March 22, 2023

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to All Cause Mortality and Cancer Prognosis a Study Finds

Lifestyle medicine is the use of lifestyle interventions directed at the treatment management and prevention of disease hey folks sighs we talked about this interesting study that was recently published it’s titled vitamin d and mortality meta-analysis of individual participant data from a large consortium of cohort studies from europe the united states was published

In the british medical journal by shorter at all the objective of the study to quote the authors was to investigate the association between serum 25-hydroxyvitamin d concentrations and mortality and a large consortium of cohort studies paying particular attention to potential age sex season and country differences it just as a side note in a prior lecture i went

Over everything there is no about vitamin d including sources functioning metabolism benefits protective effects to bone enjoy health and other relevant information i was trying to encourage you to check that out if you wanna know more about vitamin d vitamin d is a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential to the proper function of our body regulates calcium and

Phosphorus levels and assist with absorption of other minerals as well it is important for developing strong bones and normal levels of vitamin d are associated with a reduced risk of bone fractures and bone deformities at all ages especially the young and the old its synthesis metabolism the body is complicated requiring activation is gained from sunlight as

Well as involvement of the liver and kidneys the primary source of vitamin d is from production in the skin when exposed to sun over some vitamin d is also obtained through the diet and i can vary depending on time of year and where you live and things like that you may hear it called vitamin d3 which is cholecalciferol or vitamin d 2 which is orgo calcifer all

The former being the vitamin d formulation most commonly available for supplementation in prior studies a vitamin d deficiency has been linked to depression multiple sclerosis alzheimer’s and parkinson’s disease poor sleep quality cancer heart health asthma diabetes and low testosterone a lot of these studies are small or preliminary more research is obviously

Required and in general women are more prone to vitamin d deficiency than men and it’s also very common in the elderly one other side note about this study is that the authors use vitamin d metabolites 25 hydroxy vitamin d or 2500hd for sure this is because it lasts up to three weeks in the blood compared to the active metabolite a vitamin d known as 125 two

Hydroxy vitamin d although the authors were measuring 25 oh hd i was going to affirm it refer to it as vitamin d for simplicity sake the study was a meta-analysis of 8 prospective cohort studies from europe or the united states just so you know matt analysis looks at all the studies on a given subject and attempts to draw conclusions from them by combining all the

Data and looking for trends this is a gold standard for aggregating data and drag inclusions about hypotheses this particular set of studies included 26,000 men and women ages 50 to 79 and they were followed for 16 years main outcomes of interest for all-cause mortality cardiovascular and cancer results so vitamin d concentrations were higher in the summer and

In man which was expected although no trends with age were observed 6690 five participants died during study follow-up including 2,600 folks of from cardiovascular disease 2200 from cancer participants with vitamin d levels the lowest twenty percent of the group or fifty seven percent more likely to die from all cause mortality were compared to the highest twenty

Percent similarly participants with no cardiovascular disease history and the lowest vitamin d levels at a forty-one percent increased risk when compared to the highest levels individuals who did have a cardiovascular disease history had a 65-percent increased risk as far as cancer goes only individual individuals with a history of cancer had an increased risk the

Increase was approximately seventy percent in participants without a history of cancer were not an increased risk and it suggests that vitamin d levels may play a role in cancer prognosis so in conclusion participants with the lowest vitamin d levels or increased risk for all-cause mortality and death from cardiovascular disease and cancer but only in subject of

The history of cancer these results were surprising consists in just by variations across countries sexes seasons of blood draw and age than eight different studies included more research is needed to identify whether supplementation of vitamin d produce the risk of all-cause mortality cardiovascular disease and/or cancer you

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Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to All Cause Mortality and Cancer Prognosis a Study Finds By Lifestyle Medicine