March 28, 2023

What interactions are there between vitamin D2 and vitamin D 3 when you take vitamin D2 as your main source of vitamin D?

Hi guys doctoral banked in here with some more nutrition advice i wanted to do a quick video on a comparison between the biological effects of ergo calcify and cholecalciferol now ergo calcifer off east vitamin d2 and cholecalciferol is vitamin d3 now the reason i wanted to do this is because i’ve done a few videos on the usefulness of mushrooms as a source

Of vitamin d mushrooms provide vitamin d – ergo cal several and i wanted to just illustrate the interactions in the blood between vitamin d2 and vitamin d3 particularly when you supplement with vitamin d – if you went to get a prescription for vitamin d – from your doctor it would be in the vitamin d2 form the medical the medical supply of vitamin d comes from

Ergo calcifer or and many multivitamins also contain ergo cal several and mushrooms do as well so there is a there is a reason to discuss this ergo calcitriol is a common supplement and it’s a common food source of vitamin d so this has some real world applications most people that go in and get vitamin d supplements when they when that when when they’re not in

A multivitamin when they’re just supplements on their own they tends to get vitamin d3 that’s that’s how most vitamin d supplements are sold but if you look at multivitamins they do quite often have ergo kalsa four’ all vitamin d2 in them so it’s interesting to understand the interactions so if we bring up the first graph this is a this is a paper that looked at

The feeding of subjects with one of three treatments firstly there was a supplement group that took in a supplement of ergo calcifer all and they took about 28 micrograms of mindi per day there was a to mushroom groups one of the mushroom groups were fed mushrooms that were uv-treated and they took in 8.8 micrograms per day of vitamin d 2 and the other mushroom

Group took uv-treated mushrooms that provided just over 17 micrograms per day of vitamin d 2 if we have a look at this graph what we see is that the the control group which are the black circles along the bottom they didn’t have any increase in their vitamin d2 levels and that was because they took a placebo they took no vitamin d and so therefore you wouldn’t

Expect them to have any change in their vitamin d d levels and these vitamin d levels were measured as the active bio metabolite of vitamin d which is 2 5 hydroxy vitamin d and because it was big and this first graph is actually measuring the 2 5 hydroxy vitamin d2 levels so that’s an important thing to to understand because when i bring in the second graph this

Will be explained if we have a look at the supplement group the white circles they had the largest increase in vitamin d2 level in there to 5 hydroxy vitamin d2 levels and that would be expected because the supplements provided the largest amount of vitamin d interestingly the mushroom groups which are the triangle groups m 1 and m 2 they actually had the same

Response despite the fact that the mushrooms provided in one case almost twice the amount of vitamin d as the other group so that’s interesting you know there might be some aspect of the way it’s absorbed from the mushrooms but clearly the vitamin d from the mushrooms both groups responded in the same way despite them having quite a difference in the amount of

Vitamin d that they actually had in the mushrooms so that graph very interesting it’s very much expected the group that took the most vitamin d got the largest increase in to 5 hydroxy vitamin d 2 mushrooms are a good source of vitamin d and therefore they increase to five hydroxy vitamin d2 as expected and the control group that didn’t take any vitamin d have

No change in their to 5 hydroxy vitamin d2 levels so that was very expected but if i bring up this other graph this is now the graph that shows the two five hydroxy vitamin d3 levels now they weren’t supplemented with any vitamin d3 so this the this two five hydroxy vitamin d3 is the residual amount of vitamin d3 that they have in their plasma either from their

Own production in the skin or from what else was present in the diet so this is kind of a baseline level of two five hydroxy vitamin d3 and what we actually see is a decrease in in the vitamin d3 levels as we got a reciprocal increase in the vitamin d2 levels so the control group again it had no no change in its two five hydroxy vitamin d3 levels there the black

Circles the mushroom groups again no real difference between the effects but they both had a decrease in their to 5 hydroxy vitamin d3 levels and the supplement group which can which the group that had the most vitamin d2 in there in the study had the largest decrease in their to 5 hydroxy vitamin d3 levels and that’s the the white circles so what we’re actually

Saying here and this is what the paper pointed out is that when you increase your ergo calcitriol intake that causes an increase in the 2 5 hydroxy vitamin d2 levels in the blood which is good because that means that your vitamin d levels are vitamin d status is improving but the increase in the ergo calcifer all the increase in the 2 5 hydroxy vitamin d2 comes

At the expense of 2 5 hydroxy vitamin d3 so what happens overall well if you read the paper what the authors discussed is that some papers have actually shown that ergo calcifer all causes no overall a change in your in vitamin d in vitamin d3 level vitamin d levels because the increase in the vitamin d2 levels is to a certain extent offset by the decrease in

