March 24, 2023

The answer is… BOTH! Nature’s plan = Vitamin D2 AND D3

Vitamin d okay we just introduced a vitamin d a while ago and i’m sure that if you’ve been out there talking to people there’s d2 d3 what so this is nature’s plan for vitamin d okay we get some from plants some from animals and some from the sun that’s it’s a very simple plant very elegant plant you know as it usually is so there’s not much question there this

Is this is where we get it but in the marketplace this is going on right we have this big argument which is better d2 is better than d3 d3 is better than d2 and you know basically it’s because marketers need to differentiate themselves in order to fulfill a a need that you don’t know you have until they create that need in you okay i like to say it’s hard to be

A white knight if you don’t have a dragon to slay well you know what are you going to do so in this case there’s this big argument going on inside industry well scientifically that argument doesn’t exist in nature’s plan it doesn’t exist and scientifically it doesn’t exist here’s what science is telling us conclusion and this this is a big study from 2013 d2

And d3 were effective in raising and maintaining total serum 25 ohd that’s the active version of vitamin d in your body ingestion of d2 also resulted in increased serums of 125 ohd t2 just a a complicated portion of that this increase was accompanied by a comparable decrease in serum papad which means it’s being converted therefore the total 125 diagonal ignore

All that stuff concentration significantly in conclusion therefore ingestion of 1000 iuvs of d2 or d3 for 11 weeks was effective in raising total serum concentrations of active vitamin d as well as maintaining serum concentrations of total active vitamin d so the science doesn’t support the controversy the controversy is purely marketing it’s purely hype you

Go into the internet and there’s always somebody willing to hype one little thing trying to create a one you know make a big monster out of one little thing that doesn’t make any sense so here’s some more this is from uh this is about bioavailability the effects of d2 and d3 supplemented on 25 ohd levels may be dosing schedule sex dependent maybe probably needs

Further research d2 was associated with a reduction of this it goes on to say d2 may be 25 hydroxy activated faster than d3 the question’s always been if you give the two together and we saw this in our studies why does one disappear from the bloodstream quicker than others than the other and what does that mean well what this says what the data says is that d2

Is actually activated more rapidly than d3 doesn’t mean you don’t need d3 it just means that the body seems to have a preferential a pathway for activating d2 it will activate the d3 also so here’s another one this is uh from the you this is from the office of dietary supplements in foods and dietary supplements vitamin d has two main forms d2 or gocalciferol d3

Cholecalcifer all that differ biochemically by their side chain structures so they look exactly the same molecule except one’s got a side strain structure here and the other’s got a side chain structure here so chemically your body’s just happy as heck with both of them it says both forms are well absorbed in the small intestine absorption causes a simple passive

Diffusion so again this is that question of in the marketplace they’ll say well d2 isn’t bioavailable or d3 is more bioavailable no no that’s not true they do their own sort of clinical study and sort of ignore the data behind you know our data i always tell you that we have a claim that we make and below that is a pyramid of data a big broad pile of data they

Tend to get out there and make one claim burst on one thing because the pile of data defeats their sales strategy right they like to speak to people who don’t ask questions so there’s no argument which is the best way to get this done you know reagan d and then get out in the sun be outside be outdoors be active your son is not your enemy unless you’re lathering

Yourself up with mineral oil and laying in the hot sun for hours and hours and hours but otherwise you know the sun has been with us since day one and we’re here many days downstream so what does that tell you

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Vitamin D2 vs D3 – Which is Better & What Supplement is Best? By Be Regenerated