very less amount of vitamin d in plants like grass hays in alfalfa if they are cut and dried in the sunlight they will be having some amounts of vitamin d2 so now about vitamin d3 col calcifer all this vitamin is widely distributed among animal tissue distribution in level depends on sunlight ex foyer that animal is getting and there is a limited distribution of

Vitamin d3 in plants and fish oil is considered one of the richest source of vitamin d3 in fish like cod do not have in there oils have a higher concentrations of vitamin d3 this vitamin is oil soluble human can utilize both vitamin d2 in d3 however birds can only metabolize vitamin d3 and that is the reason poultry feed is fortified with vitamin d3 here we will

Discuss how vitamin d3 biosynthesis take place in skin upon exposure to sunlight in a product of cholesterol metabolism the 7d hydro cholesterol is involved in the synthesis of vitamin d3 and that’s the reason this 7d hydro cholesterol is also known as pro vitamin d and sebaceous gland of skin is the place where this 70 hydra cholesterol is produced and here is

What happened here is the human skin containing this pro vitamin d which is 7 d hydro cholesterol in sunlight converted into pre vitamin d3 in vitamin d3 that enters into the blood for rest of the metabolism one thing i want to mention over here that vitamin d3 biosynthesis take place upon exposure to sunlight and in the sunlight ultraviolet light is involved in

The synthesis of vitamin d3 now ultraviolet light is also dangerous to skin so that is the reason it is said that we should get a limited sunshine that can be sufficient for the production of vitamin d3 that is required otherwise excessive exposure to ultraviolet light is also associated with skin disorders and cancers also here i will let you know that how we can

Prevent vitamin d deficiency so there are three ways and the first one is exposure to sunlight that will fulfill the deficiency of vitamin d next one is eat foods rich in vitamin d and we know like tuna selman and fish oils or rich in vitamin d egg yolk cheese and beef ly were also contained certain amounts of vitamin d if you are unable to fulfill your vitamin d

Requirement through these sources so then vitamin d supplements are also recommended and the recommended dietary allowance for vitamin d is for elderly people above 70 800 international units for adults 600 international units and for children below 12 400 international units are the recommended dietary allowance thank you for watching this video kindly subscribe

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Vitamin D and Human Health By BIOMED GLOBAL