January 26, 2023

Forgot the mention the drooling…

Hi everybody today i want to talk about my experience with braille are to start off there is this big concern lately about mental health and i think that’s great everybody should definitely be more concerned with their own mental health and the mental health of others however i do still feel that hospitals and doctors don’t take it as seriously for someone like

Me with bipolar it does take three months just to get an appointment with a psychiatrist by that time people with bipolar are already back to the way they were before thinking that everything is fine so it really doesn’t help people with bipolar going on from that braille are i do take trazodone at night time to sleep and the side effects of that are that it does

Definitely help you sleep you wake up earlier in the morning you fall asleep faster at night it does cause congestion and it makes my nose at least very congested and makes it so that i have almost like panic attacks that i’m gonna fall asleep and not be able to breeze at night if my mouth closes which sounds really silly the frail art i took at the braille hour

For about a month i believe i got into psychiatrists and she got me on that and the very large at first it worked okay and then i started feeling side effects so she bumped me up to three and then i started feeling depressed again so she moved me up to the 4.5 that was about three days ago the first day i took it i started having panic attacks all day like my

Heart was pounding i kept getting lightheaded like i was going to faint my arms were going almost numb they were extremely exhausted i was exhausted i could not function to save my life i couldn’t concentrate on anything so be very very careful on braille our they do do a thing now called dna testing so if you are looking for a psychiatrist definitely see if they

Do the dna testing i go in on wednesday to get that checked on but until then she switched me to abilify and today is my first day on that and i feel normal so far i don’t know how else to explain it i can function again almost immediately i can concentrate my arms aren’t exhausted anymore thank goodness but definitely when going through the medications it’s

Really difficult because trial and error these are medications that are messing with your brain so definitely be very very careful watch out for any side effects that you could potentially have and in my experience i learned braille are does not work for me i have bipolar one which means i’m mostly depressed with manic states in between and does work for bipolar

One and bipolar two so kind of watch out for that those symptoms i don’t want anyone else to experience what i experienced because i was miserable for three days straight i tried to text a sentence every word was a jumble so just be careful and watch out for symptoms

Transcribed from video
Vraylar and trazadone for bipolar 1 side effects to watch out for By Montra_of_Mom