June 1, 2023

Just a short video on what’s been happening since we last spoke

Hi everyone fluffy here back with a quick chatter i think i titled this a vlog and not a bump bomb it’s really an eating vlog i just threw some tummy together i had taken a package of hamburger meat out a couple of days ago and we just never got around to cooking it so i wanted to cook it up and i made it into taco meat because taco meat you can put it into

Anything and so i just got a munch on it while we have a little chat and i have some placed in water before we get any further um into what’s been going on with me i’m good at breaking news the nor two nor two dom cathedral is on fire in paris it is the oldest historical building in paris that’s really tragic oh my goodness it’s really on fire the firemen there i

Guess think it has to do with the renovation you can see scaffolding behind the tower and it looks that’s where most of the flames are so prayers go out to the firemen and any workers that might have been there when that happened so just wanted to mention that real quick so fluff how you been well one bit of news that i have kid is gone she flew out today dropped

Her off at the airport earlier so um wishing her safe travels she’ll be gone i don’t know probably won’t be back until may sometime i’ll be okay i got you all right um so i just i don’t know why i felt like it came up real quick i mean i knew that she had been selected to be the few that had to finish up the project out of town so hey momma fly wow how has this

Cymbalta been well i’m not sure i mean i still don’t feel myself but i also don’t feel like there’s a tear ball stuck right here you know what i mean like i don’t feel like the slightest little things are choking me up anymore so that’s a good sign i’m on the 20 milligrams until friday and then starting saturday if i need to go up then i can do so haven’t decided

Whether i’m going to try the 40 or not because i figure if i try the 40 saturday and sunday and see how that does i can always take her back to the 20 those of you that have been on the cymbalta that have had success i know a few y’all said that you don’t like it but if you’ve had success with it if you’ll let me know what dose you’re on and how it’s doing for

You so i know it’s working a little bit um my eating has been horrible so i’m trying really hard today so be carb to be low carb today so i feel like it can happen so we’ll see reason for me my mother update on my mom she had surgery what last monday and within she had barely you know they 45 minutes in recovery she had not been in her room from recovery ten

Minutes and she had to use the restroom and they said oh you know do you want a bedpan and she’s like no i want to get up and go and they didn’t even have a walker in her room and she walked into the restroom so they’re all saying they’re all amazed at her she’s doing and more head than she was with the first tip so for all of y’all who have been asking about

Her thank you and those of you that have been praying and sending out positive vibes for her thank you very very much i really appreciate that the bitterness or blog i don’t really have anything else to talk about really not sure when the nice will be back she’s still taking care of my mother my mother feels like it’s not gonna be much longer that she’s already

Doing a lot of stuff on her own so since my older sister has to bring her son into school every day because they live on the edge of town on a piece of property outside town but she has to come in to drop her son off for school so she’s usually dirt there during the day anyway the niece has been staying there like 24/7 but it’s really for nighttime well my niece

Hasn’t been getting up to help her to the bathroom she just another old sam go into the restroom but okay so that’s that’s good news there’s gonna be a boring blog but i know you all have been wanting to hear from me and i don’t really like to do anything except for the mail during a mail video because that’s my full attention i want to be on the gifts because

And again thing and thank you anjali yeah you know i just don’t like to involve a whole lot else in there so i thought i’d come on here and give y’all a quick update that i’m alive i’m fine and i am feeling slightly better so yeah the simpleton cymbalta is working side effects the first couple of days when i took it it felt a little tight in here but with the

Cost of condor itis in the fibro it is something that i’m used to even when i did the muscle relaxers at first it gave me a even tighter feeling in the chest area but nothing where i would panic and say oh my gosh i can’t breathe so and that has subsided but still getting a little tummy troubles from it so but you know the metformin did the same thing in my bright

I’m just taking weight loss hey i have been i saw and this has nothing to do fiber yob still wanting to do that fibro video but i just want to get all the information cuz i don’t want it to be a stupid video anyone i saw i’ve been watching just different different videos trying to catch up and and things like that and and i was been watching a lot of diy videos

But somewhere in the mix came a video about metformin and a doctor was saying least he claimed to be a doctor was saying that some doctors forget to tell you but they should tell you that taking metformin can deplete your b12 and it was giving some side effects which all those symptoms i guess not side effects symptoms of low b12 or fibro symptoms but it’s

