March 22, 2023

Guys…I had a HORRIBLE Allergic Reaction to Amoxicillin!! Okay maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but it was pretty bad so I decided to go to the Dermatologist for the first time. If you watch my first VLOG you’ll see how bad it was. I’m also going to my new therapist today! If you follow me on IG I talk about mental health a lot! I also talked about why I needed a new therapist. If you want to know why comment below!

I didn’t really sleep well last night and for some reason i’ve been having like these really weird nightmares so i just can’t sleep well my face is breaking out like crazy as you guys can see on my forehead i said this in another one of my vlogs that i was breaking out and i think it was from my makeup but it hasn’t really improved i’ve gotten too facial since

And it’s still doing whatever my esthetician gave me some medication but it’s just not strong enough apparently because like i just i’m not seeing the differences it’s not given what it needs to give so i’m going to the dermatologist right now and i’m headed there i also have five miles to eat so that’s absolutely dandy every single time i yawn i want to cry

And punch a wall because my jaw is now clicking on the left side even though the clicking is supposed to be for the right so i’m gonna put this ac on anyway because i don’t care it’s hot why am i wearing a crew neck mind your business i’m sorry guys i just have a bit going on my mind right now i’m tired cranky stressed i’m also supposed to one two three four

Jeez man i supposed to call somebody oh my god why i’m rushing i’m supposed to call them another one i was really contemplating if i really wanted to call them or not i’m stressed actually that i have five miles to eat because this place is 32 miles maybe i’ll make it maybe and remember how i told you guys that my insurance is tracking my driving so i can’t

Like break or speed excessively cough upbeat i missed this appointment like that’s my least favorite thing is missing appointments because you have to reschedule and come back not in the mood to drive back that far now you might be wondering why do i make my part my appointment so far away because i trust the healthcare system where my mom’s house is because

I grew up in that healthcare system so like i know how the physicians are i know the hospitals i know how the techs are i know how they treat you who doesn’t want the highest quality care nobody everybody wants the highest quality care and as sad as it is to say because america sometimes is just so absolutely trash but zip code matters in terms of the type of

Health care you’re going to receive so i will go where the rich ah it’s actually very it’s very very sad and i actually like my neighborhood’s actually really nice um where i live but again i just don’t know i don’t really know the vibes of the healthcare system in this area and i like to go where i know things like i know redondo beach i know torrens i know um

Palos verdes i really thought he was about to pull me over because why am i holding a camera i’m gonna stop vlogging now guys and i will vlog more when i get to my appointment it says i’m gonna arrive there too i guess what time my appointment is two you know and i am 12 minutes late so hopefully they still take me i can’t film this appointment but i’ll show

You guys what the day after okay so you guys remember when i got my teeth extracted which is actually in the same facility it’s just literally like on the first floor but basically what they told me was that the amoxicillin that i was given to prevent a bacterial infection in my mouth from the extractions is what caused my entire face to have a reaction so he

The lighting here is actually so trash so just one second he said that a lot of people get rashes from taking amoxicillin i don’t even know if you guys can hear me so i’m just gonna wait until i get my car oh my god i actually need to get gas like that’s the first thing i need to do guys i i drove here with five miles to empty i drove 32 miles with five miles

To empty you gotta do what you gotta do now i’m hungry oh my gosh a dermatologist was like asked me have you taken any antibiotics in the past few days it’s just so different when someone is a physician compared to like an esthetician and he was like have you taken any antibiotics and i thought to myself have i yes when i got my teeth extracted i need to get

This prescription filled so that’s what i’m gonna do and he basically told me that he prescribed hydrocortis a hydrocortisone he said twice a day to the affected area and then he gave me a mederol dose pack and he wants to see me in three weeks hmm i’m glad i came to a dermatologist because this whole time i was thinking my esthetician was saying i’m allergic

To makeup and i’m thinking what is happening so this is just a little testament if you feel like you’re allergic to something and someone’s telling you he’s telling you something go to a specialist a professional a dermatologist was able to tell me what it was and now i have a prescription to make this crazy thing go away i don’t think you guys even understand

Like can you see my forehead my skin has never been like this before this is just not it having all these bumps on my face i’m just happy that i was able to figure out what it was now i’m gonna go get gas and i have a dentist appointment i was trying to like floss very aggressively and it like one of my teeth feels like it’s cracked or something like that i don’t

Know if what it is but it’s definitely a feeling people in la can’t drive okay i’m eating my food waiting for my appointment so i’m just so hungry this is not good and i’m so upset because i love poke so i just left my dentist appointment actually i finished a little while ago but i had therapy in the parking lot and i actually really like this new therapist

One of my friends recommended her to me man one day i’ll make like a channel just talking about therapy and why i first started because the first time i went to therapy i was 14 and i’ve kind of just gone like on a consistent basis ever since and it’s been really great for me and my like personal development mental health all that so forgive me for the way that

I’m talking but my like my lip is still um as anesthetic it’s like numb still numb the issue with therapy that like i sometimes i try and avoid it is because you will get a lot worse before you get better and that’s what’s so scary is that you have to make sure you have a strong support system while you’re doing it because otherwise you could just end up worse

Than when you started and you also have to be very consistent because if you just stop going to therapy that’s not helpful for you like now you’ll be even doubly depressed but again if you guys are interested in knowing like my mental health journey i will do a story time or something like that and if you’re interested in getting help or talking to a therapist

Don’t let your african parents or your immigrant parents tell you that therapy isn’t the answer and you can just pray away all your problems i am christian as well these lights are so bright anyway but yeah don’t let your foreign parents tell you that you don’t need therapy and you can just pray it away it’s okay to still want to talk to people honestly like

It’s i don’t even pay attention to any stigmas when it comes to therapy because everybody needs somebody and you don’t want your friends and your family who are might be biased you also don’t want everybody in your business so yeah but i’m headed to my mom’s house because i still have to pick up my prescription and it’s only six o’clock daylight savings is

Actually trash cheese look you have to put it in reverse all right i’m about to leave my mom’s house um cali is so funny and i just don’t understand why babies are so addicted to cocoa melon like they hear that coconut sound and it’s like it reminds them of being back in the womb i’m gonna go pick up my prescription and head back to my house i have so much

Work to do guys like i had so many meetings so i couldn’t get the real work that i needed to do done so i probably have to work for about another hour or two and then i have to do resumes for people for career savage i have to create someone’s three-month plan that’s due tomorrow 7 47 am i supposed to cook tonight how about i’m ordering food because what else

I’m supposed to do i’m home now and i have to make my bed clearly and do my laundry but um i see how i use my dresser on the desk i got a fake to make it i’m probably going to work for a few hours yeah also when i don’t want to put my pants in the dryer alright guys that’s the end of this vlog don’t mind my laundry all over the place sometimes instead of

Putting in the dryer because it’ll shrink my clothes i just hang them on like curtains all over the place but make sure you subscribe for weekly content thanks guys

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Vlog #4: I had a HORRIBLE Allergic Reaction to Amoxicillin & I'm Going to my new Therapist Today! By kyyah abdul