June 4, 2023

My experience on Adderall vs Vyvanse vs Wellbutrin.

Hey, good morning guys today is not the greatest day for me i’m gonna go ahead and press on and do this video. anyway. now some of you had some comments and you’re talking about it altering you or changing your personality. i just want to explain something, i’m gonna get kind of geeky in this video and talk about some things that are anecdotal or based on my experience

And some things that are fact. now, with these drugs, there’s wellbutrin that’s used for depression we take these drugs because we want our behavior to change but for our benefit not adversely. so of course if you abuse it, well, you will have adverse effects on not only on your behavior but your help inevitably as well and we don’t want that. as far as vyvanse and how

It affects me like today is not the greatest day. like i said, but vyvanse is a stimulant and it helps me to, like in this case of course, press on and to concentrate and to focus. whenever i take this it’s like, “gotta get this done. versus, kind of like, “i’ll put it off for later something else is better.” i’m getting distracted, you know, chasing a white rabbit,

Whatever. whenever you’re hungry and you’re looking for something, that’s dopamine telling you go and find it. so now we have on one hand stimulants i.e. adderall. wellbutrin is not a stimulant adderall & vyvanse are stimulants different respectively, but they turn it to the same thing in your body. the reason why they prescribe a drug as far as wellbutrin for people

With adhd/depression both – either or – is because the dopamine is the factor in people that suffer with these things. now if you’re depressed your dopamine levels are low, of course it affects your mood affects the things you want to do, affects your energy. alright, and planning, all those kind of things. i know for me, anytime i take, when i was taking wellbutrin i didn’t

Have the stimulant effect. it did help me with concentration. i had little weird things going on at night as far as funky dreams, but with adderall now or vyvanse, here’s the thing, we all have dopamine our brain at varying levels and you have receptors or neurons that transmit this neurotransmitter back and forth. all right, so it’s almost like a game of catch. you have

The one axon or neuron transmitting the dopamine and the other neuron has to catch it so continues to throw it and has to catch it. now like with any game of catch, keep throwing these balls over to me i’m gonna eventually drop one. it’s just a matter of time. so now what starts to happen, is that are these balls or these neurotransmitters drop and they have to be taken

Back up into the brain. the brain takes them back up again so when they’re taken back up and the dopamine levels are low, the ability or the desire to look, seek, plan…these things get changed and they get altered in the brain. of course but this is the best thing i can come up with on the fly. now when we’re looking at these neurotransmitters they’re not recollected

Back up. that’s why they’re called dopamine or norepinephrine dopamine reuptake inhibitor that’s what vyvanse is. and the reason why i know, for me personally i get that shakiness that’s what norepinephrine does. all right, but it’s not taken up in the brain so there’s extra of it laying around for the brain to utilize in the body and it affects your glands blood pressure

There’s some of you that know what i’m talking about what vyvanse your blood pressure goes up your hunger goes down and you get dry mouth. it sounds exactly like a person that’s about to fight or run away from something. but that’s all the time and it slowly releases it. of course with the extended release for a period of time in your body. and also it inhibits sleep. no

One sleeps when they’re trying to “fight or flight” no one is hungry. and your mouth gets dry and your muscles get tense. unless you’re, of course, abusing the drugs. let me just reiterate that really quickly as far as changing your personality, your personality is what your personality is (sorry for tautology) however, when you abuse drugs they change your behavior for

The worst. when you use them correctly like we’re trying to do they help your behavior. they enhance certain things. like me, i know today but i’m still gonna press on and still gonna do things that helps me to deal little bit better with life my personality hasn’t changed i’m still chris. i’m still who i am. for some people i know for me the wellbutrin didn’t work as well

And it works with depression as well too – but adhd and depression are cousins because of dopamine. the dopamine levels when they fluctuate in the brain that prefrontal cortex affects our mood. you know, and it works along with other neurotransmitters like serotonin the way you think and of course in turn create what you do and in turn it affects your life that’s why these

Things are important. when people you know, just on a side note, it just ticks me off when people just think adhd or depression is just an imaginary thing it’s part of your mind it has real life effects as many of you know that’s looking at this but to answer your question, i hope i didn’t geek you out too much, it doesn’t change your personality your personality is you

Are where you are (another tautology) however, it does help you to cope with things better. don’t be afraid of it this is why some of your doctors are starting you off at lower levels. because they need to kind of troubleshoot to kind of test and see. they’re not gonna say, “all right lets’ throw ’em in 10 feet and see what he does.” or see what she does they wanna say,

“Okay, let’s start with a little bit. if this person is depressed they probably are good on this non-stimulant. let’s see what happens.” okay, because of course with stimulants they affect a lot of things in your body, heart, blood pressure and these kind of things that may inhibit people from actually taking it because they have previous health issues but they want to see

If that’s it. and if it still isn’t being effective “okay, we’ll let’s move it up to another drug to a stimulate a more powerful thing.” and then from that point, you’ll start to move up to move the dosage. a good doctor would do something like that for you because, unless they’re drug dealers and drug dealers give you what you want. a good doctor is trying to help you

Drug dealers trying to make money. big difference. alright, so hope this has helped you if you have any questions as always please leave a comment in the comment section. hit me up and i’m here for you to answer any questions you guys have a great day, and i’ll see you in the next video.

Transcribed from video
Vyvanse vs Adderall vs Wellbutrin (please turn on subtitles) By Chris Moses