Vitamin d3 levels and some papers have shown that this is not the case so this is not it’s not clear exactly what is happening and this is not happening in every study not all studies are showing this and i think the the difference comes from whether the subjects are initially depleted or replete in vitamin d if you take subjects that have a deficiency of vitamin

D and you give them ergo counselor for all or cholecalciferol it’s going to have a benefit because it will boost their levels of vitamin vitamin d it will increase their to 5 hydroxy vitamin d2 levels and it won’t have a negative effect on the 2 5 hydroxy vitamin d3 levels if you take somebody that is actually replete in in vitamin in vitamin d what happens

Is you get an increase in the two if you take that person and you supplement with ergo calcifer all what tends to happen is you get an increase in the 2 5 hydroxy vitamin d2 levels but the two 5 hydroxy vitamin d3 levels decrease and therefore you don’t get any real change in the overall levels of vitamin d which is interesting and the study what the authors

Actually did is they i’ll bring up the the third graph which shows the overall change in 2 5 hydroxy vitamin d levels as a whole this is the this is the total to five hydroxy vitamin d and as you can see the control group no change and the other groups no change so that increase in to 5 hydroxy vitamin to d2 was offset by a decrease in to 5 hydroxy vitamin d3

And therefore in this group of subjects the vitamin d didn’t actually have any effect overall at changing the status that the total vitamin d status of the subjects now the authors went on to look at whether this was an effect of the victim the calcitriol on the excretion of vitamin d3 or whether it was an effect on the production of vitamin d3 they first of all

They looked at the amount of to four hydroxy vitamin d in the plasma now when vitamin d3 is metabolized it’s metabolized through a step that causes two for hydroxylation it’s one of the metabolizing steps that in in the in the excretion of vitamin d3 but they didn’t find really any change in the two five hydroxylation as a result of taking ergo calcifer also what

They concluded was that this is not this this this decrease in that the two five hydroxy vitamin d3 that you get with ergo calcifer or supplementation is not caused by an increase in the excretion rate of the of the vitamin d3 so what they concluded is that it’s very likely that there is a some kind of inhibition at the two five hydroxylation step which is what

Creates this biologically active phase of vitamin d the two five hydroxy vitamin d3 and vitamin d2 is it’s it’s a hydroxylation step that occurs in the liver there is a two five hydroxylase enzyme and what they think is perhaps happening is that when you take high amounts of ergo calcifer all there is competition for that two five hydroxylase enzyme so you get an

Increase the ergo calcifer all causes an increase in the two five hydrox hydroxy vitamin d2 but that that use of the enzyme actually inhibits the the conversion of vitamin d3 two to five hydroxy vitamin d3 and therefore two five hydroxy vitamin d3 levels fall so it’s a very interesting paper there is this inhibition possible inhibition when you take high amounts

Of ergo calcifer all four cholecalciferol for the active metabolite of cholecalciferol it’s not really understood what effect this has certainly you know it’s clearly there clearly is an effect and whether it would have any long-term implications on the health of the individual you know it’s very difficult to say what we do know is that if you’re very deplete in

Vitamin d both forms of vitamin d are effective improving your health and improving your to five hydroxy vitamin d status whether this would actually have a detrimental effect if you had a you know a reasonably high level of you know vitamin d in in your in your system you had a good to 5 hydroxy vitamin d3 levels whether if you took high amounts of supplements

Of ergo calcifer all that would i have a negative effect it’s not fully understood and this is one of the reasons that i’ve always said if you can the best way to get your vitamin d is the way that we produce it in our skin which is in the two-five it which is in the vitamin d3 form which will then form the 2 5 hydroxy vitamin d3 it’s the human form of vitamin

D it’s the best most biologically active form there are differences in the in the bio activity of these two forms of vitamin d as well it’s you know there there has been measurements in it in cell culture studies in animal studies in human studies about the different biological activities of these two compounds and vitamin d3 is more biologically active exact

And exact figures not been put on it but if you had to give a bull part a ballpark figure ergo kalsa four’ all the vitamin d2 form seems to be about 80% as effective biologically as the cholecalciferol vitamin d3 form so if you go for supplements the vitamin d3 form is the one to go for however if you take and you decide to use mushrooms as a source of vitamin

D you don’t have that choice because mushrooms only produce a go calcifer on so you know what the outcome of this is it’s very difficult to say there are ongoing studies in this area and i think the picture will become clearer as more research is published but it certainly want to keep an eye on and it’s certainly one to take into account when you choose your

Form of vitamin d so i hope you found that interesting as always eat well stay healthy and protect yourself and i will see you soon for another video take care

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Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3 Interactions By Robert Barrington