May 29, 2023

Meds are helpful but remember there’s no such thing as a magic bullet. You need to change your habits to change your life. My 2 cents worth ✌️

Yeah what’s going on y’all i’m real quick i’m just taking a walk around my neighborhood trying to get my exercise on actually came from the gym i was lifting i like to do that but i also like to get a little cardio in and guess walking just wanna let y’all know real quick that arm can’t talk a lot because it still kinda early folks know whatever they doing they

Probably all left over to go to work but anyway oh you want to jump ahead of the day you know i think on the last week i look at my organization it’s important to get that you know have your life organized and stuff but arm you want to jump ahead of things you know getting the exercise done starting out a nice habit will definitely help i think so many of us depend

On medication like you know we get a headache we’d like to run a tylenol sometimes you’re just dehydrated you need something to drink and it’ll help us well maybe we’re sitting i’m drunk so much last night drank so much the night before it was a friday or saturday wink wink you know what i mean um and these things are there to help us but jumping ahead of the day i

Like to use i’ll take the vyvanse and bupropion oh yeah before bupropion and here i go again i’ll take it what i’ll do is try to jump on you know get a jump on the day it’ll give me the energy and the focus to get stuff done it’s kind of silly you know to take it and not do anything with it because if you sit there and you just say hey i’m gonna take it and just like

Hang around there just chill all day well you’re not using it to its full benefit of course if you don’t have nothing to do it you could just chill it’s not like you have to be doing stuff all the time every date but just to keep things in focus and keep things in perspective it does give you that extra mental boost and alertness and i think for me that’s a great

Thing for productivity having that laser sharp focus um the motivation to get things done but also getting a jump on a date early for me like i said it starts to kick in in about two hours you know the stimulation part of it but the focus comes in like see i just took it maybe like an hour ago i’ll hit the gym and i start to get stuff done and as my day progresses

I’m ahead of everything else and i start to cross off those lists and i feel it kick in and it’s definitely a great help bring so many people you know just depend on the medication alone but i’m telling you start developing habits and getting things going in your life like i was saying keeping your work area clear also you know getting some exercising helps to deal

With the stress helps to keep you focused and there’s something about starting things and having like that our keys don’t make it’s called a keystone keys don’t have it i believe but anyway basically it’s a habit that you start it affects other things in your life so with your medication you start to change the behavior because think about it the reason why you took

This medication is to make things better in your life and then make things better it starts with your behavior and as you begin to use a medication in conjunction with behavior modification well things come on better for you anyway that’s my two cents today i hope you guys have a great one and i’ll catch y’all in the next video this isn’t too shaky i’m walking alright guys take care

Transcribed from video
Vyvanse, Bupropion & habits! By Chris Moses