Not healthy to be low on the twelve he claims that the body does not produce b12 naturally and that you get it from meat and stuff from from food and that you may need a supplement so i did start on b supplements today twice a day i’ve got these he recommended these and i’m hoping he’s just not trying to sell these because you know you can become an affiliate

Of amazon and then if somebody buys with your link then you get a percentage which i did y’all by the way but i never told y’all and i didn’t even finish it it wanted like some information for taxes i didn’t finish it up but i got an email saying that you haven’t had a purchase and you could lose your status which is fine um i guess i wasn’t really into it so

I’m hoping the guy wasn’t um just wanted me to buy his item is but i started today we’ll see what happens salty so anyway that’s what’s been going on with me really nothing to report except that i am feeling better i don’t have this um longing either that i had with you know she-who-shall-not-be-named that’s a real big blush because um yeah i can’t disclose to

Texting the sun cuz i think she has a new number so and i don’t find that itchy need to do that now so that is that in itself and like i said i know talking to the roomie was making me choked up but what i didn’t tell y’all is the day i went to go get my medication my daughter used to work at i can tell you about past jobs i guess i used to work in that pharmacy

As a pharmacy tech and so they all know me and they still know her in one of the pharmacists you know any new medicine or certain medicines they have to consult i think the trulicity i think i have to consult with her every time i pick it up so did a consult and she kind of looked at it and looked at me of course she knows what it’s for and i know i was saying

Yeah i just need a little bit of help and she looked dead my eye and she goes it’ll get better you know i just just it was right here and and i started to tear up and she looked at me and didn’t know what to do and i took a deep breath and i said yeah i know and then i left so i don’t have that ball here anymore so that’s it itself is a plus so i don’t know i

Don’t know if i should just stay at the 20 milligrams and see or should i go up to the 40 i don’t know hmm things that make you go mm-hmm i also saw a video on carb free foods that you can eat a lot of when you’re doing keto jennifer miles she is my youtube family’s even though she don’t know it she is a life coach and she’s really into health and nutrition and

What i wanted to ask you jennifer and if i don’t know if you i think you only watched my mom’s but hopefully you’ll watch this because you did ask how i was doing i in a comment um there are things that they named that i know for a fact have carbs and so my question to you on keto is for about keto is i know diabetics one of the my diabetics that have been with

Me a long time said diabetics do not count the carbs in eggs and the guy said eggs have no carbs in kale has no carbs and i know while they’re very low in carbs do you count those you see them saying so i’m just curious about that because you know i wanted to call bs on the video at the comments but there’s the only count i have so i want to go and start truck

Start trouble and then have people follow me back that like this person and follow me back and start with me here so i didn’t want to say anything because i don’t know i am not educated on keto and how am i gonna start a debate with the person disagreeing with them when i didn’t have not educated myself on the keto diet i just know about atkins and low carb

And yes atkins does count every single carb so i just wondered it if you don’t if you don’t want to answer or you don’t answer i’m cool with that i’m just curious so anyway twelve minutes all you know just to tell let y’all know that i’m doing okay and hopefully tonight i’m by myself i don’t know when the nice will be back so i’ll take full advantage if i can

About filming you know there’s some to low carb things that i want to tap i want to taste and i want to eat that i’ve just been putting off because i haven’t felt like filming and so i want to hopefully do that for it is 140 so telling me for supper in a few hours hopefully fingers crossed i’ll get that filmed i just saw for you for you creators i just saw

That the new beta creator studio has once again in the video editor if they took it away and that’s why some of my in the middle there my videos were crappy because i didn’t have any editor until sarge had purchased the one that i use now for me so int upgrader this one is ridiculously priced at least for me so i just noticed because i always switch back to the

Old creator because the video manager is better in the old version but i did happen to notice so i probably use the editor on this video especially since i’ve got the time to play around cuz you don’t know this is videos coming so let me know how you like it if how it looks to y’all i won’t use my current editor and i’m using my current editor to videotape so

Hopefully i can transfer it to the youtube editor i think it’s just quicker to get a video up if you onto youtube using the youtube editor so having said all that thank you all for all your prayers and your concerns i really appreciate it really really i do god bless y’all positive vibes out to each and every one of you remember to always be kind and be your

Own advocate i love y’all i really do and i will talk to y’all real soon okay bye

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Vlog 36… short update on the Cymbalta By fluffyhatesfibro