January 27, 2023

Vitamin D3 and Vitamin B Complex are great vitamins to start taking when you have Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After making this video, I spoke with my new (natural) doctor for the first time, he told me that such a high dose of Vitamin D3 + K2 was a good choice and one of the first things he would have prescribed me had I not already been taking it! Cheers!

Prednisone the drug that all of us autoimmune people have a love-hate relationship with at least i do welcome to a gut feeling in this channel we talk about all things related to the gut my name is janine and in this video we’re gonna talk about some healthy alternatives to prednisone now before we jump into the video i want to clarify i’m not a doctor i’m not a

Dietician so before you make any changes to your diet or start taking any supplements make sure that you consult your doctor or health care provider first prednisone we have this love-hate relationship with it for many of us it gives us fast relief of our discomfort but then all the side effects that come with it make you wonder is it really worth taking this stuff

You can’t sleep at night you have mood changes you have an increased appetite and weight gain you can possibly get things like acne and various skin issues wounds can be slow to heal you might feel dizzy or nauseous and the worst thing is it can weaken your bones and often you end up with joint pain it’s a nasty drug to take even though it gives quick relief and

It’s very unhealthy to take and can have long-term effects on your life when i was struggling in my last flare trying to decide should i take prednisone shouldn’t i i ran across this very interesting video that people had recommended to me and i’m gonna have links to it below gentleman’s name is dr. eric berg and he basically talks about a vitamin that is nature’s

Alternative to prednisone here i have vitamin d3 plus k2 which dr. eric berg highly recommends i watched his video and had done a little bit of research and was super excited to try it and so at the beginning of my journey with the scd diet what i actually did is i got rid of all supplements i’m taking because often we can even react to healthy supplements like

Vitamins and stuff because our guts are so compromised so i actually quit taking everything and i decided to treat my vitamins the same way that i treat food to introduce one thing at a time to see how you react but there is two vitamins that i started taking and the one was vitamin d3 plus k2 and the other one was vitamin b12 and i do really believe that the

Vitamin d3 helped me to pull out of the flare when i was on this diet i think the combination of the vitamin d3 and my diet was able to help me pull out of the flare so vitamin d3 is a great anti-inflammatory and it’s also great for autoimmune diseases and the funny thing is it’s actually not a vitamin but it’s a steroid hormone i had never known that before now

We all know that vitamin d is essential but according to dr. eric berg he says the recommended amounts are too low i think the recommended amount is around 600 iu’s a day but he says when you take a high dosage like 30000 iu’s a day you’re gonna have some interesting result similar to mild prednisone i’m not going to go into all the details i’m just basically just

Quoting what i’ve learned from him so i’m going to link his video in the channel and in his video’s description he has a lot more information that you can go dig into if you want to study it for yourself you’re taking high doses of vitamin d3 you don’t want to take it by itself you want to make sure it’s combined with the proper levels of vitamin k2 now dr. eric

Berg recommended 300 micrograms of k2 when you’re taking like 30000 i use of d3 so the reason you need to take k2 with d3 so that k2 can counter some of the calcium issues that you might run into when taking high dosages of d3 vitamin d3 does not tell the calcium where to go that’s what k2 does and k2 actually takes calcium tells it where to go drives it into your

Bones that’s what he said so after doing my research i decided i’m gonna jump on board and i ordered this product online it was one of the few i could find that had the recommended amount i believe the k2 was a little bit higher in this than what he recommended each pill is 5,000 iu’s of d3 and a hundred micrograms of k2 so i actually take six pills a day of this

I’ll have links below to this and amazon if you want to go check it out so i just wanted to quickly read to you what the first thing is that google pulls up when you type in vitamin d3 for ulcerative colitis you know how a google page when you do a google search it pulls out like their definition or the most popular definition website whatever at the very top and

Summarizes it for you well this is what google search says when you type in vitamin d3 for ulcerative colitis vitamin d supplementation may lead to significant improvement in ulcerative colitis based on a placebo controlled trial involving 60 patients with active disease however vitamin d supplementation not only prevented but also amaryl eiated i don’t know how

To say it symptoms of colitis in the mice model so after like reading and researching of this i said i’m gonna jump on board and get my own nature’s prednisone now moving on to vitamin b i bought this vitamin b complex which has multiple different vitamin b vitamin b1 b2 b3 b6 it has folate which is important and b12 which i’m talking about right now so now people

With various autoimmune diseases are very likely to be low in vitamin b12 and this is especially true for people with crohn’s and i believe celiac disease ulcerative colitis actually isn’t quite as common but is still a possibility because it is hard for our bodies to actually absorb minerals and nutrients in vitamin b12 and me one of the ones that suffers so vitamin

B12 is very important for the body and if you’re low in it you might experience symptoms like weakness and fatigue heart palpitations shortness of breath which is something that i experience but who knows if it’s vitamin b12 deficiency a vision loss depression memory loss and strange sensations like numbness and tingling in your hands and feet so once again do

Your own research but but obviously vitamin b12 is something that’s really important to the body and for those people that are vitamin b12 deficient we need to go on high dosages of vitamin b to compensate for that now i do know if you’re in a really bad state where things are just going right through you taking vitamins might not even hardly be helping and so some

People actually go into doctors to get vitamin b ivs to put it right into your bloodstream mmm-hmm now i know this is kind of a guessing game if you’ve never done bloodwork so actually today i’m gonna be on call with a new doctor that will be working with me and getting a lot of blood work done so i can actually test my levels and know for sure what i need to be

Taking and what not so right now i just wanted to say when i started the diet these were the two pills that i started with and i especially wanted to try this out i was excited about it and i think this is helping me pull out of a flare or it did help me because i’m pretty much out of my flare now praise the lord but i continue to take and i’ll probably decrease

The amount a bit i want to consult with my new doctor about this as well but i’ll have links to both of these in the description if you want to check it out i will be making a few more videos on other supplements that i take that i feel are crucial to heal up your gut lining so stay tuned for that if you like video give it a big thumbs up and if you’re new here

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Vitamin D3 + K2 / NATURE'S PREDNISONE By A Gut Feeling